Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekends Are Made For Memories

I LOVE the weekends, but weekends that include 3 days are my favorite!  Weekends that include family fun, friend fun, and outdoor fun are my EXTRA favorite!  

We enjoyed every single minute of this past weekend at our neighborhood pool, date night, playing catch, jogging, visiting friends at their lake house, bbq, and reflecting on how lucky we are to live in America! 

Spending time with my 3 favorite people and our friends and family makes me so happy!!!!! 

Our weekend in pictures.....because they make me smile! 

Lake house BBQ, the kind that makes you plan on how you can sell your home in the next seven days and move in next door to them to live this way on a daily basis! 


If you don't laugh your tail of watching your husband battle on the tubes....then you haven't had enough wine!

I will never grow tired of this face....ever! 

Kacey could not even catch her breath she was laughing so hard!  When Collin and his buddy went, they were so light I seriously thought they were going to fly out!  So Fun!!!!!

I almost forgot to take a pic in my "on lake time" shirt....On an actual lake! Crazy spotlight and comic looking smiles and all!

Chad and I had a date night on Saturday!  We went to my favorite restaurant....and mattress shopping.   We are wild and crazy like that!  There is this super annoying commercial that convinces you that if you have had your mattress for 8 are nasty and living with bugs so you need to buy a new one! Best marketing ever!  

I had a lot of questions on my dress on instagram.....and I honestly can't find it online!  It is Judith March and it has a gold anchor on the left hip, but similar dress here and here and similar sandals here.

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend feeling the freedom that we have because of the BRAVE! 

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