Friday, May 6, 2016

Can't Stop The Feeling.....Can't Stop...Won't Stop

I love Fridays......AND ESPECIALLY MOTHER'S DAY FRIDAY!!!!!!! 

This morning we had Muffin's With Moms, and I think it is so cute to see all of the kids lined up with their moms! They always have such an excitement and a bit of pride in their eyes, and I think I saw the same thing in my kids eyes!!!!!

These cuties give me THE FEELING of PRIDE!!!!

Today I received the feeling of EXCITEMENT when I checked my email and there was a 20% coupon off of at Anthropolgie! Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide, and put that coupon to good use! I am also adding This bracelet to my list of things that I feel I NEED!

The weather is looking like it is going to be AMAZING here this weekend, which makes me feel so darn EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I see lots of pool time in our future!!!!!!!!! 

Spending the ENTIRE weekend with my CREW makes me feel SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!

And I can't help but feel Giddy about all of you LOVING the collaboration shirt I did with Jessica!!!! Our mom all day. shirt is almost sold out, but you can still snag one....and anything else in our shop this weekend for 15% off with code "momallday"! 


I hope you all have the BEST weekend ever! Get out there and celebrate every grandmother, mother, auntie, girlfriend......basically every single woman you know! It takes a freaking village to raise a child.....and our village is filled with amazing women! #momallday

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Teacher Appreciation or Mother's Day Gifts

Every year, our school gives us a Teacher Appreciation Guide and assigns each day of the week to a different gift idea to spoil the teachers!  This year it was:

Monday: Wear their Favorite Color  
Tuesday: Sweet Treat 
Wednesday: Flowers  
Thursday: Your Choice  
Friday: Nice note to teacher 

To be honest, I don't love that they do the guide because then each teacher has 20+ snacks on one day.....20+ flowers the next.  My kids, however, are rule followers and want to stick to the schedule every single year!!!!! I just go with it because it really has nothing to do with me, and they are so proud every morning when they walk to class to give their goodies! 

Today was celebrated with flowers, and Collin wanted to decorate mugs as planter. He really enjoys doing stuff like this, and I think it turned out perfect!  Kacey wanted to buy her teacher a flower this year because she has the same teacher as last year and already gave her something similar last year. (both of my kid's teachers looped up with their classes this year and it has been AMAZING, except for gift giving because I already used up my ideas last year!!!!) 

All You Need:
White Mug (we purchased at $1 Store!!!!)
Succulents (or any plant of your choice)
We added tiny rocks in the bottom of the mugs to help with overwatering
Sharpie Markers
***Just decorate the cup as they want! You could bake the mug after decorating at a low temp to set the ink, but since it is for an inside plant, we decided it was not necessary for this project

We love to spoil their teachers with caffeine, sugar, notes, and of course......tshirts! I know enough about myself to know that I could NOT be a teacher! I can BARELY manage homework time around here! I am FOREVER grateful for their teachers, and all of the hard work and love they put into MY kids!  I think it is important to spoil them all year long.....BUT ESPECIALLY on Teacher Appreciation week!!!!!!!  We have been EXTREMELY lucky with their teacher's and I get SOOO sad as the year comes to an end and I realize that they will be with different teacher's next year, and Kacey will BE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!! My mom heart hurts a little thinking about it! 

Check out how we decorated their plants over the past few years here! 

If you don't have school age children....this is a SUPER great Mother's Day gift for grandmother's!!!!!! Or, if you are anything like might decide to get extra plants and make a fun little set for yourself!!!!!

I found this cutie here and would have purchased 10 of them for my favorite gal pals, but I bought the last one! Ordering more online today because you can't help but smile when you see this crazy hair lady! 

This is also the LAST week of our super coupon code for 15% off of your ENTIRE purchase in our shop! We are shipping all Mom All Day. Shirts with Priority mail, and they will arrive in time for Mother's Day if purchased today! Don't miss out!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Trip Of A Lifetime.....Moorea

Last June my hubby and I were SOOOOO lucky to be able to go to Moorea for 10 days!!!!!!!!!! It truly was the trip of a lifetime!!! I never got around to sharing pics of our getaway, and now that I am dreaming of summer vacations...I find myself comparing every single idea with this paradise! 

We stayed at the Sofitel In Moorea, and I am pretty sure that it is what Heaven looks like!!!!
Our bungalow! It had glass bottom floor so that we could watch the fish below!

View from our patio!

First Night dinner in the sand! 

Typical Snead Style! 

We rented a scooter the first full day so that we could tour the island! SCARY!!!!! We felt like kids on this thing! We were able to travel to their market, visit food trucks, and just enjoy the amazing views! 

I was on the hunt for a black pearl and I fell in love with this beauty!

We went on a 4wheeler tour and it was AMAZING! They took us up mountains, along the water, up the STEEPEST and SCARIEST mountain tops, visited fruit farms, and taught us all about this beautiful Island! I LOVE learning and just enjoying all that vacation spots have to offer, and this was my favorite!

I rarely do research on a vacation spot because I think you can over schedule yourself and not truly enjoy your vacation, but I DID do some serious planning on this trip because I knew it was a once in a lifetime spot.  I remembered to bring a lock so that we could lock our love at the top of the mountain! 

I was SO nervous about swimming with the sharks, but it turned out to be so peaceful!  (once I realized that they weren't planning on eating me!) 

We spent as much time as possible in the crystal clear water! The fish were BEAUTIFUL and there was the most amazing coral everywhere!  It is so easy to just relax and enjoy life when the views are this amazing!

 Our last night we spent the night on the island of Tahiti! I am positive this was a trip of a lifetime and one that Chad and I will NEVER forget!
Chad loves to take screenshots of our vacation spots, and I think it is super cool to see how far away from reality we really were!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I believe that Mom's need more than ONE TINY LITTLE day to be celebrated!  SERIOUSLY! I am just going to go with the idea that Mother's Day is quickly approaching and we need to plan accordingly! 
I have put together my annual Mother's Day Gift ideas that
1- I think mom's in general would just love 
2- I plan on purchasing for gifts 
3- I am crossing my fingers and hoping that my kids and Chad realize that this is really just my wish list! 

I seriously think that it is hilarious to have a fish birdhouse! I am hoping to hang this and attract fish loving birds in my yard! I love the idea of giving this as a gift with a book on local birds to look up as they visit the little fish! 

I am not really into perfume, but I DO love the idea of having this little perfume bottle in my purse for the upcoming HOT summer days! I mean, you never know when you will need a spritz....and since I am madly in Love with Tahiti, I want this stuff!!!!! 

I have added this necklace to basically every single gift guide for years, because I just love it that much!  Not only is it made by my talented friend, I also wear this every single day....all day.....and haven't taken it off in years! I have given it as teachers gift, baby shower gift, wedding shower gift, birthday gift, and mother's day! Who doesn't want to have a piece of jewelry with your fave initials to wear all the time....I KNOW mom's love this stuff!  And because she is so awesome, our readers get 15% off and FREE shipping with code "Mothersday15"! Don't miss out!  

These planters crack me up!!!!! I have fallen in love with succulents over the past few years and I want to give air plants a shot!  Any plant that requires little/no attention from me, is PERFECT! I also love any planter that is funny and makes me WANT to take care of the plant that is in it.  These cuties DEFINITELY fit that bill!

I am not even going to pretend like I am not playing favorites, and picking this mom all day. shirt as my new favorite!  I have NO idea how this shirt is so soft that it basically feels like you are in your PJ's, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I teamed up with Jessica to bring this shirt to life, and I believe that EVERY single mom should have this!  We are totally not judging if you end up wearing it multiple days in a row, because that seems to be what this shirt does to you!   We need to let the world know that we are on the job at all times, regardless of where are kids are, or how old they are! (my view on mom all day of a tween here)  We are offering 15% discount with the code "momallday" on your ENTIRE purchase!!!!! So splurge for your favorite mom...and throw in some fun goodies for yourself! 

I have been wanting this tote even more with EVERY Target trip! Today was FINALLY the day that it was on sale for 25% off on the cartwheel app! They have it in turquoise, white, and a slightly different gold style.  I love them all!!!!!! I think it is the PERFECT mom bag! (doesn't even matter if you are at diaper stage or the stage of motherhood where you are just carrying their wallets and jackets around) 

I think art is always a fun thing to give on Mother's Day! I love receiving handmade art from my kids, and have past work framed throughout my home!  I also love this print that I found and think it would be SUPER cute for expecting moms, moms of infants that really aren't talented in art yet, or any last minute gift giver this holiday (it is a download)!!!

I am a fan of gifting journals or planners! (although I am AWFUL at keeping up with them myself!!!!) I love to give may books, but I think that this book a great beginner journal for moms!  It guides you on what to write for 100 days, and I think it would be fun to look back on in years to come! 

So there you have it, my wish list.....I mean gift guide for Mother's Day! I love seeing what everyone else gives or does this holiday! 

And I had to share this picture because it basically sums up motherhood in one shot! 

book on sons....check
book on daughters....check
book on cocktails.....check
handmade coffee mug.....check
and #1 mom card......check

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mom all day......EVEN IN THE TWEEN YEARS!

I can honestly say that I have loved every stage of being a mom! (and I can say that, because I have survived some of the stages that I didn't think I ever would!)  I not only loved the stages, I miss them!  I miss laying on the couch surrounded by piles of laundry and dishes in the sink...holding a newborn baby!  I miss cracking up with every little thing my toddlers said or did!  I miss finding piles of toys hidden in the plants, or seeing little babies sleeping under perfectly placed blankets on the floor.  Those days are long gone in my house.......and I am trying to remind myself that the days I am smack dab in the middle of.....will someday be special memories to look back on!

I have personally found that it has been pretty hard to transition into the "tween" years!  Not really because I feel like my kids are difficult, but mainly because I think it is hard to remember that they are STILL the same little babies that used to make me laugh and so proud when they did the simplest things!

As a tween mom....I feel like I am now expecting more from them and forgetting how far they have already come in life!  ( seriously....they used to poop in their pants and couldn't even feed themselves....let's clap our hands for teaching them how to do these things!!!!!)   It is SOOO easy to get disappointed when they bring home a lower grade than you expected, or they have now taken to rolling their eyes instead of cheek to cheek smiles!  Hard!!!!

 I have a tween daughter! That is hard! She isn't a baby, she isn't a toddler, she isn't wanting me to do things for her that I have always just assumed would always be my "job".......things are changing! That is HARD!

A few weeks back I found our old video camera and sat for two solid rainy days watching them ALL!  I watched as I packed my bags to head to the hospital to deliver Kacey and saw the fear and total excitement in my eyes!!!!!! I watched Chad hold her for the first time and he just looked so young, and so in love with OUR little girl!  (which made me love him 10billion times more than I ever thought I could)  I watched as we showed off our sweet little girl to the camera almost daily with her first bath, her first smile, her first food, how proud she was to pee on the potty....and on and on.  WE FREAKING LOVED THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! And not that we don't love her just as much, if not more now.......WE JUST SEEMED SO PROUD OF HER EVERY SINGLE MOVE!!!!!!

I watched her become a big sister on these videos and the total excitement of what it meant to her world!!!!!! I watched her beg to help me cook, clean, help with Collin, and basically do absolutely everything that I was doing at the time!  I had forgotten how awesome she was! And is!  I NEEDED to watch those videos in this EXACT moment and stage that I am in RIGHT NOW!  I had no idea I needed it....but I did! I needed to be reminded that she is STILL that same little baby girl that was OBSESSED with cinderella! The same little girl that thought that I was the best thing on this planet!

I needed to watch the movies because I need to see that little girl in her eyes still!  Even though the eyes might be rolling from time to time.....she snaps out of it.....and then she remembers that I am still her mom....her buddy....and her favorite. (I just am assuming that last part :)

So.....If you are going through the ringer trying to figure out where you stand as a tween mom.....or what the heck has happened to the little baby that once hung on your every last movement.....GO BACK AND WATCH VIDEOS! LOOK AT OLD PICTURES!!!!!! REMEMBER THAT THEY AREN'T JUST ALL OF A SUDDEN FULL OF ENERGY......THEY WERE ALWAYS FULL OF ENERGY. YOU JUST FORGOT HOW AWESOME THEY WERE! AND ARE!

We aren't a mom for a period of time!

We aren't a mom for a stage!

We are a mom all day!

Every Day!


Even when we don't want to admit we are their mom........WE ARE! AND WE DESERVE A FREAKING BADGE!

I am not in the business of making badges.....BUT......I am up for making shirts....and that is basically much cooler than a badge these days! Check out our "mom all day" shirts that we made for all of us moms that need to be reminded we are still their mom! ALL DAY! Regardless of what our kids want to think!

And because you deserve a gift......use coupon code "momallday" to receive 15% off your entire purchase!!!!!!! Coupons are BETTER than badges or trophies anyway!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pool Bag Favorites

I grew up in Virginia, and I remember counting down the days until the neighborhood pool opened up on Memorial Day! I was a total pool rat and took the swim test the first day every season so that I could spend ALL DAY EVERY DAY swimming with my friends, WITHOUT MY PARENTS! (which I would NEVER let me kids do...but whatever)  When I was in high school, I took the Life Guard test and spent EVERY single summer from freshman year - Sophomore year in College sitting pool side and making a paycheck.  I even worked at the indoor pool in college, Life Guarding the swim team! (aka....doing homework and getting paid for it!)

I just love being at the pool....really any pool! We have been spending as much time as possible in our NEW pool and we are still in shock that it is REAL and in our very own backyard! Kind of blows my mind a little bit!

I have put together a list of some of my favorite poolside goodies, because I feel like I am kind of a professional in this department. I mean....aren't we all!

Towel / Sunscreen / Hat / Shirt 

I have never really been one to splurge on beach/pool towels because we usually end up loosing half of them each summer.  I decided to splurge on this Sand Cloud XL Wanderlust Beach Blanket this season because 1. I love the colors 2. I am obsessed with blankets EVEN in the summer and the weight of this is PERFECT for evenings pool or beach side.  I am super happy with the towel and my family is fully aware that I am NOT sharing it, at all, ever....this is MY towel.  My next purchase is going to be the Roundie!   Shop with 25% off your purchase with code "katherinesa25".....PLUS 10% helps preserve marine life...and who doesn't want to save the fishes! 

I used to be AWFUL at putting sunscreen on, and felt I really didn't NEED it because I didn't ever burn.  I just hated how thick it felt! I have been using Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch lotion for the past few years and I really do love it! It is thin and gets the job done! I have accidentally purchased the kind with little sparkles in it a time or two, and I kind of liked it!  If you aren't a fan of should at least give this a shot. ( I have purchased at Target, Publix, and cvs so I am sure you can find it anywhere)

I am IN LOVE with my new hat!  I love a good hat that covers your shoulders after a long day in the sun!  I am super picky with hats and I DO NOT like them to be tight.....don't want it flopping in my face.....and they have to be semi cute!  THIS CROSSES ALL OF MY NEEDS OFF THE LIST!  I randomly found this super cute new company on Instagram, and purchased the Miami Vice hat right away! I LOVE IT and I think it would be a super cute gift for some of my spring birthday friends!  

Our Flamingos Flock Together shirt is still one of my FAVES!  I don't think you can go wrong with a SUPER soft, gray, perfectly cut shirt.....but adding bright pink flamingos flock together front and center sort of take it to the next level in my opinion!  It is on HEAVY rotation (like...I should be a little embarrassed) over here!  I think my favorite part is that it has a matching shirt for your little flamingos, and the pics of everyone with their Flock are cracking me up! 

Snacks are a big part of a day at the pool! I have been eating a bag every two days of these Simply Balanced dried Pineapples! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! I mean....they are of course they are good for you and it is acceptable to eat almost an entire bag in one sitting.  Not only are these goodies getting me through....but I have been drinking Starbucks Refreshers again and I swear they have more caffeine that coffee! Give it a shot, and thank me later!!!!!!!

I also received this speaker for my birthday this past year and I LOVE it! It is loud, waterproof, and has proved to be very durable!  I think it is the perfect backyard speaker....poolside or not!  It comes in different sizes and I think it makes a great speaker for your favorite tween's bedroom as well! 

Can you even get over the inside of this hat? 

I have also been spending my school car line time reading lately and have really been enjoying these books!  They are easy reads, and really get you thinking about what feed yourself and how you choose to live.  I am not a total health buff, but I enjoy reading about how people choose to live! 

I have been hearing about crazy cold weather for a lot of you, just know that pool days are coming.....and when they get here....THEY WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2016


Hey there Baseball Moms.....SOOOOO excited to FINALLY be taking more preorders!!!!! I receive emails constantly for this....and have been waiting until I could offer A FREE GIFT WITH PREORDER PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!

We are offering our Best Selling Raglan, a NEW vneck tshirt (because SUMMER!), our NEW LET THE GAMES BEGIN Raglan.....AND A FREE BASEBALL TOTE WITH ANY PREORDER PURCHASE!

All preorders ship mid April and will be filled with good luck for your favorite team! No coupon code required for FREE tote, it will just be included in all preorder packages!  

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