Monday, May 12, 2014

A Weekend Of Love

I had a great weekend.....and I hope that all of you did as well!  I think that every woman needs to be celebrated on Mother's day because at some point we have all "mothered" someone!

We celebrated mother's day at the baseball fields, enjoying my all time favorite pizza place, pool time at my parents while the dad's spoiled us rotten and kept the wine glasses full, and ended our weekend with a "baseball" game on the golf course!  Hey....what more could this mom ask for?!

Collin hit a "walk off hit" to win their game! (I learned that this means that it was a tied ball game at the bottom of the last inning...and he was up to bat.....hit a great hit....and the guy on second base made it home so the game was automatically over because we won! BAM) He was so excited and told me that he did that JUST for me! 

After spending all day at the baseball field, we got to spend some relaxing time at my parents pool and enjoyed being pampered with my mom! 

My mom actually said "wow....this picture makes it look like you hit the ball" hahaha! pretty sure the yellow tennis ball behind me gives it up! (and excuse my awful form....haha!)

My mom had serious skills at hitting....the running of the "bases" was her downfall! ha!

So glad I got to spend Mother's day with my Mom!  Love making memories like this!!!!!

We have decided we are no longer doing store bought gifts for mother's and father's day because nothing compares to getting gifts like this! Kacey and Collin were beyond proud and excited to share their cards and goodies that they made! LOVE!!!!!

AND in honor of Mother's Day...I had to share my all time favorite picture of my Mom, Sister, and me at my cousins wedding......we are available for hire as backup dancers/singers if you are ever in need. hahaha!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day celebrating how awesome the women in your life are! 

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  1. Happy mothers day to you and your mom!
    Love the last picture! Make me think of me and my mom! We love to sing!


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