Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank You Teachers

I love "Teacher Appreciation Week"!

I love seeing how excited my kids get to bring a little goody to their teacher every day!

I love thanking the people who teach, inspire, and help my children grown in a way that I never could!

(SUPER easy vases! I took scrapbook paper, wasabi tape, and just layered around mason jar)

I am NOT someone who is a great teacher or homework helper!  I know this about myself!

I know that I could never be a teacher, or home school my children because it is just not the type of person that I am!  I get distracted easily, I would rather be outside playing with my kids than inside working, and I just honestly don't have the patience!

I come from a long line of teachers, and my mom and sister are both teachers!  They got the genes...I did not!

This is why I am forever grateful for the teachers my children have had, will have, and maybe someday become!

Thank you to all of the awesome teachers out there who put forth SO much effort to teach our children what we can not do at home!


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