Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had an amazingly relaxing Easter weekend!  We  had a great weekend, and I was so bummed when I woke up this morning knowing that my kids were going back at school and my hubby was back at work.  I prefer to have everyone here with me, all the time! (maybe not ALL the time, but maybe like 5 day weekend and 2 day everyone go to separate places would work better)

Our weekend was spent at baseball games, the movies (we saw Rio 2....Loved it!), had my parents sleepover, a high speed egg hunt, and a relaxing day at the beach!  I love weekends like this! Just the right amount of relaxing, sports, and family fun!

I tried to get pictures of their egg hunt, but seriously.....who can keep up with two super excited kids on Easter morning!  I was BEYOND PROUD when the kids sat down after their hunt and even though Kacey and more eggs (filled with money), she seriously sat down and they counted them all out and split their loot right in half!  To the point where there was an extra nickel, and they just gave it to me because they couldn't split it evenly!  This made my math teacher of a mom super excited, and this mom SUPER proud! 

We spent our Easter afternoon at the Beach, and this has become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Bathing suits over fancy dresses, BBQ by the pool instead of pretending I like to cook, and lots of laughs!  We spent the day with my parents and one of our best friends just enjoying the day! 

These are my favorite people in the whole world! It still honestly BLOWS MY MIND that I grew these kids in my stomach......and they actually work! Like breath, grow, and are awesome all on their own!  I know after 9 years of being a mom it shouldn't shock me so much, but it still is mind blowing to me! 

(I got lots of questions on my "outfit" on here are the links)

According to my husband, I have a serious addiction to beach bags! (he is correct on this)  I use "beach bags" on a daily basis in the summer...and basically all year long!  They are durable, all of mine are navy blue and canvas which makes me happy, and I think that they are magical with the amount of stuff I can cram into them!  I am SUPER excited to be announcing that we have added ZIPPER cotton canvas bags with out signature logo on them to our shop!  I literally have 5 beach bags, and the zipper is the one thing I ALWAYS get annoyed about on my other bags!  I believe that EVERY beach bag should have a zipper to block out the sand!  Who wants sand in their phone, sunscreen, and just every nook and cranny of their bag??? BEACH BAG+ZIPPER+NATURAL CANVAS+NAVY BLUE ANCHOR WITH STRIPED BOW= MY NEW FAVORITE BAG!

These babies are ready to ship (while supplies last, and then preorder after that).  There is currently a giveaway for our shop on Sugar & Spice & Everything (mostly) Nice!  So don't miss out! 

And I couldn't leave out a picture of my almost 10 year old girl that still loves picking up shells! This makes my heart happy! 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing day with your family! I am loving my new beach bag! :)

  2. Katie,

    Such a fun tradition!! I would love to do that, looks soooo relaxing!


    1. It is so relaxing! I prefer Anti-Stress weekends. :)

  3. The beach brings out the best in my mind, body, and soul! You have a precious fam! Love those pants girl:)

  4. Such a cute family! Loving the beach bag :)


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