Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I get super excited about Mother's Day!  I LOVE seeing how excited my kids get with the handmade goodies that they have been working on at school.  I LOVE listening to them in the kitchen as they "quietly" make me breakfast in bed!  I LOVE celebrating the fact that I am so lucky to be their mom!

I became a mom at 24 and was so beyond ready and excited to meet our sweet little girl!

I looked forward to all of the things that I was going to be able to teach Kacey, show her, and explore with her!  I could not wait to show her who her family was, and get to know this little girl that I had grown in my stomach!

Just 3 weeks after turning 27, we welcomed our handsome little boy.  I was so beyond thrilled to have our family of four and looked forward to every new adventure! I looked forward to watching my husband teach him sports, coaching his teams, and giving Kacey a little brother to share this life with.

Becoming a mom changes you, it changes your fears, it changes your goals, it changes your needs and wants, it makes you a better friend, a better daughter, and I believe that it has made me a better person!

The changes are welcomed!

I remember looking forward to the millions of things I could offer and teach my children, and all of the fun and exciting things I was going to be able to relive with them.

BUT.....the truth is......these two kids have taught me more about life than I could EVER teach them!
They have taught me patience, how to forgive, that the heart can love so much harder than I ever imagined....and they have taught me that being a mom is exactly what I was meant to be!

There is nothing that I love more than being a mom!  On my worst days....I still love being their mom!  On my best days.....I still love being their mom!  

I am so grateful to have this Sunday to be spoiled by my two "babies" and spoil my mom...BUT in all honesty.....I believe that I should be spoiling them for making me a mom! 



  1. well said! :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

    The Mile High Mom

  2. Love this! Happy Mothers Day!

  3. Amen!! Couldn't have said it better myself:) Enjoy your day!!

  4. You made me tear up! Everything about this post is so true! Being a mama is so rewarding!!! And special!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you, Katie!

  5. Being a Mom is the best! Hope you had a great day!


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