Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saturday Style

I have an issue with shying away from color when it comes to my clothes and my house.  I have decided that I am okay with it!  I prefer to have black, white, gray, and navy clothing and then have a few fun color accessories to spice it up a bit.  

I stumbled across Kate Spade Saturday and I pretty much wanted EVERYTHING.  I LOVE how the clothes are pretty simple, and all of her accessories are funky and fun.  Plus...stripes! I can NEVER have enough stripes in my life!

They have a sale going on today for 40% off your ENTIRE purchase, so this good thing turned into a GREAT discovery!  Here are a few of my faves! 

Purse: I LOVE a good cross body bag! I love how this one isn't bulky and looks like it would lay flat against your hip! This white bag is super cute too, I am just not sure if it is too bulky for me.

Dress: This dress looks so cute and relaxed! I am a sucker for stripes and the BEST part is that it is reversible so it is a super cute black dress with striped sleeves as well! I think it is kind of pricey at full price, but with the 40% off....and factoring in it is basically TWO dresses in one...It is justifiable. :)

Sneaks : These are just too fun to add to any outfit...and I rarely find shoes that I like that are 40% off! Perfect to add a little color to your weekends!!!!

Initial Shirt : I have always wanted to add initial shirts to my shop, but the inventory literally gives me a headache! I LOVE this sweatshirt....and again....totally doable with the 40% off code!

Phone Case:  I love all things zodiac!  I don't read it daily....I don't live my life by it....I just think it is so fun to classify people by their birthdays! It makes me laugh because you have NO control over the the day you are born....and you get to enter into this little zodiac club the min you are born.  Even crazier that I am a Libra....and generally every stereotype is true! lol!

Shirt: I LOVE this style shirt! I am petite and I just feel like this neckline is so flattering!

Weekender: I have a serious LOVE of duffel bags and weekenders!  It might be because they mean you are going somewhere when you bring them out....but either way, I love them!  I LOVE this style bag, and the fact that you can design your own BLOWS MY MIND!

I hope you have just as much fun searching on this site and get to use the code "EXTRA40" to get 40% off your ENTIRE purchase! WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps....don't forget to check out our shop and our NEW St. Patrick's day goodies AND baseball and soccer blankets!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Welcome Monday Mornings!

 This weekend was pretty much a whirlwind! It is a weekend that has been in my planner for months now and just always seemed to be so far away.....and then I woke up and was smack dab in the busiest weekend of the year! (or at least in the month of February!)

Friday started out with 1 science fair project being due (totally sharing a tutorial brought to you by my 10 year old on how to make a FREE portable speaker for your iPad later because it is just entirely too awesome not to share!).....1 biography report due for Collin (luckily he did the ENTIRE thing at school and just had to practice reading his notes before his report on Friday).....and then that evening was a school dance followed by sleepover with 3 of Kacey's best friends.  AHHHH!

Kacey ran home, showered, had me straighten her hair, and then put on the cutest dress ever that we purchased a month ago from TJ Maxx.  I LOVE how she paired it with her cowboy boots, changed out the brown belt for her glitter gold one, and kept on her friendship bracelet. I won't even discuss how she is basically as tall as mean and blows my mind at how grown up she looks! 

This picture cracks me up because Chad was taking a picture of us.....while she was using my phone to take a "selfie" and check the time to remind me we needed to go and pick up all of her friends ASAP. Just a little glimpse into my future I guess. 

The girls came home from the dance SOOOO hyper and excited!  I was the first mom there to pick them up and was able to peek in the windows of the lunch room (aka dance floor) and spy on them.  Lucky for me, she isn't embarrassed of me yet and came running over and kissed me thru the window and told me to watch them dance! I know this excitement is I am just soaking it up while I can!  They made chocolates, had a pull up contest, played games, watched a movie, ate junk food, and talked a lllllllll night long!  Girlfriends are the BEST! 

Bright and early on Saturday morning we fed them all full of donuts and then dropped them off at their homes to head down to Tampa to watch Collin in his baseball tournaments.  I LOVE this pic of him bunting the ball! He is the king of bunting right now because he is so darn fast at getting on base! 
He had 2 games on Saturday......and 2 games on Sunday and finished 2ND place in the whole tournament.  Proud mom!

Sunday morning I woke up at 4am (and didn't go to bed till 12:30 because I was so nervous about the race) and caught a ride from a friend down to our half marathon! We got on the road and noticed that the lights in his car were off.....and then shortly after we broke down! GREAT TIMING! Chad and the kids came to our rescue (with ZERO complaining) and picked us up and dropped us off at the start line JUST as they were singing the National Anthem!  We started the race at the very end of the pack and had to pass EVERYONE and their mother!  I felt great, ran my best, and finished in a time that I am pleased with! It ended up being 13.25 miles (on my garmen) and I finished at 2 hours and 11 min! (JUST barely beating my goal of being under 10 min miles for the entire race)  I have never been so happy to see these three standing near the end of the race in all my life! HALF MARATHONS ARE LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the race I had JUST enough time to run home, shower, change, and head out to take Kacey to a soccer game while the boys went down to baseball! I HATE missing one of their games, but it happens sometimes.  Kacey played great and after her game we hoped in the car to head BACK to tampa to watch Collin get 2nd place! 

Sometimes Mondays feel like the most relaxing day of the week for me.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sale Today Only

Hey there!!!!!! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing Valentine's Day!  We spent our weekend with sleepovers, soccer tournament, baseball games, lots of chocolate, and couch snuggles.  It was EXACTLY how I would have wanted it!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Tween Sleepover

I have been busy planning a little Valentine's Day sleepover for my daughter and a few of her buddies.  We do it every year after the school dance, and this year they have decided to do the dance the week AFTER Valentine's day!  (don't even get me started that my daughter is in 4th grade and they have school dances! Weren't we in Middle School when that stuff started???)

I have had pink, red, black and white on the brain lately and all things hearts!  I have been wearing my All My Love and XOXO shirts on heavy rotation, and am pretty positive that I will not be packing either of them up with my holiday goodies this year.  I just can't!

I am not planning anything big for this festive sleepover....just a few sweet treats, some heart sunglasses for pictures, and Kacey has a long list of movies that she wants to watch.  I am sure it will really just be a lot of talking, snacking, and screaming! 

Kacey loves it when we take pictures of her friends at sleepovers, so I have purchased these balloons to hang behind them on the wall.  I am going to use my poloroid camera, and part of me wishes that I could invite my girlfriends over and do the same thing.  I got these glasses for each one of them (in different colors) for photo fun!

My FAVORITE baking book is EAT MORE DESSERT because it gives you amazing ideas...and it actually makes sense! I have made several of the cookies and treats and they actually WORKED! (I am NOT a baker, so this is saying a lot!)  We are making cake pops before the sleepover....but Kacey said she might want to make rice krispy treat hearts from this book while her friends are here. I mean....there isn't a rule about how much sugar you can eat on Valentine's day OR sleepovers so we are safe.  The spoons are just cute, and they are mini, and eating from mini utensils always makes food taste better. It is a proven fact!!!!!

I think it all just boils down to 1- I love to plan fun parties and sleepovers 2- I want my kids to ENJOY having their friends over 3- I want to plan as many fun activities while my kids still think my ideas are cool because I am fully aware that my time is limited in that department! 
Last year we made these photo props out of scrapbook paper, paper straws, and little wooden glasses we found at the craft store and loaded up with glitter!  So fun!!!!!

I hope you all are planning some fun get togethers for Valentine's Day!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Heart You

I hope you all had a nice.....RELAXING......weekend!  I spent 90% of mine watching my kids play sports, and I am TOTALLY okay with that!  Collin had 3 soccer games (totally got killed ALL 3 games...EEK!), Kacey had 1 soccer game (and had the BEST game of her life, and I missed it because Chad and I played paper rock scissors and I was at Collin's game), and Collin had 1 baseball game (and was pitcher for his first time ever on this team and literally ONLY threw strikes! THIS KID IS A MACHINE!)  

Once all of our games were over....we rushed over to a Super Bowl Party at my parents house TO WATCH MORE SPORTS!  I honestly don't think I have EVER been interested in watching football, but I did watch the entire game, learned a lot......AND CHAD AND I TOTALLY HAD 4-4 ON OUR FOOTBALL POOL AND WON $$$$!!!!!! SCORE! I think I LOVE football now! 

Now the kids are back at school, Chad is back at work, and I have spent today packing and shipping out all of our Valentine's Day shirt orders......and climbed up in my attack to pull down the decorations.  I honestly had the board fall down over the "hole" in the attic floor and for a second I thought I was stuck up there! (total Lampoons Christmas Vacation Style) Lucky for me.....I was able to get out alive and decorate my house a little bit while I have a quiet home. 

I got the heart garland from Target last year (sold out but similar here)  and I LOVE it! I wanted to keep it out all year long, but I think packing it up and only putting it up in February makes it seem a little more exciting!  I also LOVE my "Olive You" canvas and can't wait to wear my shirt from last year!  Decorating this Mantel, regardless of the fact that I live in Florida and do not have a fireplace, just makes me happy! 

Don't forget to check out our shop and get your Valentine's Day goodies today!  They are shipping within one day....and will give you plenty of time to wear them before the big day!  Although.....They are both totally acceptable after Valentines and don't need to be packaged up with your decorations.  

Hope you all are having a GREAT day! 

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