Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gift Guide For Your Very BEST Girlfriends

Shopping for my girlfriends ranks super high up on my list of things that I LOVE TO DO!!!!! It feels like you are shopping for yourself, but with your friend's favorite colors/style in mind! I find that when I am shopping for my girlfriends, I tend to use the "one for for you" approach, because who doesn't want to match their best friend?! 

I know that I am totally jumping the gun in the Christmas shopping dept, but sometimes finding time to celebrate with the girls is super hard with all of the family events, holiday parties, and work "stuff" that seems to pop up every single weekend.  Planning a girl's holiday dinner is usually easier the earlier you do it! is my list of the goodies that I am planning on getting for some of my girlfriends. And in all honesty, it is basically my very own Christmas Wish List. 

I have a few friends that travel often, and this is the PERFECT gift!  It is a tiny little kit for you to make your very own Moscow Mule on the plane! And it is so little....and who doesn't love all things miniature! This would also be fun to sneak into a concert, sports game, or movie....just saying!

I am a sucker for buffalo check, and I have a love of scarfs! I live in Florida so we rarely need them...BUT I do have a lot of friends that live up North and are able to wear one as part of their outfit from November-March.  I LOVE this one, and basically any scarf that comes in plaid and doesn't itch!

I have given this necklace to everyone! I LOVE it! I wear mine daily, and never ever take it off! I think it is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone! (not to mention she is my friend, and I love everything she makes)

I LOVE mittens!!!!! I NEED them! I always have cold hands, and I love to scrunch my hands up inside of them! These mittens are on my "MUST HAVE" list, and I think I want to share my love for them with everyone! 

I have entirely too many blankets, and the truth is, I don't care! I will continue to buy them, use them, and I have a love for each and every one of them! I buy blankets for different reasons....1- Outside blanket for sports 2-I AM FREEZING blankets 3-Blankets that fit over my entire family to watch a movie 4-It is honestly not cold, but I want to snuggle so I need a thin blanket 5- Blankets that look amazing on the back of a couch but aren't cozy so I would just prefer to look at them 6- Blanket that is MINE and ONLY MINE and I will not share with anyone! At ALL!  It's a problem really, BUT this particular blanket FEELS amazing, LOOKS amazing, and is just the right size...SO I NEED IT! 

I have loved this candle for years, and they only put it out November-January! I stock up every year, and I have yet to get sick of it! It smells less like a pumpkin cake....and more like the creamiest pumpkin cookie/ice cream/cheesecake EVER! Just trust me!

I love giving these journals/planners to friends and family each year! I feel like they are the perfect size, and always in the best designs! 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST......OUR NEW SWEATSHIRT! This is really for you, your friends, your boyfriend, husband, and basically everyone that you enjoy going out (or staying in) and having a good time with! It makes me giggle, and it is for presale now! 

So go grab some girlfriends, plan a night out, a night in, or just plan a moment to talk on the phone this season!!!!!! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christmas Collection 2015

 We announced our Christmas Collection this past weekend and I am SO SUPER EXCITED about each and every one of them! We have some NEW designs and some of our FAVORITES came back to be celebrated this year!  I continue to say that I want to discontinue holiday shirts after each season, but the truth us......our Christmas shirts have become a tradition for so many families! I couldn't take them out of the shop!!!  I LOVE seeing side by side pictures of families in their same Santa shirt for the past three years, and receiving orders each winter as their Little's go up a size.  IT MAKES ME SO BEYOND HAPPY AND HONORED that something as little as our shirt can hold such a fun tradition for so many of you!!!!!!

We have also added back our FAVORITE (yes, they are ALL my favorites) Reindeer Games designs! Jessica Garvin's chalkboard lettering is just amazing, and I think that this design is PERFECT for the entire winter....not just Christmas! I mean, I may have continued to wear mine the entire year, regardless of the season!

This year our NEW shirt is THE MERRIEST!  Who doesn't want to be THE Merriest one out there during the Merriest of months!?! I DO! We have also paired our signature heart on the sleeve, which is just a fun touch! This design is available for infants, youth, and every Merry lady out there! 
We have decided to do a little FREE gift with the purchase of any two holiday items! (if you have already purchased two items, don't will receive the bag too! :)  There is no coupon needed for the bag, it will just be added to every single order that includes two or more items!  IN ADDITION we have our preorder coupon available using the code "themerriest" for 15% off your holiday items! Preordering is HUGE in our shop because it is the only way to guarantee your size/style.  Once we close preorders, it is on a first come/first serve basis until they are all sold out! ***Preorder deals and guarantee is closed on Sunday November 8th at Midnight.***

I posted this pic on Instagram this morning (@kcsnead) and received a lot of questions about the pants.  I honestly AM OBSESSED with sweatpants and pajama pants and I take a lot of pride in finding the softest pjs every single year! (is that sad?!)  I used to purchase full on festive pj's for my kids and give as a gift the day after Thanksgiving....but we just go with pants now.  My mother in law did buy the CUTEST pajamas for the tween in my house and I am going to have to "borrow" them often!  You can NEVER have too many winter pj pants!!!!!! EVER!  

I can not even wait to see the pics of everyone in their Holiday gear!!!! Don't forget to tag us on instagram at @kcsnead and #saseadecorC

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


This past weekend was a GREAT one!  I have been secretly planning a surprise party for Kacey for a few weeks....and it was GREAT!!!!!  Her birthday is really in July, but she wanted to wait until the pool was ready, so that she could have a pool party sleepover!  

I decided that she had waited long I might as well surprise her with the party!  I had asked her questions for weeks as to what she wanted to do when we FINALLY had a free weekend for her party.  She originally wanted a "Beach Party" theme with all bright I went and purchased all of the odds and ends to pull off her vision.  NOT EVEN TWO DAYS LATER.....she came home from school and said that she thinks it would be super fun to have a Halloween pool party because this is the only time she will ever get to celebrate her birthday in October....DONE!  I don't even think I waited a full hour before I packed up all the goodies I had purchased and exchanged them all of Halloween theme!!!!! 

Surprising an 11 year old is NOT easy!  She asked DAILY, "mom...when can we sit down and plan out my party?!?!" and I just wanted to scream, "DON'T ASK AGAIN....I AM PLANNING SOMETHING!"  I also had to invite all of her friends by getting in touch with their moms and telling them to please NOT tell the girls about the party until the day of. (GIRLS CAN NOT KEEP SURPRISES!!!!! :)  

IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!! I took away her iPad the morning of the party, knowing that her friends were all finding out about it, dropped her off at her friend's house to entertain her while I set up the house! Chad and Collin were at baseball, so I just turned up my music and went crazy lady style all over the house! 

I have had these cute little vinyl faces for years, and I just add them to random places each year.  They crack me up!!!!! 

I didn't go overboard decorating because I really didn't have much time with her out of the house, but I put up orange lights, added light up balloons to the pool, and made some fun and festive foods!  I wanted to make caramel apples, popcorn balls, and all of the foods that you would typically think of.....BUT Kacey has braces and that would just be awful if she couldn't enjoy any of the goodies at her own party! Instead I made chocolate covered pretzel rods with sprinkles, cut up apples with carmel dipping sauce, a make your own sub station (HER FAVORITE FOOD EVER!), bags and bags of chips, cookies, and instead of a cake.....I made little parfaits with brownies, pudding, oreos, and cool whip!  I felt like it was the perfect amount of food because they were able to sneak downstairs all night and snack, and I wasn't left with leftovers! SUCCESS!!!

I had her friends show up at 4;30 and we hid in the backyard with every camera and video camera ready! I sent a message to her friend's mom and said to come on over.......and ask Kacey to show you the pool in the yard!!! They walked out and we had her favorite song playing (ironically it's FAVORITE SONG by O.A.R), and we SCREAMED SURPRISE!!!!!! It was EVERYTHING I wanted for her! She was honestly shocked and surprised....and PRICELESS!

She ran right over to me and gave me the biggest hug ever and in that moment my whole world was made! 

This was the first party I have ever done where I didn't have ANY crafts or activities planned! It kind of made me sad, but I just wanted Kacey to be able to do what she wanted with her friends!  They swam, did handstand contests (a fave around here), ate, giggled, told jokes, and just had a great time spending time together! SUCH A JOY to watch your daughter have such an awesome bond with a group of girls that she has known for years!  It makes my mom heart so happy!!!!! 

It is safe to say that Kacey had a BLAST with her friends, and Chad and I just sat back and let them be kids and enjoy all of the silly things that kids do!  Just sitting back and listening to them is absolutely HILARIOUS!  

If you have thought about surprising your kids for a bday party.....DO IT!!!!!!!! The amount of hugs, Thank You talks, and smiles that have come from this make me want to do it every year!!!!

Roxy was also totally part of the party!  She stood up there the entire time and barked at the balloons.....jumped in the pool.....swam to the stairs...and repeat! It cracks me up every single time! I swear this pool has made her act like a puppy again and I couldn't love it more!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Favorite Room In My Home

My backyard has basically been a mud/dirt/dead grass pit since the end of July, and I have been dreaming of the day that we could jump into the pool and actually enjoy it! WELL THAT TIME HAS COME! (although the outside pool area is not 100% and contractors are still randomly in my yard) 

I have to say.....I was excited and nervous about having a pool.....and it turns out I am still excited and nervous!  I just want it to be a fun, safe, relaxing place for us and our kids and our friends.  I also want it to be pretty...and this stresses me out!  

Decorating inside of my home comes easy to me because I just purchase things that I LOVE and then make them work within my space.  I feel like decorating a patio is a lot harder because you have to find something you love.....that your dogs won't destroy.....and that can handle the Florida sun.....and rain.....and will not need to be replaced every year.  It has been difficult for me to commit to anything!  

Tile (in Lake Blue) / Sectional / Pillows / Fan

 This is the vibe that my patio has....I guess I would consider it beachy, boho, and blue.  I love all things blue because it is easy to add pops of black for halloween, red and green for Christmas, and yellow for summer. I think blue is the easiest color to transition the entire year.  

I picked these tiles out and was beyond excited about them! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! They set the tone for the backyard and make a statement without having to add anything else.  THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!  We went with gray multi pavers because our home is a grayish blue and it was a good match.   The ONLY regret I have with the decisions we have made, is our coping tiles (the tiles on the edge of the pool)! They are a cream, and I have to say that I don't LOVE them!  They would be perfect if I didn't have kids, dogs, and any grass or dirt in my yard....BUT I have all of the above and it shows little paw prints at all times.  Bummer! 

I purchased the pillows from the store and they were on clearance for $5-$10 each.  They only had one out of the showroom and when I asked them if they had more in the back, they literally brought out bags full of outdoor clearance pillows! Worth a shot to check out in your store if you are in the market for outdoor pillows! I feel a little less nervous about them getting ruined when I buy them dirt cheap! 

I have been dragging my feet on purchasing a couch/sectional for the patio because I just can't commit.  (this is an issue for me with furniture!) I LOVE this one, and it is a great price, and would fit perfectly.....I just can't pull the trigger! I can, however, pull the trigger on this hammock! ESPECIALLY since I received my birthday coupon code just the other day! (it was a sign!)

Last but not least...the fan! I LOVE it! Fans are basically the only way you can spend your days on a patio in Florida!  We have a covered patio, and has nice shade after 1pm, but a fan is ALWAYS needed! (even if it is just to push the mosquitos around!) I also love the wood planks on the ceiling in the pic, and can not WAIT to do that on our ceiling!  I feel like it just makes the outdoors sort of feel like an indoor living space...which is EXACTLY what I want! 

Basically....the pool is ready....we swim in it daily and LOVE every single second of it!  I have become a master judge of handstands, flips, dives, and counting how long my kids can hold their breath!  I have watched our 14 year old Jack Russell freak out when her brother is underwater and jump in to save him, while our other (huge) dog is terrified of swimming stays within two feet of the water at all times!  

We still have so much work to do....planting palms, bushes, and grass....BUT there is an end in sight and at least after a long day of planting, we can jump in the nice cool pool to relax!  
I hope to share more pics once it is "finished". (because the truth will always be a work in progress!)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Is In The House!

I just couldn't wait! I live in Florida, it is still super hot outside, it doesn't feel or smell like fall, and I just wanted SOMETHING that made me feel like it was here! I went full force and decorated the inside of our home last week, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!!!!  I "surprised" Chad with the early decorations, and he just laughs at me at this point! I think  he is secretly just happy that I went into the attic myself and didn't ask for any help!

My favorite project, so far, is a really EASY one! I purchased these HUGE pumpkin buckets at Target for only $6 each! (they also have orange and white available)  I would love to say that I planted the plants inside of the buckets....but I didn't! I literally just sat them inside of the pumpkins so that after Halloween I can remove and plant the larger plant in the yard....and I will just be honest and say that the other plant will be long gone by then. I can NOT keep these babies alive for the life of me! (strange, I think they actually like to be watered)
I love these little guys, and I am thinking about going back for this little bucket to add a little palm in.  I think they are hilarious and the "hair" gives them personalities! 

I have also switched my shop over to ALL THINGS FALL..and it has me super excited!  I had originally planned on having all NEW designs this Halloween, but I have received SO many emails and requests to bring back our Witch hat for a 3rd year in a row and our collaboration with Jessica on the I Put A Spell On You shirts!  I also would have missed them entirely too much, so they are back!!!!! We have switched a few things around and added a new design or two!  I couldn't be more excited and in love with all of them! 

I am SUPER stoked about our NEW Trick or Treat tote!!!!!! It honestly isn't just for trick or treating, it is pretty much the cutest tote bag to carry around town!  The BEST PART is that from now until 9/20, we are offering these totes for FREE with any $50+ purchase!!!!! Just add the tote into your cart, and use coupon "TRICKORTREAT" to get it for FREE!!!! (If using paypal, the coupon goes in at the end)

Our preppy witch hat shirts are one of my all time favorites (I say that about every shirt, they are like my children!) and I have already had mine on this season! This year we have added the bright orange pullover! I am excited because I find it hard to incorporate orange into my wardrobe for Halloween! I am waiting for this shirt to go on sale so that I can wear it underneath! It would be PERFECT with the stripes to match the bow!

I also LOVE the I Put A Spell On You shirts so much that I never put mine away with my Halloween decorations last year! There is something about gold foil on black that just makes my heart beat faster! And Jessica's design is pretty much perfection!  We switched the youth shirt from a short sleeve to this long sleeve black style so that they would match a little better.

Last but not least.......we have brought back our best selling Thank Full shirt with a new twist! I LOVE the dark indigo with the gold! There are so many things to be Thankful for this time of year, and this shirt tells the world that you are Full Of Thanks!  I LOVED receiving pics last year of people announcing pregnancies, engagements, and surrounding themselves with people that they are Thank Full For!!!!!! I can't wait to see it all over again in this new style!

I can't wait to hear how you all love them, and don't miss out on the FREE tote offer!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Game Day Ready!

I have decided that I basically am awful at blogging and keeping up with life in general when my kids are home for summer vacation!  They are back in school today and I am BACK IN ACTION! 

I have been so beyond excited to share our NEW GAME DAY gear!!!!!!  Jessica and I worked together to design a comfortable football shirt that can show your support for ANY team by layering your spirit colors with the gray and white pullover!  We feel this shirt is PERFECT for going to your favorite NFL game, football party, and cheer on your favorite football player at their peewee or high school field! 

I have received emails for two years asking for a football mom shirt....and I feel like this is EXACTLY what you all have been waiting for!  This sweatshirt pullover has a raw open neck that allows you to layer it over any color tank top to bring in your team's colors! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

I will totally be wearing this outfit on any given sunday, monday, or just about every day!  These Girlfriend jeans are my new favorite, and I have these converse on my Birthday wish list! I already have this redskins hat, and will always be a redskins fan regardless of where I live now.....because you just can't switch teams just because you move! (or when they aren't playing well)

We also felt the need to add sizes and styles for the littlest football fan in your house! I can just imagine layering a tutu or cheer skirt with them! CUTEST EVER! 

Don't miss out on saving 15% off of our shop (expires September 1st) using code "gamedaydeal".  I will be shipping this weekend while supplies last, and the rest will ship out mid September. 

ps- these are good luck! Your team is going to win when you are wearing one! 

pps- These two kids are off to 3rd and 5th Grade today!  Kacey left ready, excited, and couldn't wait to get to her patrol station this morning! Collin....well Collin prefers to be at home or with Chad and I AT ALL he is probably counting down the seconds until school is out. Oh well, I KNOW they are going to have an amazing year! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Christmas In July Sale

I am AWFUL at keeping up with my blog in the summer!!!!! Between trips, playdates, errands, and just life in general with the kids home.....I haven't made the time for it.  

I just wanted to check in and make sure that everyone knew about our Christmas In July special that we are running! We have collaborated with Jessica again and added to the Reindeer Games Collection!  I lOVE this collection! I love wearing it to cheer on my kids at soccer, baseball, and totally have plans to wear the tshirt in a Christmas run this year! 
This year we have changed the shirt design to a true red football style tee, and added onesie and sweatshirt for your littles!  I love how it is festive, yet subtle! 

Our Santa raglans have always been our #1 seller!  I LOVE that everyone in the family can wear the same shirt! I honestly think it is the cutest thing ever when I get pictures of people visiting santa, on Christmas morning, or out and about in their matching Santa shirts! We have added a pullover this summer and it has been a big hit! 

I hope you are loving the new gear, as well as the original favorites!    When we opened our shirt shop just over two years ago....we were one of the only shops that sold festive gear for the whole family for each holiday!  Now that there are new shirt shops opening up daily, I know that you have many choices when it comes to setting your favorites up for the holidays, and it honestly makes me so happy and thankful that you are still choosing our designs!!!!! It keeps me motivated to continue adding to our line! 

To thank you, we are running 15% off your purchase until Midnight tonight with the code "santainjuly" so don't miss out! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Lake Time! (it's really the best time)

I am a water girl! I LOVE being at any pool, lake, or beach! 
My family has always gone to Maine almost every summer, and Lake living just has such a relaxing, fun, and family filled vibe that  just can't seem to get enough of!  

We are FINALLY bringing back our "ON LAKE TIME" shirts this summer! Go ahead, plan a family reunion, fishing trip, camping trip, and just anything you want along a lake.....because you now can have a shirt/sweatshirt to wear!!!

We have listed each shirt $5 off in our shop (along with a few other sales that we posted).  Pre-orders will take place until THIS FRIDAY! (5/22) and then prices will go up and you will not be guaranteed your size.  ORDERS WILL SHIP THE WEEK OF JUNE 15TH. (I will be out of town so they will not be able to ship earlier than that) 

I am LOVING the eco-Navy unisex tshirt! It is soft, flattering for everyone, and has a super vintage vibe with the white print.  

The raglan is available in size 3-6 months through 12 youth! PERFECT FOR EVERY SISTER/BROTHER/COUSIN/BFF at the party!!!!!

The Unisex Gray hooded pullover is possibly my favorite!!!!!!!!! It is SOOOO soft, and PERFECT for a night on the lake!

Just thought this pic is all about being "ON LAKE TIME".  RELAXED, ENJOYING LIFE, AND A HUGE SMILE! 

Just think of the possibilities! This is my family last summer ON LAKE TIME in Maine! I LOVED that we all wore the same color combo.....but I wanted to switch it up a little bit and give each age group a different style.  I think pictures will look super cute with the mixing of colors!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I have been listening to Disney Radio in the mornings with the kids (and after they get out of the car for school because I always forget to change the station) and they have been discussing "What Mom's REALLY want for Mother's Day".  Some of the calls were funny, some made me add to my list, and others were just people who seemed to be clueless as to what Mom's REALLY want!

My take on Mother's Day is that.....I don't to clean ANYTHING, I don't want to cook ANYTHING, I don't want to hear complaining from ANYONE, and I want to just relax on the beach with my family and enjoy a nice, quiet, peaceful day! I LOVE opening anything that my kids have made for me, I LOVE reading the cards that my husband writes out (we don't ever buy each other cards.....we literally draw funny pics and write our own message), and then I love hearing my kids giggle as they try to surprise me with a gift. (my kids are AWFUL at secrets)

I put together a little gift guide, which is really just things that I am loving right now, and I think they all have the nice, peaceful, calming vibe that I am dreaming out for Mother's Day!

I LOVE this hammock! I have had a hammock chair on my patio for several years, and it is BY FAR my favorite seat in the house!  I don't have large trees in my yard, and I don't want a bulky hammock stand in my yard, so I am going to have to get creative on how to hang one! I think this style is so pretty that it will add so much life to an otherwise boring backyard.

I have said it a million times, but I am AWFUL at remembering to water plants! I just don't do it! Occasionally my kids will have leftover water in their sports water bottles and I will walk around the house feeding my dying plants....but other than that, I am AWFUL at it!  I feel like these hanging plants are SO stinking cute, that I might actually water the plants in them! AND if I put in some succulents, I would only have to remember to water them once a week, so this might work out!  Either way, I just feel like most mom's love flowers.....and they love them even more when they are in pretty pots! 

I posted a picture of this scent of candle from Target on Instagram (@kcsnead) and I have to say that it smells EXACTLY like Anthropologie Candles....maybe slightly better! They have several other "smells" that I am loving right now, I think the Sangria is my second favorite! YUM!

Target is killing it right now with their selection of weekender bags! I LOVE this fish bag, and coming in at a close second is this embroidered bag.  I think weekenders are a great size for moms because they allow you to shove everything you will need for a weekend away, or just a day out and about with the kids and leaving it in the car as a "just in case" bag.  The BEST news is that they are bogo 50% off.

My FAVORITE gift idea just happens to be a little something I gifted to myself a while back. I LOVE these mini planters (I purchased the small)!  

And my heart kind of skipped a beat a little bit when I clicked on it and saw that MY picture is being featured on Anthropologie's site! I think it makes me love these little fish even more!

I am totally looking forward to this Sunday, and I can't wait to celebrate my mom, mother in law, and all the other mom's out there......FROM THE BASEBALL FIELD!  My perfect beach day dreams are kind of shot because I will be busy being a baseball mom!  I have made sure that my family gives me a "redo" day, so I am going to soak it all up for two days! 

I hope all of you Mom's, women who feel like Mom's to others, Auntie's, and just women in general.....HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY Teacher Appreciation Or Mother's Day Succulents Potted Plants

My kids and I get SUPER excited every year when we get the notice home that it is Teacher Appreciation week!  I think it is SO great to be able to show the people who work with your children daily and have the patience to teach them and help them grow!  I LOVE both of my kid's teachers this year, and we have been planning a few fun goodies for them this week.

We originally wanted to paint flower pots (Like we did here and here), but I found black plastic pots that were actually perfect for what they wanted to do.

You Will Need:
-Black Plastic Flower Pots (found these at Lowes)
-Variety of Succulence 
-Potting Soil 
-Permanent Chalk Marker and/or Gold Sharpie Marker

I let the kids do these (except writing the teacher's name in Permanent Chalk Marker) and it was pretty cute watching them decide where to put each plant.  They placed rocks in the bottom of the pot, dirt, and then added each plant, lightly watered, and then added more dirt on top.  I honestly do NOT have a green thumb,  so I have my fingers crossed that I did this correctly!

They each wrote a message to their teacher on the back in gold sharpie marker to make it more personal.  My original plan was to have every kid in the class sign the pot, but my kids decided they wanted to write a long message instead. 

I LOVE how they turned out!  They even made one for my mom, because she volunteers in their classes every week to teach math! 

I LOVE how proud my kids get to give gifts to people, ESPECIALLY when they put it together themselves!  So cute!

These would also make SUPER cute Mother's Day gifts! Check out this tutorial as well, I wish I had seen it before doing mine! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Resort Style- Cocktail Hour

My husband has worked SOOO hard and made Presidents Club for work this year, so the two of us are heading to TAHITI in a little over a month! I CAN NOT EVEN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! 

The minute I found out that this wasn't just a dream...I immediately felt the need to check out my closet and see what I had, and what I needed!  I usually am a cover up, beach pants with tanks, and bathing suits only kind of girl when I am on a beach vacation. I don't ever dress up for dinner because I am just basically all about comfort 100% of the time.  This trip has me wanting to wear dresses to dinner and just try a little harder than I usually do!  I have been doing some serious searching for COMFORTABLE, stylish, and beachy dresses that I can wear while on vacation at fancy dinners with my husband AND still want to wear when we are back home!  

1 / 2 / 3 /

1:I LOVE this mini dress! I actually bought it on Zulily a few weeks ago and was just hoping that the material was thin enough for summer! IT IS and it is possibly the softest dress I own! I LOVE IT!!!!! I am pretty sure I will wear it with sandals because I just feel like it will be a little too much with heels on vacation. 

2: I am 5' 2" and I just assumed that I would look ridiculous in a jumpsuit like this! I was killing time at Target a few weeks ago and just tried it on and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I do need to get it hemmed because it is VERY long, but this has to be the most comfortable piece of clothes that I own! It basically feels like I am walking out in pajamas and I can't even wait to wear this to dinner on vacation! I am on the hunt for a long coral necklace to pair with it and I am packing my coral heels! 

3: I have been eyeing this dress for MONTHS and snagged it up the second I got the 50% off coupon.  (use "friends&family") I LOVE IT!!!!!! Super thin material and the cut is so flattering! I went back and purchased it in the other print as well because it is THAT amazing! 

4: I have never purchased a maxi dress that didn't need to be hemmed......UNTIL I BOUGHT THIS DRESS!!!!!  It is a heavy fabric that hangs very well, and the print cuts at the right places! 

I usually pack a "fancy" outfit for most trips and never end up wearing it because comfort wins over fashion.  BUT I feel that each one of these dresses is the perfect mix of "fancy" AND comfortable so I am confident that I will wear them! (plus, my husband has made sure that I am fully aware that I can not bring a ton of suitcases on this trip) 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favorites For The Face

I am not a make up girl, so I when I lOVE something, it means that it is perfect for everyday use and really works.  I wish I was into changing the color of my eyeshadow based on what I am wearing, or switched up my look depending on where I was going....but I am just not that girl.

That being said, I LOVE makeup with pretty packaging, that washes easily, and really works well. I have put together a few of my favorite daily pieces for you to check out.  

I LOVE these!!!!!! I went into Ulta originally looking for the Philosphy Pads, but these were cheaper and I figured it was worth a shot. I honestly feel like they make a huge difference in my skin! I wash my face/neck and then wipe with these pads and wait 3 min (That is a lie, I usually forget about it and wait longer) and then rinse.  I don't have extra oily or dry skin, so I am able to do this every day.  I originally purchased the pads here but found that you can purchase them on QVC for the same size pads PLUS trial size of all of the other Peter Thomas Roth goodies! . 

I am not a lipstick girl! I have tried, but it just makes me feel like I am dressing up for Halloween or playing dress up! I have been using this color for a while and I truly love it! It is thick enough that it lasts, but not too thick that makes you want to continue to blot your lips. It is a super neutral color that can be used daily, and that makes it perfect in my opinion.

This is the PERFECT foundation, in my opinion.  It isn't too thick, doesn't make you look like you are trying too hard, and just has a great coverage.  I used to use bare minerals, but this has quickly taken the place! (I wear medium-tan) I also purchased the Airbuki brush with it, and it evens everything out nicely! 

I received this eyeshadow in my Ipsy bag last month and I LOVE IT! I don't see the exact color match on their site, but the Shades Of Daylight looks really similar.  Just a nice beachy, golden, summery vibe.  (they are running 20% off until the 16th with code "pixiff")  I rarely use eyeshadow, but when I do...I prefer it to be goldish and shimmery. 

I may not be a makeup girl.....but I AM A MASCARA GIRL!!!! I love it! I want big, full, amazing eyelashes and I feel naked without them.   My mother in law got me into It Tightline and I AM IN LOVE! You put this on prior to putting your regular mascara on! It is the tiniest little brush and covers each individual eyelash perfectly!  I wear this without adding any additional coats on most days and I love how it looks.  When I want my lashes to be BOLD I just add the Hello Lashes and BAM! 

Those are my daily favorites for the moment! I am always coming up with new favorite products now that I am receiving the Ipsy bag monthly! I swear there is something so amazing about sample products! They are so tiny, they have the best packaging, and they make me so excited! 


Monday, April 13, 2015

New Shop OPEN......again!

I have been working behind the scenes on opening up my shop again!  I LOVE etsy, and plan on keeping that shop open for a while, but I wanted a fresh, clean shop that really allows me to show off the vibe that I want for SaSea.

I recently had pictures taken by Kim Flores Photography and I couldn't be more excited with how they all turned out!  I love each and every one of them and I have been so excited to share them with everyone!

I have FINALLY reopened my shop HERE and I am running a 15% off coupon that will run until Friday (4/17) with code "spring fever" at checkout! 

We are also still taking preorders on our Cinco De Mayo shirts! I am SOOO excited about ALL of them!!!!! The truth is, they really aren't JUST for Cinco De Mayo....they are really for any given Taco Tuesday, Party....or just when you feel like having a great day! 

We LOVE each one of Jessica's designs, and paring them with our super soft shirts makes it a match made in heaven! Don't miss out!

Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Spring Wreath

I have a serious love of buying/having/using yarn!  I have an entire basket FILLED with leftover yarn from projects that I have completed.  Every winter I get in the mood to make blankets, scarves, headbands, hats, stockings, and basically anything that I can easily make in the car line. (my favorite project this past winter was this pom pom garland!)

 I usually end up packing up my yarn basket with the holiday decorations and then bring them out again next winter when I am in the mood to create with them again.  This year I accidentally forgot and they have just been begging for a spring project.

What you will need to make this super easy wreath is.....

-Leftover yarn that you may have, or purchase a few colors that you love together. (no need to be concerned with the thickness, brand, feel of yarn! I think it is fun to mix the textures up) 
-Styrofoam wreath in the size of your choice

I just cut random lengths of yarn and began wrapping. If you like the look of the different thickness of each color, mix the lengths.  If you prefer more of an even striped look, you will want to cut each color the same length.  (the thinner yarn will need a little longer because it will not cover as much space as the thicker yarn)

It does not need to be a super tight knot because the yarn sticks VERY well to the Styrofoam wreath.  You will just place it where you want it and wrap away.  I had to overlap a little with the thinner yarn and really liked the look of it. 

Once you have covered the entire wreath, you will want to add a loop of yarn so that you can hang it to your desired length.  I decided to add little pom poms to give it a little more of an impact.  

I am LOVING spring colors right now!  My mantel just brightens up our house and I think I may be adding more pops of color this spring/summer!  

 I can't get enough of all the colors here! (for me, this is HUGE because I usually ONLY add blues and grays to my house for some reason!)

I also added my all time favorite flowers, hydrangea to basically each room of my house, and I may need to budget these babies into my weekly grocery trip! 

Hope you all are enjoying the crisp Spring weather! It was super hot last week in Florida, but this past weekend was nice and chilly and really felt amazing! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break StayCation

 Spring break is my favorite! A chance to get to hang out with the kids for an entire week, the weather is beautiful, and then they go back to school and the routine begins again.  I LOVE a good routine....but the quick break is always welcome!

This year Chad took off the entire week and planned a little stay-cation!  It was WONDERFUL!!!!!
Nikes (Also check the Nike outlet! Chad surprised me with these!)

We started our weekend out with Baseball....of course!  I honestly LOVE baseball games because they are pretty relaxing.  Feet up, lots of cheering to do, and I get to hang out with the other parents.  

Kacey went to a sleepover with her best friends, and I got to go on a date with my two favorite boys! I felt like a 3rd wheel the entire time because these two really and truly are the best of friends! They are basically the same person, and I am TOTALLY okay with that!  They always say to marry a man that you wouldn't mind having a son exactly like.....and I am pretty sure I hit the jackpot! 

Don't mind me.....I will just be standing behind the twins snapping pictures! 

On Monday, Chad surprised Collin by taking him to a Washington Nationals game!  Collin is OBSESSED with Bryce Harper and all things dealing with the Nationals so this was a HUGE surprise!  They got there early and they were able to get a few autographs, and a "smile and wave" from Harper.  Collin is still on cloud 9 after this big day!

We generally go to Orlando for the day and hit up a home....and crash!  This year we decided that we didn't want to go to any parks....and wanted to stay in a nice hotel that offered everything! Chad nailed it when he booked us a room at the Gaylord Palms! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The rooms were nice, clean, and had super comfortable beds (my 3 requirements), had a HUGE family pool (as well as an adult pool that we didn't get to enjoy), 4 water slides, splash zone, beach bar that served you at your chair, a sports bar with a two story TV, loads of Gluten Free food options (HUGE stress for me when we leave home ), and basically EVERYTHING you need or could ever want in a hotel! There was NO reason to leave at all!!!!!!

Kacey LOVES the water! She could live IN the pool or beach and never leave!  

This guy played basketball IN the water with some new buddies and ran around on the water slides with Kacey ALL DAY LONG!
Nailed it! :) 
We tested out our GoProHero under water and it was SOOOOO fun! We let the kids wander around the pool and slides with it and make their own videos! I can't even tell you how cute they are! (I just need to figure out how to share them!) BEST PURCHASE OF ALL TIME! 

Our friend from middle/high school/college plays for the Miami Marlins and hooked us up with we obviously needed to load up on Marlins hats and go cheer him on! The ESPN fields were AMAZING and it was just really cool to be there and watch him play!  We are about 10X cooler in our kid's eyes because we know someone on the team! WAHOO!!!!!

We don't buy our kids souvenirs on trips because they would blow our money on trinkets and things that they will never use once we get home! Instead.....we make them earn money before a trip and they can choose what they want...AND PAY FOR IT!  Collin picked this super sweet tattoo and Kacey got a hair wrap that is SO cool!  I am generally really impressed with how they choose to spend their money, and annoyed with how long it takes them to decide if they are really going to part with their funds! (when it is OUR takes about .01 seconds to decide "yup! I NEED it!)

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful spring weather! It has been in the 80's here and I am LOVING it!  I am not exactly looking forward to the hotter weather to come.....but DEFINITELY looking forward to many beach and pool days!

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