Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sale On Sailboats

With Memorial Day coming up and all of the fun outdoor plans, I wanted to do a sale in my shop!  I have marked down all of the sailboat shirts by $5 for today so don't forget to snag one up!  They will ship out tomorrow and be on your doorstep ready to enjoy some fun in the sun next week.

I absolutely LOVE how Emily styled this outfit!  These colors combined always make me happy!!! And no joke.....Hunter boots are on sale 30% off right now! RUN! I am seriously considering getting these babies! I mean, when something is $42 off you kind of need to jump on it! Her AMAZING polka dot rain jacket is found here!  Who says rainy days can't be super stylish! 

Kristy had a different take on the shirt and totally went with bows, sparkle, and super cute accessories! I love this look and would have never thought to put it with so much pink.....but now I want to recreate it! 

And this is how I "styled" my sweatshirt. I basically feel like if I am wearing a sweatshirt, my favorite jean shorts, and am comphy.......I am going to have an amazing day!  

Don't miss out on getting the tshirts for $15 and sweatshirt for $25.  Yikes!!!! 

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