Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Spotlight- Mrs. Jones' Soapbox

I am LOVING these Saturday Spotlight features!!!!! When I decided that I wanted to do this, I KNEW that I would pick Mrs. Jones' Soapbox as a feature because not only have they changed the excitement that I have for cleaning...but I am obsessed with everything I have tried! (and I am pretty sure I have every product that she makes) 

I am not a clean freak, and I have honestly NEVER loved to scrub anything. It has always been a chore that I HATED but loved the outcome! I remember when my babies were babies and I would find it so hard to plan when I would scrub their bath with whatever scrubbing product was on sale at the time.  I had to time it so that I could scrub their tub, take a shower myself to make sure that I rinsed it out REALLY well BEFORE I put my delicate little ones into a tub! I was always nervous that there would still be residue left and they would eat it, or get it in their eyes. (total nervous nelly here!)

I purchased Jessica Alba's book on living "the honest life" and I was annoyed with what I had been using around my house and knew I needed to make a switch.  I posted a picture on instagram about it, and was SOOOOO excited when Jamie sent me a message that she had a company that made cleaning supplies out of common, pronounceable things that had been around for hundreds of years.  I literally ordered the whole set of everything within ten minutes and they were delivered to my door just days later!  

It was the first time EVER that I had gotten on my hands and knees and scrubbed EVERY baseboard in my home with the wood cleaner! I usually just used a broom, but the product said safe for baseboards....and I was hooked! 

Here is the picture that I took right out of the box (back in November) and I was SUPER EXCITED that it came with a little bag of samples to share! I ran it over to my neighbor and shared the love!  

Here is what I use the products for....and WHY I love each one of them....

*Shine- This is what I clean my baseboards with! I literally love it so much that I spray it on and then wipe around my ENTIRE house! It smells like citrus to me, and it isn't a perfume....THERE ARE REAL FRUIT OILS IN THERE!!!!!! 

*Clean- I use this on my bathroom counters, microwave, glass top stove, door knobs, and basically anything that I want to clean and disinfected.  LOVE!

*Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener- I actually haven't used this because I gave it to my mother in law.  She LOVES it and called me right away to tell me it made her whole house smell amazing and she didn't need to use any drier sheets which was such a shock to her!

*Sparkle- This might be the one that I use the most.  Actually, I use this daily! I use it to clean our granite counters, mirrors, and windows.  

*Soapy- I have used this baby to clean patio furniture that was COVERED in pollen, my car, and put a little bit of it into the pressure washer when washing the outside of our house! PERFECTION!

*Toilet Bowl Bombs- seriously....this thing dissolved and ate any nasty stuff that lived in the toilet! It is kind of like a little magic bomb.

**Soft Cleaning Scrub-  Okay, this is my FAVORITE.  It is kind of like choosing a favorite child....but seriously....this is the BEST!  It has the texture of old school Noxema, and smells like cookie dough!  I scrub the shower, sinks, and every square inch of our bathroom with this stuff and my house actually smells like I have been baking!  I have even put it in a clump over a grout stain in the shower, and IT DISAPPEARED! LIKE MAGIC!  
I seriously gave this stuff to everyone on my christmas list as a side gift because I was so obsessed with it! I felt like Oprah giving away her favorite product.  I am sure they all thought I was crazy, but everyone ended up loving it! 

I am sure that the last thing you wanted to think about while enjoying your weekend relaxing time was cleaning......BUT if you HAVE to clean, I just think you should be cleaning with something that is good for you, won't hurt your kids, pets, and actually works!  

I am so excited that Mrs. Jones' is giving all of my readers a discount of 15% with the code "sasea15" in her shop Mrs. Jones' Soapbox.!!!!!  Take advantage of her offer and fill me in on how you love them!!!!  ENJOY!!!!! 

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