Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Styles That I Have Fallen For

In Florida, we get a peek at Spring a little sooner than the rest of the world.  We have had our share of weather in the mid/upper 80's, several rain storms, and our nights are still chilly enough to enjoy.  There are plenty of us that have not stopped sneezing since the flowers bloomed, and we are all covered in bug spray each evening to avoid the billions of little mosquitos.  

My FAVORITE part of spring, is bringing out the tshirts and tanks and changing up my closet.  I love the change of seasons because just when you feel like I AM BORED WITH ALL OF MY CLOTHES, you get to put them away and bring out the next season's goods. 

I have put together a few outfit inspirations that I am loving. (SURPRISE.....shirts from my shop are my springtime faves!)

Outfit 1:
I have been LIVING in my Wine All The Time tank because it is the perfect loose fitting top! I wear it with leggings, tight jeans, and recently wore them with these high waisted jeans and tucked it in! LOVED IT! I purchased these jeans prior to our cruise because I thought they felt nautical, and I am surprised at how much I wear them!

Outfit 2:
I have had these jean shorts for YEARS! Possibly 7 years, and I love them! I don't like stretchy shorts AT ALL because nobody wants jeans hugging them when it is 90 outside! These sandals have been on my wish list for a few months, and I might just need to splurge on them. They just look like the softest leather and I am pretty sure I would wear them daily! (the brown is amazing as well, but I tend to wear a lot of gray so I think Black would work better for me!)

Outfit 3:
I want to live like a Mermaid at all times! Who doesn't want amazing beach hair, rock solid abs, and dolphin's as your BFF?!! Sounds like a no brainer!  This tank is loose enough that it doesn't hug you too tight, and I think that is super important in the summer!  These pants are also on my wish list! I am all about comfort and just want to walk around in pants that feel like pajamas!

My excitement of Spring has me wanting to put up a sale in the shop TODAY ONLY! (expires 3/31) Use Code "springtoit' to save 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!!!

What are you loving this Spring? Or if you are still up to your knees in snow...what are you DREAMING about this Spring?   

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Shenanigans

I have always been BIG into celebrating holidays! Really, any holiday deserves to be celebrated! I have always loved celebrating St. Patrick's Day! I remember as a kid I was so excited and equally freaked out when my milk turned green at dinner, and we were served magic pudding for dessert! I wanted to freak my kids out just as much when it was my turn to start the celebrations!!!!!

For years we have made all green meals, made sure that we were dressed in all green outfits, and just spent the day enjoying all of the crazy things that Leprechauns do around our house!  Some years the kids have school and other years they have had sports, but you better believe there was some crazy shenanigans going on! (They even found gold coins in their helmets when they went up to bat at their tball game!)

I think this is my FAVORITE St. Patrick's Day because my Uncle just had his DNA tested and found out that my mom and uncles are 20% I am possibly 10% Irish.....AND I CAN OFFICIALLY WEAR THINGS THAT SAY "KISS ME I'M IRISH" AND NOT LOOK CRAZY!

Here are some of the fun things that our crazy Leprechauns get into at our house...

-Magic Milk (a touch of green food coloring in the bottom of their milk cup. Then "randomly" pull it out of the cabinet and add milk. They will see the white milk go in....and green milk IN their cup!)

-Magic Pudding!!!!!!!! See here for directions.

-Green Light bulb in their bedroom lamp!!!!! 

-Order green bread (or even rainbow bread) from your grocery store bakery!!!!!

-Make an entirely green meal, and invite their friends.  Have them each bring a green item to share and it is so fun to see what people come up with! 

-And this one makes me laugh every single year......Buy your kids Blue Gatorade the DAY BEFORE St. Patrick's Day......and their poop will be green and festive too! 

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And On a totally RANDOM and unrelated topic........I went to Walmart This morning in search of pool toys and dive sticks for my kids and their friends.  I ran across these very interesting Star Wars Dive Sticks and have not stopped laughing! I can guarantee you what will NOT be in our Easter Baskets this year! (but they DID make it home with us because I can not even wait to surprise my friends with these gifts!)  
I am also pretty sure that the person responsible for designing their Latest Star Wars Dive Sticks, is sitting at his desk laughing his tail off that they actually went into production! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Soccer Mom Style

I am a soccer mom! I love being a soccer mom! I have always wanted to be a soccer mom! I LOVE that games are one hour, and then you are DONE for the day and able to enjoy the weekend! I Love that it gets and keeps my kids in physical shape and teaches them the importance of putting good food in their bodies because otherwise they will feel sick on the field! (and I can blame soccer when I feed them healthy food) I love that my kids are able to meet friends with the same love of the game, AND I get to know their parents on the sidelines. I just love it all! 

I am SUPER stoked to be doing a fun offer this Spring Soccer Season! I get a lot of emails requesting shirts to match their favorite soccer team! It is honestly too much for me to keep inventory in every size and color, BUT I am offering a PREORDER ONLY line that can you choose your color!!!!! Preorders are available for ONE WEEK ONLY (3/14-2/20) and will ship out the first week in April. In Addition.....WE ARE OFFERING A FREE SOCCER TOTE EACH ORDER THAT CONTAINS AT LEAST ONE OF OUR NEW SOCCER PREORDERS!!! (no coupon code needed for free bag, it will be added to any package that applies)

This guy right here is OBSESSED with soccer this year!  He has decided to take a break from Baseball, and just play soccer this season, and we couldn't be more excited! (we FINALLY have our weekends back or at least planned out!!!!!)  He cracks me up with his soccer style, and has been a headband wearing soccer player since he was 5.  He is sort of a little trendsetter, and a few boys have started to rock his style. Super cute! I love watching him play, and continue to grow! 

Kacey is loving soccer this year, possibly more than ever! She was picked by her coach as the Team Captain for the year, and she is LOVING this role!  She takes it all very serious and it makes us so proud!!!!! Seeing my daughter love to be active, and athletic is pretty much a dream come true!!!!

Chad and I are just super soccer fans!  We have season tickets to watch the Tampa Bay Rowdies, and just really enjoy it!  It is kind of the perfect date night because we can bring our kids, they run around on a hill next to our seats, we can sit and watch the game and people watch! (because EVERY sporting event is PERFECT for people watching!) 
This year he is the "team dad/manager" of Collin's team, and somehow got roped into doing it for another team as well.  He is seriously good at it! I did it for ONE season and could NOT handle the parents questions and organizing. He is kind of my super hero for being able to do it all!!!!!

Soccer pretty much rules our weeknights, weekends, and social life.....and for now, we are totally cool with it! 

hat / joggers / tote (free with purchase of $50+) / sneakers / hoodie / tank / sunscreen

I have put together a little Soccer Mom Style board, and it is also known as my "weekend uniform". 
Our games are usually early in the morning, and I never feel the need to dress up for games, AT ALL!  I love throwing on my favorite joggers, leggings, or jeans....a tank or tshirt....and usually a sweatshirt is needed for early morning spring games. (our soccer hoodie is NOT fleece, it is a thin cotton!)  I usually try to remember a hat that acts as sunscreen AND covers my sleepy saturday am face!!!  I prefer a face stick for sunscreen for my kids because they like to put it on themselves.  I have tested this brand out for the past few weekends and nobody has complained about it hurting their I am sticking with it! 

Told You= My Weekend Uniform! 
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Thursday, March 10, 2016


I think it is so awesome when I see a mom of all boys playing sports, digging in the dirt, building leggos and just doing "boy things" with them. I find it equally awesome when I see a dad going to get his toes done with his daughter, joining her for a tea party, or doing "girl things" with her.  I love it!!!!!

I introduce to you.....OUR NEW OUTNUMBERED shirt  and I am super excited about it!  I am pretty positive that anytime someone is wearing this shirt....while out and about with their will cause a few giggles and thumbs up! (isn't that what we all aim for with graphic tees?!)
Shirts are ready for Pre-Order and will ship the last week in March.  Currently priced at $20 and will go up to $25 on Sunday (3/13).

I have been working like crazy on a few new goodies and ideas for the shop, and I can not even wait to share them! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coffee Carpool Cocktails Repeat....MY LIFE!

I am not going to lie.....I NEED coffee, I enjoy having a packed car FULL of my family and friends, I am not one to turn down a cocktail....and I don't mind doing it every single day!  
Days should ALWAYS start with Coffee! ( and I don't understand when people say "I don't like coffee"....we just can't be friends) My days ALWAYS start with the cup of gold! I actually always pick the Hawaiian coffee Kcups, and almond Vanilla creamer for coffee at home! My go-to Starbucks drink is "Grande Coconut Milk Toffee Nut Latte WITH ZERO FOAM"! (AND I WILL SERIOUSLY PULL OVER AND SPOON OFF ANY FOAM THAT ENDS UP IN MY COFFEE.......DON'T TEST ME STARBUCKS BARISTA!)
I have never really been a "more the merrier" type of person, until I had kids! I realized that if you don't pack in the memories, adventures, and will wake up one day and wonder where the heck the time has gone. (fully aware that I sound 90 years old....but it is the truth)  I have allowed 11 girls to sleep the night, and we survived! I have driven around town picking up almost half of my kids soccer teams on any given Saturday because parents can only be in one place at one time......and we arrived on time!  I have had multiple tags hanging from my car for school Carline pick up....and nobody was forgotten! 
I am a one (large) glass of wine a night type of girl! My nightly go-to wine is ANY sangria, any Chardonnay, and basically any wine. I don't even have to love it to appreciate it! I also ALWAYS need it to be chilled...EVEN RED! (don't hate me wine lovers!) I am strange like that...I like my water room temperature...and my wine cold! My go-to wedding, or night out drink is.....Captain and Ginger. I am aware that this is a drink for older men...but I love it and I am not at all embarrassed by my drink choice. I love it, and it loves me! 
I have realized that time goes by fast! SUPER FAST! My baby girl is 11 (almost 12) and my baby boy is 9! Chad and I talk about how we only have 7 more years until one is in college (fingers crossed) and 9 until we are empty nesters! While there are days where this sounds like a dream come true....the majority of days end with us wishing we could start all over again. (those wishes usually happen once kids are peacefully sleeping and the house is quiet) 

This is my daily routine...AND I LOVE IT! I would not change it for the world!!!!!!!!!  Shirts are FULLY stocked....and ready in our shop!  AND SUPER SUPER HUGE SALE (CLICK FINAL SALE) GOING ON WITH FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 WITH CODE "shipfree". 

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