Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Spotlight-Saranoni Blankets

I have a serious love for blankets!  It is not exactly a love that I NEED to have living in Florida, but I have a TON of blankets and I always seem to gravitate towards them in any store!  They just SCREAM cozy, and remind me of a good snuggle on the couch!  I hardly ever get rid of blankets, I just keep adding to my piles and hiding them in my console!

I was introduced to Saranoni Blankets on instagram after posting a picture of another blanket that I had!  I immediately searched to see what this "softest blanket in the world" was all about and randomly entered a giveaway.

Well....I won!  And I have honestly not been that excited in forever!  I searched for a few days trying to decide which blanket I was going to get....and I landed on the Adult Throw in Teal Swirl/Charcoal Lush.    I may have squealed when it arrived on a super rainy night....PERFECT TIME FOR A NEW BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!

As a collector of super soft blankets....I KNOW blankets, and this is honestly the softest blanket I have ever touched!  I have washed this baby almost weekly, and it still is just as soft as the first time I snuggled up!  

And this blanket is HUGE!  Like my whole family can snuggle with this one blanket and watch a movie and not have to fight over who has more of it!  

I immediately knew that I wanted to share this super amazing find on the blog, and totally scored a 15% off coupon code of  "saranoni15" on your next purchase!  They have baby blankets, toddler blankets, teen, and family size! (mine is family size)  I am pretty sure that my new nephew needs one of these.....and every graduate getting ready to head off to college!  I packed my dorm with blankets and tried to make it as cozy as possible to feel like home!  

I honestly love any blanket.....but if you are looking for a forever blanket that is so amazingly soft to improve lazy couch yourself a favor and snag one at this discount!!!!! 

***I have been AWFUL at keeping up with my Saturday Spotlights.....but I have a few fun goodies coming the next few weeks so keep checking back! ***

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