Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Luck!

I think St. Patrick's day is super fun!!!! I have a headband Leprechaun hat shirt....and lots of fun green surprises. Imagine how bummed I was when my husband and I headed out to watch Jo Koy at the Improv......AND REALIZED IT WAS A ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE AND I WAS NOT DRESSED UP!!!!!! I still am bummed about it!

We saw what appeared to be REAL Leprechauns, grown men dressed in boy scout outfits (I still have no clue how that fits into St. Patrick's day...but at least they were festive), green pirates, and just about everything you could imagine! I lOVE "people watching".....but people watching at a St. Patrick's night parade is possibly the best!  I am already putting it in my planner for next year!
This guy was out of control! Oh, to have the confidence that this man has! 

We had a SUPER FUN time at the Improv, and it is possibly our favorite thing to do on date nights! Who doesn't love laughing, drinking, and spending time with your husband?!
This is a full on parade going on behind us...and we are the ONLY people that didn't get the memo!

Now here is the lucky part.......we still have a few of our St. Patrick's day Leprechaun shirts available in our shop....and I am trying to make room for some new designs coming out.  For today only we have them listed as $15! That's a super deal! A super lucky deal!

Hope you all are having fun day....and don't forget to go to Mc Donalds and load up on Shamrock Shakes.  It's kind of a must!

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