Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Man Style

I remember being pregnant with my son, and thinking that the clothes weren't nearly as cute as the little girl clothes that I had purchased for my daughter!  I also believed that my son would never really care what he wore, and I would forever be able to pick out his clothes and just lay out whatever I wanted him to wear without any input at all......I WAS WRONG! 

My son LOVES to pick out his clothes, he is VERY opinionated with what style he would like to wear, and I have ZERO say in what he walks out the door in. (because honestly....I choose my battles, and as long as he is confident...I am happy)

Here is a little snippet of what my son is into these days.  As crazy as I think the knee high socks are, and all out bright clothes....this is HIS style and he feels like a rock star in them! 

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He LOVES these socks!  These socks were a hit in his stocking, as his Valentine goodie, and I am pretty sure there will be a pair in his Easter basket this year!  He LOVES them! These socks are to boys as a new necklace is to girls!

My little guy will also wear ANYTHING with a  dog on it! He is obsessed with our dogs, and anything to do with dogs! 

This is not an outfit that I would EVER pick out.....but I LOVE IT! 

This is the outfit that my little man wore to school today!  Jordans, Nike high socks, Adidas shorts, and a Nationals jersey!  He was feeling pretty darn cool today, and I can only just give him a thumbs up and try not to say a word about his outfit.  

I think it is pretty safe to say that my little man has style.  He has his own style, and I lOVE it!  I don't even try to pick out his clothes, I don't pass my opinion onto him when he gets dressed in the morning, and I love that he cares about what he is wearing.  

My son comes across as being pretty shy to most people, so the fact that he likes to stand out in his LOUD clothes......makes this mom proud!  

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