Monday, October 27, 2014

Jazzing It Up!

This weekend was so FUN and FESTIVE!!!!!! On Friday I was able to pick Jessica up from the airport and we had a fun coffee date planning fun shirts and chatting!  SO MUCH FUN finally getting to meet her after years of "knowing" her online.  I love it when you get to meet someone and it feels like you have met a million times before!!!  She is the SWEETEST!


Friday night, after coffee date and an afternoon spent tie dying shirts with Collin's class..... we headed out for a trip to ZOO BOO at our local zoo.  We met all of Collin's baseball team there, and it was a total blast!  I have to say that I am completely terrified of Haunted Houses, and all things super scary........but I put my big girl panties on and totally tackled this place like a champ! (I will admit I screamed more than the 7 year olds....but whatever.....I did it!) I didn't even carry my phone in fear that I would throw it at a zombies face if I got zero pictures to document this fun night!  Maybe next year I will be able to handle the zombies AND steps!

After a day of sports, Chad and I were able to have a date night at our friend's 80's themed Halloween Party!  We were told to dress as 80's characters and I had originally planned on dressing up as the Golden Girls, but we decided that it would be a total blast to dress up as Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons!!!!!! Who doesn't want to wear crazy workout clothes and dance around all night like you are in a workout video?!

I found 90% of my costume IN MY CLOSET and in my Halloween costume goody box!  I never get rid of our halloween accessories and am constantly adding to it!  We try to avoid buying our costumes every year (now that they don't want to be the EXACT Disney Character from the Disney store!), and I think it is so much fun putting it all together!  Chad put his together the morning of the party by hitting up every Salvation Army and Goodwill in the area.  He ran into the house after his shopping spree and was already dying laughing!  I LOVE being married to a man that doesn't take himself too seriously and totally jumps at the chance to make a crazy idea into reality!

I can't even tell you how much we laughed at our outfits ALL NIGHT LONG!  I already had the headband, weights, running pants, leggings, and belt!  The ONLY things that I had to buy was this $4 "onesie" from Forever 21 and Chad scored these killer white sneakers at Goodwill!  HILARIOUS!!!!!!  And yes, I did do a little Jazzercise in the middle of the party!  It is kind of mandatory when you are dressed like this! When the right music comes get out there and work it! 

I can't even look at these pictures without laughing!!!!!!!!!!! Chad's outfit was AMAZING! HA! My favorite touch was the socks and white Nike's!  Finding the right wig was HARD on the day of the this was the next best thing!  The best part of the night was walking to our car in hopes that nobody saw us......AND praying that we made it home from the party on an Empty tank of gas without having to stop! 

These shoes were actually the most comfortable shoes I have even had! I may just keep them and see if I can pretend they are cool!  I also can't even get over Chad's socks and shoes! THIS IS WHY I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderfully festive weekend!  I have officially decided that the reason I love Halloween so much isn't the candy, it isn't the trick or treating, IT IS THE ADULT PARTY WITH LOADS OF SUPER FUN FRIENDS!  THAT is what makes this season so much fun!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Cozy In Here

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have decided to put up a last minute fall/birthday/lazy wish list!  I love any and everything cozy, and just really want to have my windows open and snuggle on the couch with my family this time of year! (except for the fact that it is still hot we just turn up the ac and fans and pretend)

Last night was our first night in over two weeks that we haven't had practice for one of the kids, so we hung out in our pjs, ate popcorn, and watched halloween movies!  While I lOVE that my family is so active in sports, I honestly miss nights that we have ZERO plans!  I guess we can just continue to pray for rainy nights with closed fields if we feel the need to relax.

1 /  2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

I am pretty sure that it is obvious that I like anything cozy!  I am 100% a jeans, tshirt, and flannel kind of girl!  I have a closet full of super cute high heels, and I honestly only wear them to the movie theatre because I hate walking in them.  This whole board just seems so cozy to me, and I want to jump in it!

1- I LOVE sunglasses!  Not always trendy glasses, I like more of a classic pair that I can just keep in the car and have it match whatever I am wearing. These glasses are seriously on sale 25% off with code "family25"

 2- This candle is my FAVORITE! I stock up every year so that they will last me at least till beach season is back!  Just go to target, smell it, and thank me! YUM!!!!!

3-I was not sure that I would wear leopard shoes, because animal print really isn't my thing!  I purchased a cheaper pair last year at Target, and they have been GREAT but they have seen better days!  I am honestly in love with adding leopard in small doses (belt, shoe, scarf) and these shoes  look super cute and are also 25% off with the code "family25". I can't decided if I like them with the brown strap or black.

4- I went on a mall date with my daughter last weekend and we think it is the BEST to take a TON of clothes into the dressing room and just have a fashion show.  We did JUST that at the Gap and I honestly fell in love with this sweater! It has super long arms, which is my FAVORITE feature in a sweater because I LOVE using the sleeves as gloves! If that's your thing....YOU NEED THIS!

5- I have a serious obsession with blankets!  I honestly had this blanket STILL IN THE BAG from last year!  I purchased it around Christmas on sale, and put it away with my fall decorations for this year! It is on clearance now, so if you are into plaid, blankets, and just should check it out! It also comes in a darker brown, which is just as fall-ish!

6- It is no lie that I walk in my house, and throw on sweatpants!  Even in the dead of summer.....I wear sweatpants!  I am thinking these babies need to be added to my thermal collection!  And yes, it does get cold here....and no....we never turn our heater on so in the winter it can be in the 50's in my house in the morning!  I NEED THERMALS! :) I may have already surprised myself with these.

7- I purchased these slippers last year in tan, and I wore them every single day! I LOVE them!  They are on sale again and available in 3 colors! I wonder if that is overkill to have all 3 colors?

8- Wearing fun socks is really just to brighten your own day! Who really sees them under your boots?! I wear them on that off chance that I go into someone's home and everyone is taking their shoes off by the door!  THAT'S WHEN I WILL SHINE! ha!

I also wanted to thank you all SOOOO much for all of the love with our collaboration with Jessica Garvin on our "I Put A Spell On You" shirts!  I think my favorite part of my job is getting pictures tagged to me with everyone in their shirts!  Keep them coming and tag us at @kcsnead on instagram and #saseadecor.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Little Halloween Twirl

So some days I like to dress up in my halloween clothes, walk over to my friend's house, and beg her to take pictures of my twirling around in my new favorite skirt!  Today was one of those days.....and I couldn't convince her to do it with me! 

I just wanted to show that you can totally dress up our tshirts for a night out this season.  I LOVE this skirt that I purchased at Brickyard Buffalo a few months ago but totally found one exactly the same if you are interested! (get ready to see the exact same outfit with our santa raglan and green skirt! When I LOVE something....I buy it in every color)

Shirt Without Bat, Basically The EXACT same skirt (use cartwheel app to get 25% off this week!)

We now have our Bat Shirts WITHOUT bows as well.  It is the exact same as the children's printed shirts, just for YOU! 

Sizes and Quantity are SUPER limited on our Halloween gear, so don't miss out!  There will never come a day when I can model, or even successfully pretend to....but it sure is fun to twirl in a skirt!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Feeling Fall-Ish

Fall is my FAVORITE.....but it honestly doesn't FEEL like fall until the middle of November in Florida.  I try to FEEL fall with clothes, candles, and turning my ac down low so that I can pull out the flannel pajamas nightly.  I am definitely convinced that this is the only season in Florida that is actually really missed.  Summer is HOT, winter is actually chilly....even cold some nights (not lying, it drops to the 30's at night here on occasion and that is COLD), spring feels beautiful.....BUT FALL....fall just doesn't happen!

I LONG for the days when I can wear boots, jackets are needed, and I can go for a run without feeling like I want to jump into a pool to cool off!

The hot weather is NOT GOING to stop me from adding a fun layer in the evening, or at least dressing in colors that remind me of what October should look like.  I was searching for a few pieces to shove in my purse and have ready the second the temperature drops low enough to need a jacket and I actually feel like I hit the jackpot at Forever 21!  I am also pretty sure that their clothes aren't of the highest quality for I should be just find wearing these on 70 degree nights! SCORE!

1 / 2 / 3 /

  • 1: This dress!!!!! I am sure that it would go down past my knees and I would need to hem it, but to me, this SCREAMS fall!  
  • 2: I am LOVING the slit up the side of sweaters this season!  I love how it makes any shirt drape perfectly and doesn't show off your zipper or button on your jeans.  Not to mention this color just looks like a carmel apple , and that  is always a good idea! 
  • 3:  I am getting this poncho and keeping it in my car!  It is the colors of my kid's soccer and baseball teams, short sleeves, has a pocket, and a hood! What's not to love! 
  • 4: I believe that EVERY mom needs to have a poncho like this!  PERFECT for travel, sports games, throwing in your purse and adding to any outfit....AND I love how you can still see the shirt underneath! 
I am totally aware that I am NOT 21, and that I am actually closer to 40 than 21! I am totally okay with that! I have NO problem peeking my head in the store....BUT ONLY DURING SCHOOL HOURS SO THAT I DON'T FEEL SUPER OLD LOOKING AROUND WITH THE 16 YEAR OLDS!

I hope you all are enjoying your fall weather...whatever the weather may be! 

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