Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gift Guide For Your Very BEST Girlfriends

Shopping for my girlfriends ranks super high up on my list of things that I LOVE TO DO!!!!! It feels like you are shopping for yourself, but with your friend's favorite colors/style in mind! I find that when I am shopping for my girlfriends, I tend to use the "one for for you" approach, because who doesn't want to match their best friend?! 

I know that I am totally jumping the gun in the Christmas shopping dept, but sometimes finding time to celebrate with the girls is super hard with all of the family events, holiday parties, and work "stuff" that seems to pop up every single weekend.  Planning a girl's holiday dinner is usually easier the earlier you do it! is my list of the goodies that I am planning on getting for some of my girlfriends. And in all honesty, it is basically my very own Christmas Wish List. 

I have a few friends that travel often, and this is the PERFECT gift!  It is a tiny little kit for you to make your very own Moscow Mule on the plane! And it is so little....and who doesn't love all things miniature! This would also be fun to sneak into a concert, sports game, or movie....just saying!

I am a sucker for buffalo check, and I have a love of scarfs! I live in Florida so we rarely need them...BUT I do have a lot of friends that live up North and are able to wear one as part of their outfit from November-March.  I LOVE this one, and basically any scarf that comes in plaid and doesn't itch!

I have given this necklace to everyone! I LOVE it! I wear mine daily, and never ever take it off! I think it is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone! (not to mention she is my friend, and I love everything she makes)

I LOVE mittens!!!!! I NEED them! I always have cold hands, and I love to scrunch my hands up inside of them! These mittens are on my "MUST HAVE" list, and I think I want to share my love for them with everyone! 

I have entirely too many blankets, and the truth is, I don't care! I will continue to buy them, use them, and I have a love for each and every one of them! I buy blankets for different reasons....1- Outside blanket for sports 2-I AM FREEZING blankets 3-Blankets that fit over my entire family to watch a movie 4-It is honestly not cold, but I want to snuggle so I need a thin blanket 5- Blankets that look amazing on the back of a couch but aren't cozy so I would just prefer to look at them 6- Blanket that is MINE and ONLY MINE and I will not share with anyone! At ALL!  It's a problem really, BUT this particular blanket FEELS amazing, LOOKS amazing, and is just the right size...SO I NEED IT! 

I have loved this candle for years, and they only put it out November-January! I stock up every year, and I have yet to get sick of it! It smells less like a pumpkin cake....and more like the creamiest pumpkin cookie/ice cream/cheesecake EVER! Just trust me!

I love giving these journals/planners to friends and family each year! I feel like they are the perfect size, and always in the best designs! 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST......OUR NEW SWEATSHIRT! This is really for you, your friends, your boyfriend, husband, and basically everyone that you enjoy going out (or staying in) and having a good time with! It makes me giggle, and it is for presale now! 

So go grab some girlfriends, plan a night out, a night in, or just plan a moment to talk on the phone this season!!!!!! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christmas Collection 2015

 We announced our Christmas Collection this past weekend and I am SO SUPER EXCITED about each and every one of them! We have some NEW designs and some of our FAVORITES came back to be celebrated this year!  I continue to say that I want to discontinue holiday shirts after each season, but the truth us......our Christmas shirts have become a tradition for so many families! I couldn't take them out of the shop!!!  I LOVE seeing side by side pictures of families in their same Santa shirt for the past three years, and receiving orders each winter as their Little's go up a size.  IT MAKES ME SO BEYOND HAPPY AND HONORED that something as little as our shirt can hold such a fun tradition for so many of you!!!!!!

We have also added back our FAVORITE (yes, they are ALL my favorites) Reindeer Games designs! Jessica Garvin's chalkboard lettering is just amazing, and I think that this design is PERFECT for the entire winter....not just Christmas! I mean, I may have continued to wear mine the entire year, regardless of the season!

This year our NEW shirt is THE MERRIEST!  Who doesn't want to be THE Merriest one out there during the Merriest of months!?! I DO! We have also paired our signature heart on the sleeve, which is just a fun touch! This design is available for infants, youth, and every Merry lady out there! 
We have decided to do a little FREE gift with the purchase of any two holiday items! (if you have already purchased two items, don't will receive the bag too! :)  There is no coupon needed for the bag, it will just be added to every single order that includes two or more items!  IN ADDITION we have our preorder coupon available using the code "themerriest" for 15% off your holiday items! Preordering is HUGE in our shop because it is the only way to guarantee your size/style.  Once we close preorders, it is on a first come/first serve basis until they are all sold out! ***Preorder deals and guarantee is closed on Sunday November 8th at Midnight.***

I posted this pic on Instagram this morning (@kcsnead) and received a lot of questions about the pants.  I honestly AM OBSESSED with sweatpants and pajama pants and I take a lot of pride in finding the softest pjs every single year! (is that sad?!)  I used to purchase full on festive pj's for my kids and give as a gift the day after Thanksgiving....but we just go with pants now.  My mother in law did buy the CUTEST pajamas for the tween in my house and I am going to have to "borrow" them often!  You can NEVER have too many winter pj pants!!!!!! EVER!  

I can not even wait to see the pics of everyone in their Holiday gear!!!! Don't forget to tag us on instagram at @kcsnead and #saseadecorC

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