Monday, March 31, 2014

My "Tween's" Style

Okay so the fact that I can even consider my 9 1/2 year old daughter a "tween" scares the heck out of me!  It has me racing for more coffee and wanting to go pick her up from school early and just spending the day with her while she still thinks I am cool!

This weekend I had her try on all of her summer clothes from last year, and she was SO upset that most of the shorts were "too short" in my opinion.  The thing about my daughter is that she has LONG legs, and those long legs did NOT come from me, so it something that I have never had to deal with! I usually had to CUT my shorts to make them "too short".  After a major try on session, and huge pile of clothes ready to be handed down to her younger cousin, we decided to make a trip to the mall.

I generally am cheap when it comes to kid's clothes because I have always just shopped out of season and had clothes ready for the next season and growth spurt.  Well, I slacked this time and was NOT prepared.  I was SUPER lucky this weekend and the GAP had a 40% off your entire purchase sale! (still 35% off online today)  Kacey loaded up on goodies, and at 40% off, I couldn't have been more excited.  Here are her finds from The Gap, and a few other stores that she happened to have gift cards at.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

I love her style!  I love how she doesn't like things to be glittery, or sequin filled, and has no desire to shop at Justice.  I actually am pretty sure that I would wear the majority of these items as well. (which I will NOT be telling her, because I don't think it is cool to share clothes with your mom)

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday Spotlight....The Felt Pod

I love decorating for every little holiday!  When Chad and I had our first place out of college,  our friends would call our house the "theme house" because it was decorated for the next big event at all times.  Over the years I have tried to come up with ways to decorate that take up as little space as possible.  I do NOT like going up into our attic, so the smaller my decorations are, the better!

I was on the lookout for new festive gear, and after going to Maine for my cousin's wedding I KNEW that I would have to buy some felt balls!  My aunt made these super cute fall acorn's from real acorn tops! They tied them on each glass and had them spread around the tables during her barn wedding. I LOVED THEM!

This Christmas I wanted to make some garland for our trees, and I had a hard time finding a shop that didn't have outrageous shipping charges or prices.  I landed on The Felt Pod and was SUPER stoked when they arrived so fast, and exactly what I wanted!

I made garland for every bathroom mirror, my mantel, tree, and filled every vase in the house! They are so cute!!!!! I loved the soft pop of color, and the fact that after Christmas I could just package them in zip lock bags and be done till next year!

Of all the places I put them...I have to say that my daughter's bed is my favorite! I think it just really makes a big difference and she was so excited about them!  

I spread them around for Valentine's Day and my order for Easter colors is already in!  I have searched all over Pinterest for ideas to use them for, and I am excited to get started!  

I have a cute project that I came up with for these super huge festive balls! I can't even wait to show them off in the next week! 

The Felt Pod has been super sweet and is giving all of my readers a 10% coupon to their shop that will run until 4/21. You can visit their shop here and use the coupon code "10PercentBalls" to receive the discount!  I can't wait to see what you end up doing with these festive little balls! (which is also fun to say) 

**I hope you are enjoying our "Saturday Spotlight". I am choosing sites/shops that I have already purchased from and enjoyed! They are generous enough to supply a coupon to our readers, which I couldn't be more stoked about!  I will not be doing this EVERY Saturday....but from time to time**


I find Fridays to be harder than Mondays!  I think Mondays are rough BEFORE you have kids because you stay up late and don't get enough sleep over the weekend.  Once you have kids the going out stops and the weekends are super nice to have the hubby home.  They are actually relaxing in a way!  But Fridays.....Fridays are rough for me!  After a full 5 days of getting kids all set for school, volunteering, working, sports, early mornings......I have a hard time getting geared up for Friday!

I think this shirt has become my new "friday uniform", and I am okay with it.  Sometimes a checklist is needed to keep you on the right track!  This is a checklist I am okay with....and one that I will actually accomplish!

My days ALWAYS start with coffee! That is a given! That doesn't need to be reminded to me....I am on autopilot until I push start and fill up my cup!

My day USUALLY ends with a cocktail. (and by cocktail I mean a glass of wine, my Dr. says this is good for you and I ALWAYS listen to my Dr. )

And the carpool.....there are always at least 3 extra kids in my car that don't belong to me, and I LOVE it!  I love being the taxi driver and am pretty sure that I have as much (if not more) fun than they do!  I have NO problem dancing to every song and embarrassing my kids, and have been known to belt out a tune or two. 

So if you see me, on a Friday, chances are you will see me wearing this shirt! 
I hope you are on the 3rd stage of your day! 


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garden Tea Party Birthday

Kacey was planning her 10th Birthday party the other day (she still has until July to wait!) and it got us talking about her 5th birthday party and how special it was!  It honestly seems like last year, which makes me a little sick to my stomach when I admit it was 5 years ago! 

She had a Garden Tea Party and I worked so hard to pull it off for her using her vision!  This was pre-Pinterest, so I had nowhere to turn for ideas!  Looking back, I am pretty proud of it, and I wouldn't change a thing! 
Kacey had me fix her hair like "the prom" and she was so fancy! Every year I make her a cake, and totally surprise her!  That year she requested a wedding cake, and I just went with it. I remember washing the fake flowers and soaking them because I was so nervous about putting them on the cake. ha! 

I took Kacey to every thrift store and bought random "real" tea cups and used tea pots as flower vases.  I didn't use table cloths, I just took her to the fabric store and purchased all of her favorite fabrics and used that on the table and made some pillows for the patio with the same fabric.

Love this picture! She was SO serious and tried SO hard to be a little adult! She felt so special that I made them blueberry tea that they were able to drink from fancy glasses!  I miss that sweet little excitement over the littlest thing!  
 I loved these little poofs hanging from the tent! I just think they make any space look magical and festive....and ESPECIALLY at a garden tea party!

These little girls were all so cute! I was super excited about planning the food for the party. We had..
-Butterfly shaped PB&J made with rainbow swirl bread (you can special order at Publix)
-Cucumber Sandwiches (for the mamas)
-Fruit Salad
-Yogurt Dip
-Butterfly crackers with cheese
-Blueberry Tea
-Pink Lemonade

I have done many parties for my kids, but this one holds a special place in my heart!  I don't think Kacey had ever felt so special and so grown! (I mean, she even has lipstick on her teeth....that SCREAMS grown!)

Girl's Got Style!

My 9 (almost 10) year old daughter is trying to figure out what exactly "her style" is.  I love seeing how she takes her time picking out what she wants to buy, and doesn't want to buy what all of her friend's have.  It makes me so proud!

For Christmas she received several gift cards because she honestly doesn't know what she is into lately.  She received a Target gift card and we have literally gone and spent hours looking around for her to decide what she would like to spend it on. HOURS! I love a good marathon target trip.....but it sure has been getting old.

She FINALLY spent a portion of her card on these SUPER cute boots and she couldn't be more excited! I love seeing how proud she is of them!

I can guarantee you that if I had just taken her to Target and let her choose stuff with my money....she would have filled up several carts! There is something special about letting them choose what they want with "their money"!

I am pretty sure they fit me too, I can't wait till she grows out of them and I get to add them to my boot collection! Cheers to having small feet....and a daughter with large feet!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey Batter Batter....Baseball Mom

Never in a million years did I think that I would be into baseball!  I used to go to my husbands games when we were in high school and basically just talked to my friends and asked "when is this going to be over" a million times!  I didn't understand the game, I didn't WANT to understand the game, and I could not even believe that there was no time limit until the game was just over!

I was always a soccer mom!  My daughter is on a travel soccer team, and my son plays for the Developmental league and once he was old enough...would just go right on into travel soccer!  I understand soccer, I played soccer, and I LOVE worked for me!

This past winter my son was asked to try out for the travel baseball team, and he was really excited about it!  We let him try out, honestly not thinking that he would make the team because at least 7 kids were going to be cut. We figured this will be a good lesson for him, and he will learn that if he wants to be on the travel team that he will need to practice a lot more.  WELL.... like many of our "parenting tricks"..... we were wrong and he MADE THE TEAM! HA!

Now a few months into his travel season.....I understand baseball (well, not FULLY, but I don't make a complete fool out of myself anymore), I look forward to sitting and watching my son and his team, and I have mastered the art of packing a cooler full of healthy snacks because who the heck knows when the game/day will be over and snack bar food is just gross!

Baseball mom was not a title that I was picked for me by my favorite little guy....and I take this job serious!  I have spent hours learning how to throw a "pop fly ball" in our yard, scrubbing his pants after every game while cursing whoever decided to make baseball pants white and baseball fields clay, and I LOVE my new role! 

I decided that I NEEDED to add some baseball mom shirts to my shop a few months back, and the response has been AMAZING!  We sold a ton of them at our field's Opening Night and I donated all profits to the team to offset the cost of tournaments.  I LOVE seeing mom's show up to support their baseball players in our shirts! 

I also LOVE getting tagged in baseball mom game day pictures on Instagram! Check out my favorite from Kayla! If this isn't a  proud "baseball mom uniform" than I don't know what is! She DEFINITELY understands what being a baseball mom is all about, and I love her style! 

I do plan on having soccer shirts coming soon....just in time for the World Cup, and all of you soccer moms (including myself) prepare to get our "uniforms" ready! But for is what I believe to be the uniform in which all baseball moms need! 

Not included in picture, loads of caffeine, sunscreen, and a battery charger for your phone because chances will be at the field ALL DAY LONG! 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring For Less

I received an email from Jcrew Factory last week....and was excited when I saw that they had Sailboat and Anchor shirts in their new Spring Line.  I love that I am moving in the right direction if I am thinking of the same spring/summer designs as JCrew! I also love that mine is priced a lot less, and even after seeing theirs....I still love mine! Wouldn't that be awful if I wanted their shirts over mine?

You don't always need to spend a bunch of money to get the best!  I LOVE mixing together pieces from several stores and several price ranges! (not to say I don't wish I was wearing ALL Jcrew or high end stuff....just saying you don't have to AT ALL!) 

I went on the hunt to find clothes that I LOVED and were priced UNDER $30! I don't claim to be trendy, or a fashionista AT ALL.....I just know what I enjoy wearing and was super excited with what I found! 

I want every single thing that I found!  I have a  slight obsession with anything jean, anything that has stripes, and any/all sandals!  

Fiesta Like There's No Mañana

I love a good party! I also love showing up READY to party!  I am SUPER stoked to have worked with Jessica again on turning her talent of chalkboard art......into wearable art!

We both have a love of all things festive, and have had so much fun carrying over our festive homes into our outfits as well. I just think it sets you up to have a fun holiday if you have taken the time to plan out a fun outfit for you and your littles! Once your outfit is are obligated to let loose and enjoy, right?!

I am basically going to be LIVING in this tank top and sweatshirt....all year long!

I have received a lot of questions already about sizing, and they are a contemporary fit, and adult shirts are Alternative Apparel brand. I have added a sizing chart on etsy to help you decide.

Jessica is wearing a size small, and it fits her super cute baby belly, and also fits me just fine! 

When I tell you that you will want to curl up with a margarita on the couch and catch up on your favorite shows in this sweatshirt.....I MEAN IT! 

The tank top here is also in a size small (no room for a baby bump) and fits true to size. It has a rounded bottom, which I LOVE!  I have received a few questions on what jeans these are...and it kind of makes me giggle. I have had these jeans since before I had Collin (he is 7) and they were my "ONE DAY I WILL FIT INTO THESE JEANS AGAIN" pants. I purchased them right before I found out I was pregnant with a gift card and almost returned them when I found out I was pregnant.  7 years later I still LOVE them and have earned every single hole in them.  They obviously don't make the same pair anymore, but they are Citizens of Humanity jeans and similar to these. (mine are called "low waist flair")

The shirts are all preorder and will be shipping the week of April 14th, so don't miss out!  They are preorder thru Thursday, and after that you will not be guaranteed your size. 

I hope this helps get you in the mood to start planning a Cinco de Mayo party, or ANY party!   I know that I am currently in the mood to plan something fun and festive that will include my favorite drinks, games, food....and maybe I will plan it on the beach just for fun.  

I honestly LOVE working with Jessica and she has motivated me to renew my love of all things holiday, and I am forever grateful!

***last day to save 10% on custom jewelry from R&E Avenue with code "sasea"! DON'T MISS OUT!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Spotlight- R&E Avenue

I LOVE shopping online, especially from small businesses! I understand what it takes to start a business, keep a business going, and the hours that are put into it.  I have decided to try out a "Saturday Spotlight" on some of my already favorite shops! I hope to introduce you all to some super cute shops that I frequent, and show you my own pictures of how I have used the items or how I styled them.

When I decided to start the spotlight, I knew I was going to start with my girlfriend, Jasmine, with R&E Avenue.  She is not only one of my fave friends, but I have also been a collector of her goodies from the moment she opened her shop!  She makes custom hand stamped jewelry that I have given them as gifts for years, but I seem to always be adding new items to my own collection.

I could spend forever just looking at all of the items in her shop, and planning up special requests!  She hand stamps them all after her kids go to bed each night, and totally LOVES what she does!

Here are some of the goodies that I have purchased over the years (just a small sampling...I seriously have an addiction to anything with my families initials on it)

I LOVE this necklace and haven't taken it off since I got it!  I love the length, the mix of gold and silver, and the fact that the letters stand for my babies, my husband and myself.  I have received tons of questions on Instagram regarding this now you can pick one up for yourself too! 

shirt, jeans (without dots), hunters, necklace

Told you! I haven't taken it off! Not while I run, shower.....not at all! I got it in the smaller chain length so that I could layer other necklaces with it. I love having our initials on me at all times! 

LOVE my middle finger rings! Each kid's name and then my husband and my initials in the middle. I have had these babies for a few years now, and they are so classic that I will never get sick of them.  I also purchased an "I heart U" ring for my daughter for Valentine's Day last year. She wears it every single day as a little reminder that she is always in our heart wherever she is. 

I purchased this for my mother in law for Mother's day last year! She LOVES it! I am thinking about sending her additional initial charms of all of her grand babies this year to add to the chain. 

If you are in the market for a gift for a well deserving lady, hubby, child....or need to check this shop out!  She gets super busy as Mother's Day comes early is better! 

Jasmine is giving everyone a 10% coupon with the code "Sasea" that expires Sunday night! Don't miss out on getting an R&E Avenue goodie at a discount! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Little Scientist

I am NOT the mom that sits and does my kid's homework.  Honestly.....3rd grade is HARD and I can't even do half of my daughter's math homework! you remember fractions? I sure don't! I often sit and wonder how on earth I made it out of college! 

I was NOT looking forward to her S.T.E.M. fair project ( fair project with a fancy name). I just figured it would be messy, and months of begging her to do her work. We made a deal that she had to do it all, and ask when she needed help. DEAL!

Kacey did her project on Gummy Bears, and which liquids they would absorb the most in a 24 hour period. Yup....just 24 hours! (THAT was my idea!) I figured this project would help her learn the process of how to do a project, and stay on her timeline, and MAYBE earn her a B.  I even gave her the "okay, you waited till the last minute to do this so you are responsible for whatever grade you get" speech! 


 She was even invited to an awards night at the school! And received an award and lightbulb necklace!
And treated to dinner of her choice!

All because of Gummy Bears......and my daughter's amazing skills of waiting till the last week and busting her tail! I can pretty much assume that we will be waiting till the last minute on every single project from here on out....and I am okay with that!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Closet Makeover

It really isn't a secret that I LOVE clothes! I am never going to be high fashion, super trendy, or wear anything that isn't comfortable! I just am not able to do it! I shop with my eyes and my hands touching everything. I even make sure everything in my shop is super soft and washable. 

With today being the first day of Spring...I figured it is only right to put together my Spring Shopping Wish List!  I basically wish these were all in my closet! 
  1. I want this as a super cute shirt and it doubles as a beach coverup! (Jcrew has a sale right out! 25% off with HEYSPRING or 30% off with crew card and CARDLOVE)
  2. I have a similar shirt in white with little black polka dots and it is lightweight, comfortable, and feels like pajamas! I want it in every color! 
  3. I bought these shorts while in Nashville and I was a little shocked at their price....but I have to say they are the BEST jean shorts I have ever had! They don't stretch out (meaning you can wear them daily) and are possibly the most comfortable jean material ever! Worth every penny! 
  4. This hat is on sale as their "deal of the week". I ordered it, and can't wait until it arrives! Personal umbrella for one! 
  5. Wish this shirt was in my size! Looks like the perfect spring top!
  6. I obviously love this one! Anchor, soft, gray, bow, and stripes.....PERFECTION!
  7. I LOVE these shorts! I have them in almost every color and love the 5" inseam.  I feel like it is a good/safe "mom length" for shorts.
  8. I have an obsession with Sperry's and I love this super fun summer pair!
  9. I have not taken this sweatshirt off! I love the thickness, the off the shoulder, the front pocket, the stripes, and of course the nod to summer with the sailboats! 
Now if only someone would magically put these clothes into my closet, pack up my winter clothes until next year, and bring me a glass of wine! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bobsledding In Florida Is Fun

I always have the kids make lists of things they want to accomplish during vacations.  We have pretty much always done this, and I just feel like it gives them a chance to come up with crazy ideas and then figure out how to make them work.  It is funny because if I planned our whole Spring Break...I can guarantee you I would have all sorts of crazy complicated activities that would cost money and be super involved.  

My kids always pick simple, fun, and great activities all on their own! Simple! 

Here is their list of the activities they would like to accomplish on our vacation.  I laughed when they said Bobsledding! I figured we were setting ourselves up for failure.....BUT my kid's are cooler than me and figured it out!

                             I have NO idea what "tag teaming" is. I will keep you posted. 

Step 1: go to the empty house next door and use their driveway because it is steeper than ours! 
Step 2: take your dad's cruiser skateboard, baseball helmet, and BMX bike helmet
Step 3: scream out your countdown, check for cars...and push!

 We have literally done this every day on vacation.....I don't think they even care if we cross anything else off the list. (note....ZERO incline on our driveways here in florida!.....pushing is important)

I even smushed my head into Collin's baseball helmet and gave it a test! It was actually really fun! 

And I totally cleared the street and up the next driveway!  I have learned that my kid's are better at planning their vacation than I am.....AND that you can totally go bobsledding in Florida! 

Getting Nautical Over Here!!!!!

It is no secret that I LOVE the beach! I love the smell, the colors, the breeze, and basically anything and everything that reminds me of being at the beach! We have just put out a whole new line of our signature preppy anchor hoodies and tanks! I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!!

They will ship the second week in April and will be sure to jump start your spring/summer wardrobe.

Check them out in our shop!!!!!  TODAY ONLY GET 15% OFF WITH CODE "ANCHORED"

I wore this sailboat shirt this past weekend to the beach and I am SOOOO excited to be able to wear summer gear again! I sure do love all things plaid and layers....but I am ready for a change!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Luck!

I think St. Patrick's day is super fun!!!! I have a headband Leprechaun hat shirt....and lots of fun green surprises. Imagine how bummed I was when my husband and I headed out to watch Jo Koy at the Improv......AND REALIZED IT WAS A ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE AND I WAS NOT DRESSED UP!!!!!! I still am bummed about it!

We saw what appeared to be REAL Leprechauns, grown men dressed in boy scout outfits (I still have no clue how that fits into St. Patrick's day...but at least they were festive), green pirates, and just about everything you could imagine! I lOVE "people watching".....but people watching at a St. Patrick's night parade is possibly the best!  I am already putting it in my planner for next year!
This guy was out of control! Oh, to have the confidence that this man has! 

We had a SUPER FUN time at the Improv, and it is possibly our favorite thing to do on date nights! Who doesn't love laughing, drinking, and spending time with your husband?!
This is a full on parade going on behind us...and we are the ONLY people that didn't get the memo!

Now here is the lucky part.......we still have a few of our St. Patrick's day Leprechaun shirts available in our shop....and I am trying to make room for some new designs coming out.  For today only we have them listed as $15! That's a super deal! A super lucky deal!

Hope you all are having fun day....and don't forget to go to Mc Donalds and load up on Shamrock Shakes.  It's kind of a must!
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