Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Miss The Fiesta

I am SOOO excited with how much everyone is loving their Fiesta Like There's No Mañana shirts! Keep tagging me on instagram and sending pictures because they make my day!  These shirts are pretty much the life of the party...or at least make the girl in them the life of the party!

I am upgrading FOR FREE any orders that we currently have or receive today so that you don't miss out!  If you don't order one now for Cinco De Mayo...don't worry....these shirts ensure a great party all year long!  I have received tons of fun messages that these shirts are being purchased for bachelorette parties, cruises, birthday parties, honeymoons, vacations....and obviously taco tuesday!

And if you are meal planning for your big fiesta......check out my all time favorite beer fajita recipe here! I make them with chicken and they are AMAZING!  We serve them with yellow rice, beans, and salad......margaritas, sangria, and wine.  Now if only I could convince Chad that we really do NEED this baby for making margaritas by next week.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book List

I just finished two really great books, the kind of books that I feel like I KNOW the characters! I am pretty sad that they are both done, because I honestly don't know what book to read next!

I loved this book!  I didn't watch the movie, or read anything about the book...I just loved the cover and went for it! (pretty much how I pick most of my books...awful but true)  I am almost positive that if you read this book, you will be able to identify with one of the two main characters!  (ps. don't read about the book.....take my word for it! The book is good and I was so shocked because I knew NOTHING about the story)

I was SUPER bummed when the first book was over but literally screamed when I found out that there was a second book as well!  I thought I would have the same thing happen after I finished this book....but I can not find another book in the series.  SO BUMMED! I want more!

Okay....let me know what books are good, don't cause a lot of thinking, are fun to read, and a book that you want to be friend's with the characters! That's the kind of books that I am interested in reading!  You can also check out our first look list here. 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Loving Giveaway

I am a giver....I LOVE giving gifts, and am nervous/uncomfortable about receiving gifts!  I was embarrassed opening gifts at my wedding/baby shower, and yet I LOVE to give showers for my friends!  I never want to open up a gift in front of the giver, and yet I get sad when I don't get to see someone open a gift I have given.  That is just me!

With Mother's Day approaching.....I figured it would be the perfect time for me to do my first giveaway on this blog to thank everyone for being so supportive of my shop and new blog!!!!! I truly LOVE my job, and it honestly makes me excited every single day to see that you all are loving it too!

I loaded up on goodies that I LOVE, and put them together with the mindset that someone was going away for a day on the beach/pool/picnic.....whatever!

Beach Blanket: This Threshold blanket is amazingly thin!  I am keeping this baby in my beach bag for chilly spring beach/pool nights!  It could easily be a couch summer blanket as well, which would look so cute! 

Wet Brush:  To Say that I am obsessed with this brush, is an understatement! I LOVE IT! I used to dread brushing my daughter's hair at any point in the day!  It didn't matter how much conditioner she used....there was always a knot that I would inevitably run into and hurt her.  This brush has saved our lives! (not even an exaggeration....well maybe a little)  I don't know what it is about it...but I no longer have to brush her hair...she does it with this brush and doesn't even complain! SCORE! 

Hair Ties: I have these babies in basically every color available! I love them!  They are one hair accessory that I can share with my daughter and we both feel cool! 

Starbucks Refresher: I love these summer drinks!  Just add to any bottle of water when you are dragging, and it is instant caffeine!  Plus, I think that they taste like a mojito, so that's another bonus.

Island Coconut Soy Candle: I am in love with these candles!  I change out the scents with the season in my house, and I can guarantee this is my new scent of spring/summer.  I love it! Smells like I am on vacation!

Philosophy Coconuts and Cream: Just like candles...I like to have a lotion scent of the season also! I am lOVING this coconuts and cream by Philosophy!  It comes in a super cute waterproof bag and smells amazing!  Just picture sunscreen + Daiquiri mixed in one little tiny bottle.  This comes with a lotion, wash, and my favorite lip shine! 

Anchor Beach Bag: I LOVE this bag! Not just because I designed it....but because it has a zipper, is so simple, and holds everything that I need!  I have used it as grocery bag, beach bag, purse, and as a "lets just sneak some candy into the movie theater....and maybe some gatorade" bag!

a Rafflecopter giveaway I hope you all love the goodies! Don't forget to enter and feel free to spread the word!  The winner will be announced on Monday, May 5th! (giving you more of a reason to celebrate on Cinco De Mayo)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Showing Up

Yesterday I watched American Blogger and I have to say that I honestly LOVED IT! I loved how it showcased that women are so amazing at letting themselves be vulnerable and open.  I love how their vulnerability allows others to learn and grow in return!

 I lOVE that about blogging!
 I missed that about blogging when I stopped a few years ago!
 I missed being able to document my children!
 I missed keeping track of the fun little events that we did!
 I missed sharing little projects!
 I believe that I mainly missed sitting with a cup of coffee and following/learning/enjoying the stories    that so many amazing women had to share on their blogs!
 I just honestly missed it!

The movie had me thinking a lot about the legacy that I want to leave for my family!  I stayed up thinking about it last night, and I realized that I put a lot of effort into just SHOWING UP.... showing up and being there for my family!  I want to be remembered by my children and husband as a mom/wife that always showed up to support them, showed up to cheer them on, showed up when I said I would, and was someone who put forth the effort!

I don't always show up ready, or full of energy......but I can guarantee that I always do my very best to show up for everything that is important to them!  I have never been late for picking them up from school, a playdate, or getting them to an event.  We may show up looking a mess, but I believe in showing my kids the importance of being on time! Being reliable.

Showing up doesn't mean that you have to be there for EVERYTHING, in my opinion, it means that you show up when you say you will!

I want to be remembered for that! I want to have my kids remember me as being present in their lives, putting forth the effort to support them.......and in return.......I have taught them to show up and support me!  They are genuinely excited when they see someone wearing one of my shirts, or cheering me on when I run a race!  This makes me feel like I am doing things right!

This is the face of a super tired runner after 13 miles....but the fact that my family SHOWED UP to support me honestly made me run faster to the end! Showing up works! 

There are plenty of places in life and motherhood that you are just bound to screw up at..... but the act of SHOWING UP.....that you can control!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wish List Complete

Okay....I felt the need to share the news that Tory Burch is having a sale of 25% off thru 4/28! (COUPON CODE "FRIENDLY")  I received a lot of emails in regards to the last post I did on sale on Revas....and was super excited when I got the email this morning that there was another sale!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

These are all definitely splurge items, but I think they are pretty darn smart putting this type of random sale up just with enough time to get your package for Mother's Day! I am onto them.....and I like it!

1 & 2- I just love their glasses because they are sturdy! I have my regular glasses from Tory Burch, and I have to say that they have held up REALLY well! (and I am super hard on glasses)

3- Loving this nylon purse for summer fun outings with the kids.  I prefer nylon in the summer because it literally rains every single day in Florida, and I HATE feeling the need to protect my purse as I sprint to the car.

4- I received these for a gift for Christmas and LOVE them!  Super comfy, pattern does not fade at all like less expensive flip flops, and they make me happy!

5- I have the Caroline flats in plain turquoise that I bought on super sale last year and they are super cozy! I love the feel of these striped beauties.

6- I have no need for these shoes since I am always in the rain, beach, or pool in the summer....I just think they are super cute and I am in love with anything with a bow on it.

7- I have these...and love these...and feel that they are the perfect neutral shoe.  

Let me know if you find anything else that is kind of a must have for summer! 

Always A Bridesmaid

It has been almost a year since I was SOOO lucky to be the Matron of Honor for my sister and brother in law!  I can honestly say that I had the time of my life being a part of her big day!  From planning a bachelorette party in Las Vegas to getting to be a part of all of the behind the scenes planning for such a special day!

I plan on writing a new post every week with a different detail to her wedding because I can honestly say that it was so amazingly planned that I just feel like every bride should reference her wedding when planning their own. (I may be bias, but that's okay)

First off....I am sure every wedding you have ever been in (and I am guilty of saying it for my own wedding) but the bride ALWAYS says, "and you can totally wear this bridesmaid dress again!".  99% of the time you would NOT EVER wear the dress again, but this is one dress that I WILL wear again!  I am adding a cardigan over it for an outdoor Maine wedding this summer, and I am excited about it!  SCORE!

Dress, Shoes (That I wish I had purchased)

We got our dresses from Ann Taylor, and I have to say, they are amazing! My all time favorite part was that they had POCKETS!!!!!!!!!  They run coupon deals all the time, so if you are planning a wedding, or need a dress for a special occasion, I recommend signing up to receive emails from Ann Taylor and your inbox will be flooded with amazing deals!  We scored ours at 40% off!!!!!! 

I can't even handle seeing my little family all dressed up! 

Ashley's wedding was in Myrtle Beach, SC, and totally had a classy, preppy, nautical feel!  It was TOTALLY her, and totally amazing!  She looked AMAZING and the whole thing made me realize that you should be able to get married again every 10 years just to plan a big party like this!  I can't even wait to share the rest of the details of her special day with you all! 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Run Club

I am a member of a VERY exclusive run club!  We meet every Wednesday evening and go for a 2-3 mile slow and steady run!

We discuss friendships, things we don't like in lunch boxes, plan birthdays, design our rooms, and we laugh.....a lot!  This run club is my favorite 30 minutes of the week because there are zero interruptions!

It is just my 9 year old daughter.....and me.....burning our energy and spending some quality time.

I have always been a "runner"!  I used to be in a run club with my dad when I was growing up!  He never had to say a word, or ask questions......I would talk the ENTIRE run!  I would share things that I am sure I didn't mean to share with my dad, and we would just pound out the pavement getting to know each other. (or really....him getting to know me because I was the only talker)

I think these bonding runs are great!   For me it isn't about getting either one of us into shape, it is about teaching my daughter how and where to channel her energy! It is about giving her a lifelong way to combat stress!  Running has always helped me through upsetting times, happy times, I planed every detail to my wedding while I ran, I ran till the 3rd trimester in both my pregnancies dreaming of holding my babies, and I have always found it to be so comforting to just leave your house and go as far as you possibly can!  It is just you, the road, your music, and your thoughts!

We started our run club over 2 years ago....and the membership doesn't ever expire!   Kacey and I are lifelong members to this club......and I think that it will only get better!  I can only hope that she will just feel comfortable to talk to me, share her goals, dreams, and fears with me as we sweat together throughout the years!

I hope this inspires you to start a run, walk, bike, roller skate, skateboard....or whatever club you can think of with your little ones!  Just set a date....and show up.....week after week....year after year!

***Random fact....I seriously came up with my signature anchor and bow on a run......and every shirt after that!  I will come up with the idea, and call either my husband or dad and have them write the idea down in case I forget! ***

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had an amazingly relaxing Easter weekend!  We  had a great weekend, and I was so bummed when I woke up this morning knowing that my kids were going back at school and my hubby was back at work.  I prefer to have everyone here with me, all the time! (maybe not ALL the time, but maybe like 5 day weekend and 2 day everyone go to separate places would work better)

Our weekend was spent at baseball games, the movies (we saw Rio 2....Loved it!), had my parents sleepover, a high speed egg hunt, and a relaxing day at the beach!  I love weekends like this! Just the right amount of relaxing, sports, and family fun!

I tried to get pictures of their egg hunt, but seriously.....who can keep up with two super excited kids on Easter morning!  I was BEYOND PROUD when the kids sat down after their hunt and even though Kacey and more eggs (filled with money), she seriously sat down and they counted them all out and split their loot right in half!  To the point where there was an extra nickel, and they just gave it to me because they couldn't split it evenly!  This made my math teacher of a mom super excited, and this mom SUPER proud! 

We spent our Easter afternoon at the Beach, and this has become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Bathing suits over fancy dresses, BBQ by the pool instead of pretending I like to cook, and lots of laughs!  We spent the day with my parents and one of our best friends just enjoying the day! 

These are my favorite people in the whole world! It still honestly BLOWS MY MIND that I grew these kids in my stomach......and they actually work! Like breath, grow, and are awesome all on their own!  I know after 9 years of being a mom it shouldn't shock me so much, but it still is mind blowing to me! 

(I got lots of questions on my "outfit" on here are the links)

According to my husband, I have a serious addiction to beach bags! (he is correct on this)  I use "beach bags" on a daily basis in the summer...and basically all year long!  They are durable, all of mine are navy blue and canvas which makes me happy, and I think that they are magical with the amount of stuff I can cram into them!  I am SUPER excited to be announcing that we have added ZIPPER cotton canvas bags with out signature logo on them to our shop!  I literally have 5 beach bags, and the zipper is the one thing I ALWAYS get annoyed about on my other bags!  I believe that EVERY beach bag should have a zipper to block out the sand!  Who wants sand in their phone, sunscreen, and just every nook and cranny of their bag??? BEACH BAG+ZIPPER+NATURAL CANVAS+NAVY BLUE ANCHOR WITH STRIPED BOW= MY NEW FAVORITE BAG!

These babies are ready to ship (while supplies last, and then preorder after that).  There is currently a giveaway for our shop on Sugar & Spice & Everything (mostly) Nice!  So don't miss out! 

And I couldn't leave out a picture of my almost 10 year old girl that still loves picking up shells! This makes my heart happy! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Awkward Bunny

I have a full weekend ahead with 4 baseball games, beach trip, Easter egg hunt, and loads of other family fun activities! I just thought I would leave you with this amazingly awkward Easter Bunny picture of my son and the BIGGEST Easter Bunny EVER!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Save On Your Splurge

I am generally a tshirt and jeans type of girl....99% of the time!  I do, however, love a little splurge every now and again.  I just refuse to pay full price for my splurges!  I can't do it!  I have this fear that I will spend too much and then ruin it my first time wearing it...and just be beyond upset with myself. is the day to pick up those special wardrobe pieces that you would generally just put in your shopping cart...and never checkout with them. (something about hitting "add to cart" and then not purchasing them still makes me feel better)

All of these (and everything full price) are on sale with the Friends and Family code "inthefamily14".  I either have these, or am dreaming of having these goodies...and 25% off is a pretty good deal....and I mean....Mother's day IS coming up!

Don't miss out on this code ends today!  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It Is Fiesta Time!!!!!!

I can't even tell you how excited I am with the response to our "Fiesta Like There's No Mañana" shirts!  Working with Jessica is seriously so much fun and so inspiring to see how she can create such a work of art using chalk!  I am spending the next three days packaging up the HUNDREDS of shirts and sweatshirts sold, and I am already excited about seeing the pictures of parties that these babies will be at!  I LOVE hearing the plans attached to the orders about the fun fiestas planned.....salsa contest, bachelorette parties, destination weddings, Cinco De Mayo themed kid birthday parties, and others just plan on busting these shirts out on a random friday night or taco tuesday!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Mixed in with all the excitement of these shirts, have been a few super sad emails/texts/instagram messages about people who totally missed out on the preorders of the shirts and the rest sold out entirely too fast to purchase! SOOOOOO........since Jessica and I are total suckers........WE ARE BRINGING THEM BACK TO PREORDER AND PURCHASE.  I can not guarantee that they will arrive in time for Cinco De Mayo....but let's be honest.......this is an all year shirt!!!!!!

Don't miss out on your chance to be the life of the party (which is guaranteed) and order yours before it is too late!!!!!

In the meantime.....I will be sitting here packaging these goodies and blasting out my music, and wishing I could attend as many parties as these shirts have in their future! 

I also received a lot of questions as to where I got my bow flats in this pic I posted this morning on Instagram....and I haven't been able to find the EXACT shoes that I purchased a few years ago from Jcrew.....but I did find some similar.  I hope this helps!
Jeans (my new favorite) , Shirt , Shoes (similar) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Man Style

I remember being pregnant with my son, and thinking that the clothes weren't nearly as cute as the little girl clothes that I had purchased for my daughter!  I also believed that my son would never really care what he wore, and I would forever be able to pick out his clothes and just lay out whatever I wanted him to wear without any input at all......I WAS WRONG! 

My son LOVES to pick out his clothes, he is VERY opinionated with what style he would like to wear, and I have ZERO say in what he walks out the door in. (because honestly....I choose my battles, and as long as he is confident...I am happy)

Here is a little snippet of what my son is into these days.  As crazy as I think the knee high socks are, and all out bright clothes....this is HIS style and he feels like a rock star in them! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

He LOVES these socks!  These socks were a hit in his stocking, as his Valentine goodie, and I am pretty sure there will be a pair in his Easter basket this year!  He LOVES them! These socks are to boys as a new necklace is to girls!

My little guy will also wear ANYTHING with a  dog on it! He is obsessed with our dogs, and anything to do with dogs! 

This is not an outfit that I would EVER pick out.....but I LOVE IT! 

This is the outfit that my little man wore to school today!  Jordans, Nike high socks, Adidas shorts, and a Nationals jersey!  He was feeling pretty darn cool today, and I can only just give him a thumbs up and try not to say a word about his outfit.  

I think it is pretty safe to say that my little man has style.  He has his own style, and I lOVE it!  I don't even try to pick out his clothes, I don't pass my opinion onto him when he gets dressed in the morning, and I love that he cares about what he is wearing.  

My son comes across as being pretty shy to most people, so the fact that he likes to stand out in his LOUD clothes......makes this mom proud!  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter "Basket" DIY

I have been looking for an idea to make little Easter goodies for friends/family this week.  I am not a fan of the cheap baskets that are super annoying to pack away until next year, so I wanted to come up with a usable "basket" to hold some little goodies.

After running out of ideas, I remembered that literally 3 years ago I did a blog post on some DIY Flower pots that were EXACTLY what I wanted to do!

Similar found here and here

I purchased super cheap flower pots, and taped them off with painters tape, spray painted chalkboard paint in the middle (you could also paint on) and decorated with craft paint.

You could use it as an Easter "basket", plant a plant in it and use it as a Teacher's gift, or just let the kids shove their little goodies in it and play with the chalkboard section!  Project is under $5, and is actually useful! WIN/WIN! 

I am going to be whipping up a few of these babies this week to spread some Easter cheer to a few of my favorite people! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blueberry Sangria

I have been including blueberries in every meal this week, and I am not sick of them yet!  I have made them into pancakes, smoothies, eaten them by the handful, and I knew that before they were all gone I wanted to make a White Wine Blueberry Sangria.

I LOVE Sangria and generally just buy it pre made because it honestly freaks me out a little to add all that sugar to your wine when making it myself.  Sometimes you just have to go for it and enjoy the sweetness that tastes so yummy!

It is SUPER easy, and SUPER yummy, and PERFECT for a Spring night after a good run!

Blueberry Sangria 

1/2 cup sugar

2 bottles of dry white wine (I just used 2 buck chuck Chardonnay)

1/4 cup of brandy

Blueberries (you can also add strawberries, peaches, apples, whatever you want!)

Mint leaves (totally forgot to buy, and didn't miss them)

* I poured the sugar with the brandy and stirred them up really well, poured in the wine, and let sit in the fridge overnight.  There is really no science to Sangria! In my opinion if you add fruit to any glass of is Sangria. :)

I also had to share my all time favorite kitchen item with you all because it is ON SALE, which literally never happens!  I have had 2 turquoise latte bowls for 6 years and my kids and husband pretty much know not to touch them because they are MY bowls and if I am having something that uses a bowl....I will be using MY bowl.  I splurged and loaded up on some new bowls and the mini latte bowls for kid ice cream and snacks. I have no idea how long the sale is lasting, so don't wait! 

I would actually be willing to bet that food even tastes better in these bowls.  Just guessing! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Felt Easter Eggs

I have been SO excited to show you all my latest Easter project!!!!!! As I mentioned two weeks ago when we did our Saturday Spotlight on The Felt Pod, I had ordered these huge felt balls to do a fun little project!   I have to say, that I had no idea if this would work, or how I was going to turn these balls into colorful Easter eggs....but I was convinced that I could make it work.

Loving the bright and fun colors! I might even turn the eggs back into round balls after Easter and just fill up vases around my house to add a fun burst of color! 


Here is how I turned the felt balls into these super cute and festive eggs....

*I soaked them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. (they float, so I had to put a plate over them to weigh them down) I placed all of the colors in one bowl and had zero problem with them bleeding into each other.

*I just rolled them on the counter only pushing on one side until they formed into eggs (do not do this on anything fabric, the colors will bleed out once you squeeze them

*They did take a while to dry, and I let them sit on a cookie cooling rack for two days just to get all of the water out so that they did not bleed color once I placed them around the house. 

When I ordered them, I was hoping to get just pastel balls, but I have to say that I am loving the bright, unexpected colors of the eggs around my house! 

I have a fun kid craft that we are going to work on over the next week, so I will post pictures of them soon.  Don't forget to use coupon code "10percentballs" thru 4/21 to receive 10% off of your purchase at The Felt Pod.

Guest Bedroom Refresh

 I have been wanting to freshen up our guest room for well over a year, but I honestly just haven't found anything that I LOVE yet!  I am not into the habit of buying things just to fill up a space or a need, I have found that I am much happier when I just wait until I find something that I LOVE! (which is EXACTLY why I do not have curtains hanging over my randomly placed window in this room.....still haven't found a set that I LOVE!)

Last week I went to Target and fell in love with this quilt, and didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if it was "the one" that I have waited so long for.  From the minute I came home, I knew that I needed to go back and snatch it up before it was gone because I couldn't stop thinking about it!

(So they are on sale online buy 1 get one 30% off, I bought them in the store and am going back with receipt and they are seriously crediting me back! BUY THESE BABIES ONLINE! )

This guest room has always served as my office/guest room, but I have been transitioning my office out of this room because it just could no longer store my inventory.   I am hoping to create sort of beachy, relaxing, vacation, family vibe in here.  

I LOVE how the quilt and the blanket match, but not exactly!  And the blanket is the PERFECT summer weight! We struggle to find blankets that are light enough for our hot summers! I might have to go back and buy one for every bed in our house!  I have never bought a "bed in a bag" before because I feel that it is a much softer look if you layer in random finds and brands.  

I would eventually like to find more pillows to throw on this bed, or make some, but for now I am okay with just the one little pop of color at the top.  I need to see what I do for curtains before I pick out any more cases.

The Shelves were from Land Of Nod that I scored off of Craigslist years ago and updated the knobs here. I try to fill them with albums and pictures of our family and then add in extras of our company that is coming to visit.  My parents ALWAYS do this and I think it is so fun!  They search and find old pictures of their guests and always have them displayed in their room for their arrival, and I have tried to do the same here.  My mother in law and aunt are coming to visit this weekend, so I have made sure to add extra memories to the shelves. 

 And of course I couldn't throw out this little whale that Kacey made when she was in preschool.

I feel like I have made a big step in the right direction in our guest room, but it is FAR from finished. Notice there are  zero pictures of the other side of the room which now holds my sewing machine, fabric, screen printing machine, and loads of crafts!  Once those are all out of the room and into the new office, I will be able to finish this room and will share the progress!!!!

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