Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainy Jackpot!!!!!

It is not a secret that I honestly LOVE my rain boots!  I have had them for years, and I continue to want more colors and styles!  It is my guilty little pleasure and I see no problem with it!  

I found out that Hunter was having a sale on their boots last week and I IMMEDIATELY ordered a pair for my niece and my daughter for their birthdays!  I basically almost passed out when they arrived in the mail yesterday and I realized that the size 6 children's boot is the exact same foot size as the women's size 7 boot......AND HALF THE PRICE! 

See......I feel like I have hit the rain boot jackpot and needed to share this news because they are under $55 right now and no shipping!!!  If you wear a size 7 in Hunter women's boots(I generally wear a size 6-7 in shoes).....go on ahead and order yourself some kid's shoes!  And if you have a daughter that wears size her some too and just patiently wait until she grows out of them and you get a new color to add to your little collection! WINNING!!!!!!

The back of the Children's shoes has a little reflector, but I think it is cute!  I actually really love the height of the children's boots on my 5ft 2.5in body. (the .5 DOES COUNT)

The inside is the same material....but different color.  I kind of like it better because my jeans have rubbed on the white lining and stained it. go check them out!  I MAY have purchased myself this pair in denim blue to match my "On Lake Time" shirt for our Maine trip!!!!!


  1. Great tip!! I ordered myself a pair (dark ruby) this weekend and I'm hoping it arrives in the next day or two. I'm a size 9 though, so not sure how that would translate to kids sizes or I'd totally be all over your plan as well.

    1. I ordered myself the denim blue.....I can't seem to stop obsessing over these shoes. At least I live in Florida and our summers are pretty rainy!

  2. Wow good to know! Thanks :)


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