Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Morning

We have had an amazing Christmas week....and I honestly don't want it to end.  I enjoyed myself so much that I hardly ever brought out my camera to capture the excitement, and I am kind of bummed about it!  Here is a little snippet of the fun we have had and the memories that we have made.

We went to check out the lights on Church Street with a big group of friends....and evidently our clothes are brighter than the lights.  Loads of lights like this remind me of Christmas up North for some reason, and I lOVE it!

Every single year we have gone to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood on Christmas Eve and Santa is all set up in his sleigh with bags of goodies for all the kids.  Chad and I  truly LOVE this tradition and my kids do too!  Such special memories.  After we spotted Santa, we went to our neighbor/friends house for an AMAZING dinner and goodies.  We usually have my parents here but they are in Virginia this year, so this is a break in tradition for us...and it was a blast!  New traditions in the making.

The four of us ALL sleep in one bed on Christmas Eve! The kids sleep like babies and Chad and I check the clock every 30 min ALL NIGHT LONG wishing it was already morning so we could get up!  Why .....Why did we start this tradition?! :)

Santa Loot! Lots of sports equipment, bike for Kacey (the same size as How is my child as big as me?!), craft supplies, books, and goodies.  THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL....AND LOUD!

I spy Cat's Cradle...and I can't even wait to read this and practice my old tricks!

BOTH of my kids got me Cocktail rings for Christmas from the School Christmas shop!  I will happily be wearing them with pride! 

Their last gift was tickets.......Kacey got tickets to Taylor Swift concert in Washington DC this summer and was beyond excited! I have to admit....I can't even wait either! It is my all time favorite memory with her from the last concert.....and this year we are going with my niece and sister to make the magic even bigger! AHHHH!  Collin got tickets to see the Washington Nationals VS Orioles this summer!  He is already counting down the days and has the outfit picked out, his baseball cards lined up to get signed, and has high hopes of meeting Bryce Harper. 

I hope your Christmas was the MERRIEST and that you were able to take more pictures that I did!  I totally missed out on our friends coming over for Cocktails and Cookies Christmas night complete with laughs, remote control car battles, fire pit for smores, and loads of memories.  
I did find this amazing picture on my camera!  I have LIVED in sweats and our cozy festive shirts this past month.....and I have LOVED getting tagged in everyones pics as well! I have a super sale coming up starting Monday of any leftover inventory!  Mark your planners! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifts For Him

I have a hard time shopping for my husband!  He is a simple guy.....who doesn't like clutter....doesn't collect anything.....and EVERY single year I want to WOW him with something special!  Something that makes him say "OH WOW! I NEVER KNEW THAT I WANTED THIS......BUT NOW THAT YOU FOUND IT.....I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I LIVED WITHOUT IT ALL OF THESE YEARS!"  I have YET to achieve this reaction....but this might be the year! I have a few secrets up my sleeve! (OBVIOUSLY not included in this shopping guide!) I will keep you posted on the reaction!

Here are a few of my finds that I KNOW that Chad will love, and I could basically imagine any guy wanting them!  I find that the best guy gifts are a little funny, not something they would EVER buy, or tickets to something fun! 

-MONEY CLIP: Chad is rough on his wallets and I tend to need to buy him a new one every year or two.  I just love this money clip, and it is on SUPER SALE! At under $20 this is the gift for EVERY GUY! 

TICKETS TO AN EVENT: This is my "go-to" move for my husband and kids! They are all hard to shop for, but LOVE going to sporting events!  I generally give them a picture of the field, a calendar with a countdown to the date of the event and then spill the beans by actually filling in the date on the calendar with where we are going.  I LOVE THIS!

Garmen: They have them available in several different price points and I just think they are a super fun tool!  They encourage you to go faster, run farther, and are the BEST motivation for anyone that is competitive! I actually am hoping that Santa brings this to me too!

Shave Bag: I am a huge fan of this shave bag!  It is classic, leather, canvas, and on sale 40% off with code "festive".  Plus, he is going to need something to put all of his new razors in!

Shave Club: I purchased this for Chad and I have to admit.....I already gave it to him! I just couldn't wait!  The packaging was so funny, I wanted to hear if the razors were really as amazing as I have heard....and I am awful at keeping secrets from him!  HE LOVES IT!  I went ahead and purchased the every other month option for the beginning to see if he really does change out his razor every single week.  This is my "go to" gift for every guy on my list!

Bad Idea Shot Glasses: These are just funny....and so very appropriate at times! No need to explain why....just pretty sure everyone needs these!

I am almost 100% done shopping for my hubby, and I couldn't be happier about it!  I seriously stress about shopping for him! He doesn't ask for ANYTHING so it is all a guess.....and I feel the pressure big time!
If you are in the same THIS game for your hubby, son, elephant exchange, or for yourself!  We have literally played this baby 3 times a week and can't even get enough! The possibilities for turning it into a drinking game even makes it THAT much better! And there is also a "party edition" that I don't have....but Now WANT!

Let me know if you have any guy gift ideas up your sleeve that I NEED to check into!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Guide For Her

I LOVE this time of year for MANY reasons!  I love the traditions, the message, the family time, the feeling, the decorations.....and I have to admit.....I LOVE GIVING GIFTS!  I am a giver! I get such a joy out of shopping and finding the RIGHT gift for a special person!  Not only do I love GIVING the gifts....I like to watch them open it and see the joy on their face!  Its kind of ironic because I do NOT like opening gifts in front of people. AT ALL!  To the point where I didn't want to have a baby or wedding shower because the thought of opening in front of everyone made me sick!

But giving gifts....that's my thing!  I decided to start my gift selections with gifts for your girlfriends, mom, aunt, teacher, babysitter, or anyone in your life that you just feel the need to gift to!  This is also basically everything I want or already have and LOVE!  It took me forever because there are SO many things that I could think of to gift my favorite ladies!

Nickel and Suade Earrings: I have to admit, I am not generally a large earring kind of girl....but something about how simple these leather Evergreen earrings are draws me in!  I LOVE them! I can't think of any hair style that they wouldn't look good with! 

Mixed Metal Initial Necklace: I have this necklace with a K and C on each charm and I NEVER take it off!  EVER! I wear it with every outfit, every run, every shower, beach visits, and it  never leaves my neck!  I love how it is simple, can be mixed with gold or silver accessories and it is my favorite two initials! Coupon code NOW for anything in shop "25off".  STILL TIME TO GET A CUSTOM GIFT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! RUN!!!

Stacking Rings:  I wear the same three rings on a daily basis...but I do love switching it up every once in a while with a little color! These stackable rings are SUPER cute!  I wonder if you could separate them and give them as a little gift to multiple people. Would be a cute addition to some nail polish in a little gift set. 

Tassel Key Ring:  I think this is the PERFECT gift for a teen! I have always dreamed of walking outside and there being a new car with a big red bow on it.  (I basically watch too much tv)  This would be EXACTLY what my keys would be on in my "christmas present dream car" fantasy!  Since that isn't happening.....I think this is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who carries keys! 

Jamberry Stylebox: I am in love with Jamberry festive and fun nails!  They really work for me and the zero dry time is the BEST!  I think this is such a super fun gift to give someone that keeps right on giving after Christmas.  You can order the style box that will be delivered to them with nail wraps,  files, orange stick, and style guide!  What girl wouldn't want this?! (and it is a perfect "oh wow....thanks for the gift!!!!! I actually DID buy you a will be arriving in a month!)

Thank Full shirt:  Now obviously I LOVE this shirt! BUT I think it is the perfect gift to give a teacher, friend, or anyone that you are thankful for!  We have a SUPER sale going on right now and quantities are limited so don't miss out! No coupon needed....they are $20 and will be shipped monday. 

Slippers:  I have these....I live in these.....I will turn down my ac just so I can wear these! Enough NEED these!

Tote:  I have this bag in white, and I have had it for years! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Waterproof, perfect for shoving all of your belongings....and every coat that you child hands you while you are out and about!  I have been selling off all of my old purses because the truth is....I only need this one! 

Angel Food Candle:  I have yet to get this candle....but I walk around Anthropologie smelling it every time I am in there! This is the type of candle that you might not justify buying for yourself....but getting/giving it is a gift is PERFECT! 

I would love to hear what you all are asking for/gifting/ dreaming of this holiday season! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals and A GIVEAWAY!

I LOVE online shopping!  I love getting mail! And I LOVE a good sale!!!!!!  I have put together a little list of some good cyber monday deals that I have found, and what is on our christmas lists in this house! 

MEN'S SLIPPERS: Half Price sale today PLUS 10% off with code YOUVEGOTSALE! I LIVE in my slippers and I am going to add them to Chad's christmas list! (he has no idea how much he will love them!)

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: I had no idea what this was, but Jessica told me about it and I am now hooked!  I LOVE men's razors also, so I plan on totally taking from my husbands monthly delivery for myself! Super cheap, monthly gift for EVERY SINGLE man on your list! 

LEATHER TOTE: I LOVE soft leather!  This tote has my name all over it, and is on sale PLUS 20% off AND FREE shipping with code EXTRAJOLLY.  Add it to your list...and then purchase it for yourself and place it under the tree! :)

SKI SWEATER: I couldn't decide if I loved this sweater or if I hated it.  I have decided that I love it, and I want it, and I want to plan a ski trip now!  It is half price today PLUS 10% off with code YOUVEGOTSALE! 

ELITE SOCKS:  I honestly don't understand why these socks are so cool, but THEY ARE! If you have a boy on your christmas shopping list...these socks will make you super cool if you get them!  I don't understand it....I just go with it!  And they are really pricey for socks but I found them here for 20% off with code CYBER20 and free shipping if you spend $25! 

PENNY SKATEBOARD: According to my kids......PENNY skateboards are the coolest!  Collin has had one since last christmas, and Kacey is begging for one this year!  These babies are usually $100, but I found them on sale for $59.99 pLUS FREE SHIPPING! (no code needed) SCORE!!!!!!

STARS: I used to have these plastered all over my room when I was in middle/high school!  I might actually want these for myself, but that would be strange, so I am adding them to my kid's wish list! 50% off PLUS 10% with code YOUVEGOTSALE

I found a few other sales online that are still lingering on from Black Friday! These are my FAVORITE boots and I swear they don't hurt your feet!!!!!!! I added these babies to my Christmas list and the ENTIRE store is on sale 25% off with code CHEER and FREE shipping if you pay with your paypal account! BONUS!!!!!
We couldn't pass up the chance to have a fun sale and giveaway in our shop either!!!! We are still offering 15% off with code "saseasale" and A FREE santa tote with the purchase of 2 festive items!  ON TOP OF THE SALE......WE ARE DOING A GIVEAWAY TO ONE LUCKY PERSON! We will choose one order that was placed today and add an extra santa bag.....the BEST Christmas plaid blanket EVER.......and a $50 shop credit!  DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS SALE IN OUR SHOP! 

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