Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Facts

Random Facts to add a little fun to Fridays....

1- My sister called me to confront me on being super dirty! I had no idea what she was talking about until she sent me that I had written here that I shower every few days! I swear I shower daily, sometimes twice a day......I MEANT that I wash my hair every 3 days. HAHA!  My favorite part is that I wrote..."don't judge".   You SHOULD judge me if I shower every 3 days. ha!

2-I never liked watching baseball or cared to learn anything about it....until this year!  Now I am loving watching not only my son play, but games on TV.  Pretty sure my husband is on cloud 9 about this!

3- I am a PROUD member of Taylor Swift's Fan Club!  I joined it with my daughter so that we could get ourselves all geared up for her concert last April!  Still HANDS DOWN the best date we have ever had and I wish she would come here in concert every year!
4-I am so excited to have my kids home next week for Summer Vacation!  We have our list of fun stuff we want to do over their break and I generally get obsessed with making sure we cross everything off of it!  (To the point where I stretch it out BIG TIME!  Collin once added "snowboarding" to our summer list and I crossed that baby off the list after he played a snowboarding video game)

5- My kid's wake up at least an hour before me every morning, get dressed and sometimes make their own cereal before they come into my room!  It is like a dream!  Hey, if you have early bird kids and you are a late night have to train them young.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainy Jackpot!!!!!

It is not a secret that I honestly LOVE my rain boots!  I have had them for years, and I continue to want more colors and styles!  It is my guilty little pleasure and I see no problem with it!  

I found out that Hunter was having a sale on their boots last week and I IMMEDIATELY ordered a pair for my niece and my daughter for their birthdays!  I basically almost passed out when they arrived in the mail yesterday and I realized that the size 6 children's boot is the exact same foot size as the women's size 7 boot......AND HALF THE PRICE! 

See......I feel like I have hit the rain boot jackpot and needed to share this news because they are under $55 right now and no shipping!!!  If you wear a size 7 in Hunter women's boots(I generally wear a size 6-7 in shoes).....go on ahead and order yourself some kid's shoes!  And if you have a daughter that wears size her some too and just patiently wait until she grows out of them and you get a new color to add to your little collection! WINNING!!!!!!

The back of the Children's shoes has a little reflector, but I think it is cute!  I actually really love the height of the children's boots on my 5ft 2.5in body. (the .5 DOES COUNT)

The inside is the same material....but different color.  I kind of like it better because my jeans have rubbed on the white lining and stained it. go check them out!  I MAY have purchased myself this pair in denim blue to match my "On Lake Time" shirt for our Maine trip!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Daily Product Loves

I am not exactly a "product junkie" because I am pretty lazy in the makeup and hair department....But I do have a few products that I use on a daily basis and absolutely Love! 

I also am not really a perfume girl because I swear I can never smell it on myself and it just annoys me!  I AM a HUGE fan of this Philosophy Body Mist!  I think it is so light and clean, and it actually lasts!  I have been known to spray my couches, linens, and every room in my house with this because it just smells amazing! I have had this bottle forever and it still seems so full! 

I have been using this Tarte Amazonian Clay and I LOVE IT!  It is honestly a little more coverage that I have ever used before because I have always been a Bare Minerals girl, but I really do love this stuff!  It just feels so light and evens out all of my 34 year skin! 

Hands can age fast, and my mom has always told me to remember hand cream!  You can put make up on your face to hide your age....but your hands are out there on their own!  This hand cream never leaves my purse!  I also am pretty much OVER painting my nails.  While I do lOVE every single color of Essie polish that I have, I have become obsessed with my Jamberry Nails!  It is the zero dry time and the weeks that I don't have to reapply that made me make the switch.

I have received a lot of emails and messages regarding what I use on my hair, and how I curl it.  I am NOT  hair pro at all and I wear my hair back in a pony tail basically 3-4 days a week......BUT I have been working on actually fixing my hair and it makes me feel super good when people notice!  

I basically shower at night (don't judge....but I only wash my hair every 3 days or so) and I go to bed with damp hair. When I wake up I just spray lightly with this Bumble and bumble Lotion  use a straightening iron to loosely curl away from my face.  The best tutorial I have seen is here. (This seems to be $10 cheaper online which is crazy....but go for it!)  I have a LOT of really THICK hair, so my hair will hold the curl all day...and sometimes more than one day.   

Just because you don't go to the beach on a daily can still have hair that looks like you let it air dry in the salty air!  Fill me in on any products you are loving....I am in need of new (easy to remove) mascara that will make mine look thick and long! (don't we all?!)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekends Are Made For Memories

I LOVE the weekends, but weekends that include 3 days are my favorite!  Weekends that include family fun, friend fun, and outdoor fun are my EXTRA favorite!  

We enjoyed every single minute of this past weekend at our neighborhood pool, date night, playing catch, jogging, visiting friends at their lake house, bbq, and reflecting on how lucky we are to live in America! 

Spending time with my 3 favorite people and our friends and family makes me so happy!!!!! 

Our weekend in pictures.....because they make me smile! 

Lake house BBQ, the kind that makes you plan on how you can sell your home in the next seven days and move in next door to them to live this way on a daily basis! 


If you don't laugh your tail of watching your husband battle on the tubes....then you haven't had enough wine!

I will never grow tired of this face....ever! 

Kacey could not even catch her breath she was laughing so hard!  When Collin and his buddy went, they were so light I seriously thought they were going to fly out!  So Fun!!!!!

I almost forgot to take a pic in my "on lake time" shirt....On an actual lake! Crazy spotlight and comic looking smiles and all!

Chad and I had a date night on Saturday!  We went to my favorite restaurant....and mattress shopping.   We are wild and crazy like that!  There is this super annoying commercial that convinces you that if you have had your mattress for 8 are nasty and living with bugs so you need to buy a new one! Best marketing ever!  

I had a lot of questions on my dress on instagram.....and I honestly can't find it online!  It is Judith March and it has a gold anchor on the left hip, but similar dress here and here and similar sandals here.

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend feeling the freedom that we have because of the BRAVE! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sale On Sailboats

With Memorial Day coming up and all of the fun outdoor plans, I wanted to do a sale in my shop!  I have marked down all of the sailboat shirts by $5 for today so don't forget to snag one up!  They will ship out tomorrow and be on your doorstep ready to enjoy some fun in the sun next week.

I absolutely LOVE how Emily styled this outfit!  These colors combined always make me happy!!! And no joke.....Hunter boots are on sale 30% off right now! RUN! I am seriously considering getting these babies! I mean, when something is $42 off you kind of need to jump on it! Her AMAZING polka dot rain jacket is found here!  Who says rainy days can't be super stylish! 

Kristy had a different take on the shirt and totally went with bows, sparkle, and super cute accessories! I love this look and would have never thought to put it with so much pink.....but now I want to recreate it! 

And this is how I "styled" my sweatshirt. I basically feel like if I am wearing a sweatshirt, my favorite jean shorts, and am comphy.......I am going to have an amazing day!  

Don't miss out on getting the tshirts for $15 and sweatshirt for $25.  Yikes!!!! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Lake Time

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of our new shirts!  I basically feel like I will be living in a bathing suit, tshirts and jean shorts all summer long....and I am okay with that!

My parents are from Maine, and every summer for as long as I can remember we have rented a different lake house to spend time hanging out, roasting smores, hiking, and spending time with our cousins, grandparents, and loving life!  We have been planning our trip up this summer and I knew I wanted to make a shirt.....a shirt that everyone could wear.....all year long.....and be cozy.....and I wanted it to be gray because I believe gray is the coziest of tshirt colors!

I believe that I have made exactly the shirt that I wanted....simple....clean....gray.....and I can't even wait to head to the lake house and actually be "ON LAKE TIME"!

I keep printing on this same sweatshirt in different colors for one reason....I LOVE IT! 

This is a random picture...but I had to show that it is longer in the back....and a loose fitted shirt!  This is a small and is EXACTLY how I would want every single vacation shirt to fit!!!! 

I can't even wait to have all four of us in the same shirt....pretty sure every mom dreams of this! (don't tell me if I am the only one!) I do have several of the woman's shirts available to ship out now, but the children's shirts and men's are preorder only.  

I am also SOOOOO excited about these mermaid shirts!  My favorite part are the colors, the vintage vibe, and the fact that I can show my love of mermaids without actually wearing a picture of a mermaid smack dab on my shirt!  I honestly DID try for weeks to make a mermaid graphic that didn't scream "I AM A GROWN WOMAN WEARING MERMAIDS"....and I just could not do it!  I am happy I gave up and went with makes me happy!!!!

So if you are stuck on what to wear this summer.....check out my shop and take a peek!  We are taking preorders for summer shirts till this weekend and then they will be available while supplies last.  

Put A Bow On It

Stripes and Bows have always been my "thing", so it is no surprise that they are part of my logo!  I have been known to buy a random piece of jewelry, purse, or accessory strictly because it had a bow on it!  I am okay with this obsession!

Here are a few of my favorite bow goodies currently that I just felt the need to share, and are totally on sale till tomorrow so don't miss out!  Doesn't everyone love a good bow?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
(the kate spade site might ask your email and zip code to enter their 75% off sale, and then it will take you to the items! Kind of makes you feel like you are a secret club member to the sale)

I get the Kate Spade sale emails every so often and I always find the cutest things!!!!! I have been wanting this bag forever, and the truth is, I don't need it.....I just always seem to be drawn to it! Of course it shows up on the sale list this week and I might just go for it!  Doesn't scream summer purse to me.....but it screams AMAZING purse so that's all that really matters! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

4th Of July Style

I am super excited about these new 4th of July shirts!  I used to buy a new Old Navy tshirt every single year.....and then I would donate them after the holiday because they put the year on the shirt and I am not a fan of wearing "2011" printed shirt for 2014's 4th of July celebration.  I am sure it is acceptable...but it is a serious pet peeve of mine.

Last year I sold hundreds of the same pullover with star sleeved printed with our signature navy blue anchor.....but I wanted to spice it up a bit this year!  I wanted to give it more of a patriotic feel....and I am stoked with how it turned out!  

I don't have plans yet for how we are going to celebrate our 4th....but I do know what we will be wearing!  (priorities are in check here)

Don't miss out on preordering.  These babies will be shipped out the week of June 7th and will be a summer staple in your wardrobe.  We generally only do preorders for children's sizes because it is entirely too much to hold them all in don't wait! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

I believe in going all out with stars and stripes on the 4th!  There is never too much!!!

I hope you all are getting in the summer spirit and are as excited as I am about our new gear!!!!! Don't miss out!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Spotlight-Saranoni Blankets

I have a serious love for blankets!  It is not exactly a love that I NEED to have living in Florida, but I have a TON of blankets and I always seem to gravitate towards them in any store!  They just SCREAM cozy, and remind me of a good snuggle on the couch!  I hardly ever get rid of blankets, I just keep adding to my piles and hiding them in my console!

I was introduced to Saranoni Blankets on instagram after posting a picture of another blanket that I had!  I immediately searched to see what this "softest blanket in the world" was all about and randomly entered a giveaway.

Well....I won!  And I have honestly not been that excited in forever!  I searched for a few days trying to decide which blanket I was going to get....and I landed on the Adult Throw in Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush.    I may have squealed when it arrived on a super rainy night....PERFECT TIME FOR A NEW BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!

As a collector of super soft blankets....I KNOW blankets, and this is honestly the softest blanket I have ever touched!  I have washed this baby almost weekly, and it still is just as soft as the first time I snuggled up!  

And this blanket is HUGE!  Like my whole family can snuggle with this one blanket and watch a movie and not have to fight over who has more of it!  

I immediately knew that I wanted to share this super amazing find on the blog, and totally scored a 15% off coupon code of  "saranoni15" on your next purchase!  They have baby blankets, toddler blankets, teen, and family size! (mine is family size)  I am pretty sure that my new nephew needs one of these.....and every graduate getting ready to head off to college!  I packed my dorm with blankets and tried to make it as cozy as possible to feel like home!  

I honestly love any blanket.....but if you are looking for a forever blanket that is so amazingly soft to improve lazy couch yourself a favor and snag one at this discount!!!!! 

***I have been AWFUL at keeping up with my Saturday Spotlights.....but I have a few fun goodies coming the next few weeks so keep checking back! ***

Friday, May 16, 2014

Time To Cover Up!

I had to share my new favorite finds! I am a HUGE fan of bathing suit cover-ups because I basically live at the pool and the beach in the summer!  I have been known to accidentally run into the grocery store on my way home and then realize I look absolutely ridiculous in my beach gear!

I have been on the hunt for some cute cover ups and I am pretty sure I am in love with each and every one of these!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I have this pink and black cover up and I LOVE them!!!!!! My criteria for a good pick is soft, thin, loose, and doesn't make me look like I forgot my pants as I run errands on my way home from the beach!  Simple enough!

I also wanted to share that I purchased this shirt this past weekend as I ran into Target to get some baby goodies!  I originally purchased it to wear as a shirt, but they sell a popover style that would EASILY be an amazing bathing suit cover up if you ordered a size up!  And it all of their Merona gear is on sale with your cartwheel app 25% off till tomorrow so I might just be making a trip up there to get the whale and bicycle prints!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being an Auntie is The Best

I have just spent the last 3 days in baby heaven!  I got "the call" on Monday morning that my sister in law was going to the hospital to be induced....and I immediately booked a flight and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC.  

I was pretty sure that she was going to have the baby prior to me getting there and I would miss the excitement....BUT my little buddy Nolan waited for me to get there to make his big debut!  It was such an exciting and surreal moment when you get to walk in and see a brand new baby and the calm of the whole room!  SO EXCITING!!!!!!

 The proud parents at Midnight just after Nolan was born!

This little guy is so good! He was past his due date and weighed 8 pounds 5 oz and 22 inches long! BIG GUY!  He spent most of the visit sleeping, eating, and just being perfect! 

Ashley is such a trooper and this little guy is already smitten with his mama!  

Babies in baskets are always cute, and when they are your nephew, they are even cuter!

 I still can't get over all of his dark hair!  My kids both look just like my sister in law, and I was joking that her baby would look just like me!  I am pretty sure he does! We are basically twins! :)

I am currently at the airport just waiting for my delayed flight to take off and missing this little guy already! I left them with a freezer full of meals and a home full of such excitement.   I can't wait to take another road trip up to see this little man again!  I just know my welcome home hugs from my "babies" will feel so good...and make me feel like they are so grown! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Weekend Of Love

I had a great weekend.....and I hope that all of you did as well!  I think that every woman needs to be celebrated on Mother's day because at some point we have all "mothered" someone!

We celebrated mother's day at the baseball fields, enjoying my all time favorite pizza place, pool time at my parents while the dad's spoiled us rotten and kept the wine glasses full, and ended our weekend with a "baseball" game on the golf course!  Hey....what more could this mom ask for?!

Collin hit a "walk off hit" to win their game! (I learned that this means that it was a tied ball game at the bottom of the last inning...and he was up to bat.....hit a great hit....and the guy on second base made it home so the game was automatically over because we won! BAM) He was so excited and told me that he did that JUST for me! 

After spending all day at the baseball field, we got to spend some relaxing time at my parents pool and enjoyed being pampered with my mom! 

My mom actually said "wow....this picture makes it look like you hit the ball" hahaha! pretty sure the yellow tennis ball behind me gives it up! (and excuse my awful form....haha!)

My mom had serious skills at hitting....the running of the "bases" was her downfall! ha!

So glad I got to spend Mother's day with my Mom!  Love making memories like this!!!!!

We have decided we are no longer doing store bought gifts for mother's and father's day because nothing compares to getting gifts like this! Kacey and Collin were beyond proud and excited to share their cards and goodies that they made! LOVE!!!!!

AND in honor of Mother's Day...I had to share my all time favorite picture of my Mom, Sister, and me at my cousins wedding......we are available for hire as backup dancers/singers if you are ever in need. hahaha!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day celebrating how awesome the women in your life are! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I get super excited about Mother's Day!  I LOVE seeing how excited my kids get with the handmade goodies that they have been working on at school.  I LOVE listening to them in the kitchen as they "quietly" make me breakfast in bed!  I LOVE celebrating the fact that I am so lucky to be their mom!

I became a mom at 24 and was so beyond ready and excited to meet our sweet little girl!

I looked forward to all of the things that I was going to be able to teach Kacey, show her, and explore with her!  I could not wait to show her who her family was, and get to know this little girl that I had grown in my stomach!

Just 3 weeks after turning 27, we welcomed our handsome little boy.  I was so beyond thrilled to have our family of four and looked forward to every new adventure! I looked forward to watching my husband teach him sports, coaching his teams, and giving Kacey a little brother to share this life with.

Becoming a mom changes you, it changes your fears, it changes your goals, it changes your needs and wants, it makes you a better friend, a better daughter, and I believe that it has made me a better person!

The changes are welcomed!

I remember looking forward to the millions of things I could offer and teach my children, and all of the fun and exciting things I was going to be able to relive with them.

BUT.....the truth is......these two kids have taught me more about life than I could EVER teach them!
They have taught me patience, how to forgive, that the heart can love so much harder than I ever imagined....and they have taught me that being a mom is exactly what I was meant to be!

There is nothing that I love more than being a mom!  On my worst days....I still love being their mom!  On my best days.....I still love being their mom!  

I am so grateful to have this Sunday to be spoiled by my two "babies" and spoil my mom...BUT in all honesty.....I believe that I should be spoiling them for making me a mom! 


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Closeout Sale

I am trying to make room (literally) for our upcoming summer shirts....and there is a SUPER BIG sale going on in my shop today!  Shirts are starting at $10!

If you missed out on a holiday shirt that you loved....grab it!

If you loved your shirt so much that you want a size bigger for your child next year.....grab it!

If you just found out your are expecting a baby and you are so beyond excited to have a matching outfit.....grab it!

I am shipping them all out today and will be adding new goodies within he next two weeks!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank You Teachers

I love "Teacher Appreciation Week"!

I love seeing how excited my kids get to bring a little goody to their teacher every day!

I love thanking the people who teach, inspire, and help my children grown in a way that I never could!

(SUPER easy vases! I took scrapbook paper, wasabi tape, and just layered around mason jar)

I am NOT someone who is a great teacher or homework helper!  I know this about myself!

I know that I could never be a teacher, or home school my children because it is just not the type of person that I am!  I get distracted easily, I would rather be outside playing with my kids than inside working, and I just honestly don't have the patience!

I come from a long line of teachers, and my mom and sister are both teachers!  They got the genes...I did not!

This is why I am forever grateful for the teachers my children have had, will have, and maybe someday become!

Thank you to all of the awesome teachers out there who put forth SO much effort to teach our children what we can not do at home!

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