Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easy Guacamole Dip

I LOVE avacado,  I LOVE salsa, and I HATE to cook anything that has a lot of ingredients, so this is my favorite go-to dip!  We have been known to sit down and eat a bowl with an entire bag of chips for dinner and be totally okay with it!  

Step 1: Cut up avocado! (random fact, I bought this on Sunday and it was totally ready to eat that night, but I wasn't ready for I stuck it in the fridge. It totally stayed ripe, without getting brown until Wednesday night! Score!

Step 2: Mix in your favorite salsa, any spices you want...and done! (if the avocado isn't cold I like to mush it up a little more with a fork, but this was right out of the fridge so it was a little harder and so I went with chunks)

I am a DIPPER and not a SCOOPER when it comes to salsa! (unless it is Chili's salsa...and then I can scoop because it has no chunks) I have to carefully place the avocado on the chip and avoid any large onion pieces.  It can be exhausting.

If you are invited to a Cinco de Mayo party.....sign up to be guacamole and then bring this.  Nobody will know how easy it is...and everyone will want your secret recipe! 


  1. Girl, you need an immersion hand blender. I always use mine to grind up our salsa so that it is smooth enough for me to SCOOP without getting exhausted! ;)

  2. I totally need that!!!!!!!!!!! I have thought about putting it in my blender because I LOvE the taste and hate the crunch of it! Haha! Sounds so pathetic!

  3. looks delicious!!! i'm going to have to try this asap!!! :)

    1. I pretty much have it at least once a week....and I don't share. ha!


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