Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Lake Time! (it's really the best time)

I am a water girl! I LOVE being at any pool, lake, or beach! 
My family has always gone to Maine almost every summer, and Lake living just has such a relaxing, fun, and family filled vibe that  just can't seem to get enough of!  

We are FINALLY bringing back our "ON LAKE TIME" shirts this summer! Go ahead, plan a family reunion, fishing trip, camping trip, and just anything you want along a lake.....because you now can have a shirt/sweatshirt to wear!!!

We have listed each shirt $5 off in our shop (along with a few other sales that we posted).  Pre-orders will take place until THIS FRIDAY! (5/22) and then prices will go up and you will not be guaranteed your size.  ORDERS WILL SHIP THE WEEK OF JUNE 15TH. (I will be out of town so they will not be able to ship earlier than that) 

I am LOVING the eco-Navy unisex tshirt! It is soft, flattering for everyone, and has a super vintage vibe with the white print.  

The raglan is available in size 3-6 months through 12 youth! PERFECT FOR EVERY SISTER/BROTHER/COUSIN/BFF at the party!!!!!

The Unisex Gray hooded pullover is possibly my favorite!!!!!!!!! It is SOOOO soft, and PERFECT for a night on the lake!

Just thought this pic is all about being "ON LAKE TIME".  RELAXED, ENJOYING LIFE, AND A HUGE SMILE! 

Just think of the possibilities! This is my family last summer ON LAKE TIME in Maine! I LOVED that we all wore the same color combo.....but I wanted to switch it up a little bit and give each age group a different style.  I think pictures will look super cute with the mixing of colors!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I have been listening to Disney Radio in the mornings with the kids (and after they get out of the car for school because I always forget to change the station) and they have been discussing "What Mom's REALLY want for Mother's Day".  Some of the calls were funny, some made me add to my list, and others were just people who seemed to be clueless as to what Mom's REALLY want!

My take on Mother's Day is that.....I don't to clean ANYTHING, I don't want to cook ANYTHING, I don't want to hear complaining from ANYONE, and I want to just relax on the beach with my family and enjoy a nice, quiet, peaceful day! I LOVE opening anything that my kids have made for me, I LOVE reading the cards that my husband writes out (we don't ever buy each other cards.....we literally draw funny pics and write our own message), and then I love hearing my kids giggle as they try to surprise me with a gift. (my kids are AWFUL at secrets)

I put together a little gift guide, which is really just things that I am loving right now, and I think they all have the nice, peaceful, calming vibe that I am dreaming out for Mother's Day!

I LOVE this hammock! I have had a hammock chair on my patio for several years, and it is BY FAR my favorite seat in the house!  I don't have large trees in my yard, and I don't want a bulky hammock stand in my yard, so I am going to have to get creative on how to hang one! I think this style is so pretty that it will add so much life to an otherwise boring backyard.

I have said it a million times, but I am AWFUL at remembering to water plants! I just don't do it! Occasionally my kids will have leftover water in their sports water bottles and I will walk around the house feeding my dying plants....but other than that, I am AWFUL at it!  I feel like these hanging plants are SO stinking cute, that I might actually water the plants in them! AND if I put in some succulents, I would only have to remember to water them once a week, so this might work out!  Either way, I just feel like most mom's love flowers.....and they love them even more when they are in pretty pots! 

I posted a picture of this scent of candle from Target on Instagram (@kcsnead) and I have to say that it smells EXACTLY like Anthropologie Candles....maybe slightly better! They have several other "smells" that I am loving right now, I think the Sangria is my second favorite! YUM!

Target is killing it right now with their selection of weekender bags! I LOVE this fish bag, and coming in at a close second is this embroidered bag.  I think weekenders are a great size for moms because they allow you to shove everything you will need for a weekend away, or just a day out and about with the kids and leaving it in the car as a "just in case" bag.  The BEST news is that they are bogo 50% off.

My FAVORITE gift idea just happens to be a little something I gifted to myself a while back. I LOVE these mini planters (I purchased the small)!  

And my heart kind of skipped a beat a little bit when I clicked on it and saw that MY picture is being featured on Anthropologie's site! I think it makes me love these little fish even more!

I am totally looking forward to this Sunday, and I can't wait to celebrate my mom, mother in law, and all the other mom's out there......FROM THE BASEBALL FIELD!  My perfect beach day dreams are kind of shot because I will be busy being a baseball mom!  I have made sure that my family gives me a "redo" day, so I am going to soak it all up for two days! 

I hope all of you Mom's, women who feel like Mom's to others, Auntie's, and just women in general.....HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY Teacher Appreciation Or Mother's Day Succulents Potted Plants

My kids and I get SUPER excited every year when we get the notice home that it is Teacher Appreciation week!  I think it is SO great to be able to show the people who work with your children daily and have the patience to teach them and help them grow!  I LOVE both of my kid's teachers this year, and we have been planning a few fun goodies for them this week.

We originally wanted to paint flower pots (Like we did here and here), but I found black plastic pots that were actually perfect for what they wanted to do.

You Will Need:
-Black Plastic Flower Pots (found these at Lowes)
-Variety of Succulence 
-Potting Soil 
-Permanent Chalk Marker and/or Gold Sharpie Marker

I let the kids do these (except writing the teacher's name in Permanent Chalk Marker) and it was pretty cute watching them decide where to put each plant.  They placed rocks in the bottom of the pot, dirt, and then added each plant, lightly watered, and then added more dirt on top.  I honestly do NOT have a green thumb,  so I have my fingers crossed that I did this correctly!

They each wrote a message to their teacher on the back in gold sharpie marker to make it more personal.  My original plan was to have every kid in the class sign the pot, but my kids decided they wanted to write a long message instead. 

I LOVE how they turned out!  They even made one for my mom, because she volunteers in their classes every week to teach math! 

I LOVE how proud my kids get to give gifts to people, ESPECIALLY when they put it together themselves!  So cute!

These would also make SUPER cute Mother's Day gifts! Check out this tutorial as well, I wish I had seen it before doing mine! 

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