Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On Lake Time

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about all of our new shirts!  I basically feel like I will be living in a bathing suit, tshirts and jean shorts all summer long....and I am okay with that!

My parents are from Maine, and every summer for as long as I can remember we have rented a different lake house to spend time hanging out, roasting smores, hiking, and spending time with our cousins, grandparents, and loving life!  We have been planning our trip up this summer and I knew I wanted to make a shirt.....a shirt that everyone could wear.....all year long.....and be cozy.....and I wanted it to be gray because I believe gray is the coziest of tshirt colors!

I believe that I have made exactly the shirt that I wanted....simple....clean....gray.....and I can't even wait to head to the lake house and actually be "ON LAKE TIME"!

I keep printing on this same sweatshirt in different colors for one reason....I LOVE IT! 

This is a random picture...but I had to show that it is longer in the back....and a loose fitted shirt!  This is a small and is EXACTLY how I would want every single vacation shirt to fit!!!! 

I can't even wait to have all four of us in the same shirt....pretty sure every mom dreams of this! (don't tell me if I am the only one!) I do have several of the woman's shirts available to ship out now, but the children's shirts and men's are preorder only.  

I am also SOOOOO excited about these mermaid shirts!  My favorite part are the colors, the vintage vibe, and the fact that I can show my love of mermaids without actually wearing a picture of a mermaid smack dab on my shirt!  I honestly DID try for weeks to make a mermaid graphic that didn't scream "I AM A GROWN WOMAN WEARING MERMAIDS"....and I just could not do it!  I am happy I gave up and went with this....it makes me happy!!!!

So if you are stuck on what to wear this summer.....check out my shop and take a peek!  We are taking preorders for summer shirts till this weekend and then they will be available while supplies last.  

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