Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Daily Product Loves

I am not exactly a "product junkie" because I am pretty lazy in the makeup and hair department....But I do have a few products that I use on a daily basis and absolutely Love! 

I also am not really a perfume girl because I swear I can never smell it on myself and it just annoys me!  I AM a HUGE fan of this Philosophy Body Mist!  I think it is so light and clean, and it actually lasts!  I have been known to spray my couches, linens, and every room in my house with this because it just smells amazing! I have had this bottle forever and it still seems so full! 

I have been using this Tarte Amazonian Clay and I LOVE IT!  It is honestly a little more coverage that I have ever used before because I have always been a Bare Minerals girl, but I really do love this stuff!  It just feels so light and evens out all of my 34 year skin! 

Hands can age fast, and my mom has always told me to remember hand cream!  You can put make up on your face to hide your age....but your hands are out there on their own!  This hand cream never leaves my purse!  I also am pretty much OVER painting my nails.  While I do lOVE every single color of Essie polish that I have, I have become obsessed with my Jamberry Nails!  It is the zero dry time and the weeks that I don't have to reapply that made me make the switch.

I have received a lot of emails and messages regarding what I use on my hair, and how I curl it.  I am NOT  hair pro at all and I wear my hair back in a pony tail basically 3-4 days a week......BUT I have been working on actually fixing my hair and it makes me feel super good when people notice!  

I basically shower at night (don't judge....but I only wash my hair every 3 days or so) and I go to bed with damp hair. When I wake up I just spray lightly with this Bumble and bumble Lotion  use a straightening iron to loosely curl away from my face.  The best tutorial I have seen is here. (This seems to be $10 cheaper online which is crazy....but go for it!)  I have a LOT of really THICK hair, so my hair will hold the curl all day...and sometimes more than one day.   

Just because you don't go to the beach on a daily can still have hair that looks like you let it air dry in the salty air!  Fill me in on any products you are loving....I am in need of new (easy to remove) mascara that will make mine look thick and long! (don't we all?!)

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