Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guest Bedroom Refresh

 I have been wanting to freshen up our guest room for well over a year, but I honestly just haven't found anything that I LOVE yet!  I am not into the habit of buying things just to fill up a space or a need, I have found that I am much happier when I just wait until I find something that I LOVE! (which is EXACTLY why I do not have curtains hanging over my randomly placed window in this room.....still haven't found a set that I LOVE!)

Last week I went to Target and fell in love with this quilt, and didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if it was "the one" that I have waited so long for.  From the minute I came home, I knew that I needed to go back and snatch it up before it was gone because I couldn't stop thinking about it!

(So they are on sale online buy 1 get one 30% off, I bought them in the store and am going back with receipt and they are seriously crediting me back! BUY THESE BABIES ONLINE! )

This guest room has always served as my office/guest room, but I have been transitioning my office out of this room because it just could no longer store my inventory.   I am hoping to create sort of beachy, relaxing, vacation, family vibe in here.  

I LOVE how the quilt and the blanket match, but not exactly!  And the blanket is the PERFECT summer weight! We struggle to find blankets that are light enough for our hot summers! I might have to go back and buy one for every bed in our house!  I have never bought a "bed in a bag" before because I feel that it is a much softer look if you layer in random finds and brands.  

I would eventually like to find more pillows to throw on this bed, or make some, but for now I am okay with just the one little pop of color at the top.  I need to see what I do for curtains before I pick out any more cases.

The Shelves were from Land Of Nod that I scored off of Craigslist years ago and updated the knobs here. I try to fill them with albums and pictures of our family and then add in extras of our company that is coming to visit.  My parents ALWAYS do this and I think it is so fun!  They search and find old pictures of their guests and always have them displayed in their room for their arrival, and I have tried to do the same here.  My mother in law and aunt are coming to visit this weekend, so I have made sure to add extra memories to the shelves. 

 And of course I couldn't throw out this little whale that Kacey made when she was in preschool.

I feel like I have made a big step in the right direction in our guest room, but it is FAR from finished. Notice there are  zero pictures of the other side of the room which now holds my sewing machine, fabric, screen printing machine, and loads of crafts!  Once those are all out of the room and into the new office, I will be able to finish this room and will share the progress!!!!


  1. Cute! Love the quilt! I was looking at the same quilt you were and did the same thing! Didn't get it and then it was gone! Annoying! Looks great though!!

    1. go online!!!! they have them when you buy one bedding item, you get 30% off another! It actually looks awful online in their picture, but you already know how beautiful it is in person! I want the coral one as well, but I just am running out of beds in this house to make beautiful :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! The quilt is gorgeous. Kudos to you for acting fast and getting a hold of it before it disappeared forever! Hahaha! I also love the color combination of the teal with the yellows, which is cool to the eyes. The room looks really vibrant and comfortable at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store


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