Friday, April 4, 2014

Soccer Mom Style

Soccer Mom was always a role that I wanted to play!  I always pictured my kids playing soccer because it was a sport that I always played and have so many great memories on the field!  Both of my kid's started playing soccer very young, and Chad and I were their coaches.  It was SOO fun!  We would cut up the oranges, plan a team cheer, and just enjoyed every single minute of it!  Our saturdays always started with soccer and ended with two VERY tired little kids!  I LOVED IT!

Collin was 3 and Kacey was 5

I seriously still have these kids come up to me and call me "Coach Katie" and I secretly LOVE it! 

Chad's team and my team both were assigned purple! We looked a little crazy when we would go out to lunch after the games! Hey, the family that dresses together...stays together! 

Kacey is still currently playing on our local Travel soccer team and she really enjoys it!  Collin has decided that baseball is more his style, and that is just fine!  I can easily play the role of baseball mom AND soccer mom! 

My favorite part about watching Kacey's games, is to see her actually smile when she is running with the ball!  Sometimes we forget that she is only 9 and we expect her to be so skilled at the game, but the smile on her face makes it clear that she really LOVES it! 

In honor of my love for soccer, and all the soccer mom's out there, we have put together some NEW designs!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am!  As of right now I squeeze into my daughter's youth jersey from last season for every game....and I am in major need of a new "soccer mom uniform"!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 /

1-Soccer games generally are in the hotter months, so a hat is a must.  

2&3- I am so excited about the style of these shirts! Light weight, and totally showing your love of the game in our new shirts! (preorder price thru Tuesday)

4-I am IN LOVE with my Longchamp bag, and seriously feel like it is the best mom bag ever! Doesn't matter if it gets wet, super huge, and it doesn't SCREAM "I am a mom and I have everything you need right here in my suitcase of a purse".  IT IS ON SALE SO RUN!!!!!!!

5-American Eagle shorts have been my go-to for the last 6 years! I love their length, and they go on sale all the time!

6-There are no bleachers, so grab a cozy chair (with a drink holder!!!) and relax! You might be at the field's all day so get a good chair!

7- Love these sandals!!!!!!

A little throwback to my soccer days! ha! Our team name was "Dazzle" and I played with these girls from 7th-11th grade! Great memories!!!!


  1. Self-coaching your kids is really a fun activity! You can teach them the proper discipline in the sport, and you can also think of it as your bonding time. Plus, it always feels great to indulge our kids on what they want. All the best!

    Jennine Stalder @ Uniforms Express, Intl Inc.

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