Friday, April 25, 2014

Showing Up

Yesterday I watched American Blogger and I have to say that I honestly LOVED IT! I loved how it showcased that women are so amazing at letting themselves be vulnerable and open.  I love how their vulnerability allows others to learn and grow in return!

 I lOVE that about blogging!
 I missed that about blogging when I stopped a few years ago!
 I missed being able to document my children!
 I missed keeping track of the fun little events that we did!
 I missed sharing little projects!
 I believe that I mainly missed sitting with a cup of coffee and following/learning/enjoying the stories    that so many amazing women had to share on their blogs!
 I just honestly missed it!

The movie had me thinking a lot about the legacy that I want to leave for my family!  I stayed up thinking about it last night, and I realized that I put a lot of effort into just SHOWING UP.... showing up and being there for my family!  I want to be remembered by my children and husband as a mom/wife that always showed up to support them, showed up to cheer them on, showed up when I said I would, and was someone who put forth the effort!

I don't always show up ready, or full of energy......but I can guarantee that I always do my very best to show up for everything that is important to them!  I have never been late for picking them up from school, a playdate, or getting them to an event.  We may show up looking a mess, but I believe in showing my kids the importance of being on time! Being reliable.

Showing up doesn't mean that you have to be there for EVERYTHING, in my opinion, it means that you show up when you say you will!

I want to be remembered for that! I want to have my kids remember me as being present in their lives, putting forth the effort to support them.......and in return.......I have taught them to show up and support me!  They are genuinely excited when they see someone wearing one of my shirts, or cheering me on when I run a race!  This makes me feel like I am doing things right!

This is the face of a super tired runner after 13 miles....but the fact that my family SHOWED UP to support me honestly made me run faster to the end! Showing up works! 

There are plenty of places in life and motherhood that you are just bound to screw up at..... but the act of SHOWING UP.....that you can control!


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