Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?

The past several days have pretty much been a whirlwind and I am looking to kick my feet up and relax!  Thank goodness Mother's Day is this weekend and I will get the chance to kick back! (in between the 4 baseball games we have planned...the life!)

We started our weekend out with Collin winning Student of the Month for the second time this year!  He is such good student and just really well behaved, so his teacher gave it to him twice!  Proud mom moment!!!

We had a super fun weekend planned at our first hotel soccer tournament for Kacey's team!  I am the team mom of her travel team, and this has been something we have been planning for months! We woke up SUPER early to a  very rainy day and headed to Orlando in two cars because the boys had to leave early the next day for baseball.  Kacey and I made it to Orlando safely... but Chad and Collin had an awful accident on the highway!  

Getting a phone call that your husband and child have been in an accident on the highway can literally stop your heart and make you want to be sick!  Chad called me and I was immediately able to talk to Collin.  Hearing his voice was the best sound I have ever heard!  The car had hydroplaned......slid across 3 lanes of traffic.....slammed into the guard wall......and back into the highway facing oncoming traffic!  The fact that my husband and son are so calm and cool people......gave him the opportunity to turn the car back on (which literally never started again after this) and park the car on the shoulder.  A passerby called the police and said the accident could have fatal injuries so an ambulance and firetruck came immediately!

Kacey was able to stay with her teammates and enjoy her first tournament weekend in a hotel, and I had to miss out and come home to check on the boys!  Sometimes you just need to squeeze them to make sure they really are okay!  Kacey was such an awesome trooper and totally understood, which made me feel so much better about leaving! (her exact words where, "that's okay mom! I understand! I was probably going to only hang out with my friends tonight so it doesn't matter if you stay with me." Awesome!)

I have never been so proud of my boys for staying calm, making the best choices they could have, and getting to safety!  My mind is still 100% blown that this even happened!!!!!!!!!  

Cinco De Mayo could not have come at a better time!  The fiesta of a day was EXACTLY what this family needed!   Chad was working from home so we were able to go on a kidless lunch date, which never happens!   I have to say that I have always been in love with every single holiday and always try to celebrate them in a big way.......but getting tagged in pictures all day/week long of everyone in their "Fiesta Like There's No Mañana" shirts make the holidays even better!!!!!!!  

You all totally made my day! 

Here's hoping you all feel just fine after all the margaritas consumed yesterday and have a nice relaxing rest of the week planned!!!!


  1. I was tearing up as I read that, so sorry. Again, I'm so happy everyone is okay.

    I got my shirt, but I'm saving it for another holiday ;)

    The Mile High Mom

  2. So sorry about the accident. As you saw on my instagram I got into an accident as well and my car was totaled. So glad that everyone is okay!! LOVED MY HOODIE for Cinco De Mayo, I got a million complements on it!

  3. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. I do hope that everyone's okay. It is perhaps one of the most blood-numbing experiences of any mother’s life to hear that her husband and son has been in an accident. I totally understand how you feel. I hope they get better soon. :)

    Eric Risk


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