Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Facts

Random Facts to add a little fun to Fridays....

1- My sister called me to confront me on being super dirty! I had no idea what she was talking about until she sent me that I had written here that I shower every few days! I swear I shower daily, sometimes twice a day......I MEANT that I wash my hair every 3 days. HAHA!  My favorite part is that I wrote..."don't judge".   You SHOULD judge me if I shower every 3 days. ha!

2-I never liked watching baseball or cared to learn anything about it....until this year!  Now I am loving watching not only my son play, but games on TV.  Pretty sure my husband is on cloud 9 about this!

3- I am a PROUD member of Taylor Swift's Fan Club!  I joined it with my daughter so that we could get ourselves all geared up for her concert last April!  Still HANDS DOWN the best date we have ever had and I wish she would come here in concert every year!
4-I am so excited to have my kids home next week for Summer Vacation!  We have our list of fun stuff we want to do over their break and I generally get obsessed with making sure we cross everything off of it!  (To the point where I stretch it out BIG TIME!  Collin once added "snowboarding" to our summer list and I crossed that baby off the list after he played a snowboarding video game)

5- My kid's wake up at least an hour before me every morning, get dressed and sometimes make their own cereal before they come into my room!  It is like a dream!  Hey, if you have early bird kids and you are a late night have to train them young.


  1. ok #1 is waaaay too funny bc I read that blog post your sister is talking about and I read and then re-read tat sentence about you showering not so often and I just couldn't believe if but then I thought surely not! BUT so funny she called you out on it!

    1. That is hilarious! I had no idea I even wrote that! I reread it and didn't catch it! Lol! Promise.....shower multiple times a day over here! Hahahaha.


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