Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I have been on a mission to revamp some things around here.  One of the many reasons I missed blogging so much, was because it actually helped me to stop and think about the millions of ideas/projects/designs that are constantly going on in my head.

Here is a random list of the things that I am currently doing/thinking about/or loving!  Sometimes it just feels good to put them all down, step back, and see that you are moving in the right direction. (or that you need to change direction)

*Currently....wishing that I had purchased this super cute comforter for my guest room!  We have my mother in law and Aunt coming next week and I think that this is kind of a must! Screams spring...Screams cozy....and I am Screaming at myself because I didn't just pick it up while I was there!

*Currently.....Loving this soy candle that is ON SALE! I am almost positive that I walk out with a candle in my basket the majority of my target trips!   They just smell so good, and I really love how these burn!

Not available online

*Currently....deciding on what color to paint the office! I have a serious obsession with gray sweatshirts and I have wanted to use this color for literally 8 years (it used to be made by Ralph Lauren)  I am just not sure if it is too dark for the room, but I love how it looks next to my inventory lockers!
 Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Gray 

*Currently.......I am in LOVE with these drinks! No dairy, and they taste amazing!!!!!!! I feel like I am totally cheating out on my dairy free allergy when I drink these babies!

*Currently......Sending out 25 Fiesta Like There's No Mañana shirts and sweatshirts totally ahead of the estimated ship date!  I can't wait to start getting pictures of all of the fun plans people have made! The list of fun parties makes me feel so lame, and like I need to start planning a super fun party!  

*Currently....WISHING that I had ordered more of this Mrs. Jones soft cleaning scrub!  I want to eat it! It smells amazing and is seriously the only scrub that can clean off the hard water issues we have on our glass shower!

Now I need to go and start making some of these choices and crossing some of this stuff off of my never ending To Do list!  


  1. I love your list! I hope mine is one of the early ones! ;) Either way, can't wait to get them!

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