Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break Book List

With spring break next week, I have been on the hunt for new books.  I am not sure exactly why, I am not in college and will not be hanging out on a the beach relaxing with a good book and not a care in the world.  BUT.....I do read every single night...and daylight savings has me reading more!

I am not into vampire books, scary books, mysteries, or anything that makes me think too much! I read specifically so that I do NOT lay in bed planning and I look for lighthearted books that just make me happy!

With that are the last 5 books that I have read and totally loved!  Each one of them had me wishing there was a sequel to it....and sometimes that is just annoying! I don't think you should be able to put out a book unless you are willing to keep the characters going and going until I am sick of reading about them.

 This book was honestly my FAVORITE! I read it last summer on vacation and literally did not put it down and finished it on the beach in ONE DAY!  If you grew up during any part of the 80's, had a high school sweetheart, or just love a good book....BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!
I really enjoyed this book! It was a sweet, and sometimes sad book! I bought it mainly because I loved the cover...and lucky for me it was a super good book! 

I read this book a while ago, but I LOVED it!  I think it is a fun gift to give a bride, or bridesmaids.....and then actually follow up with a charm cake. (we did one at my sister's wedding shower and I am so bummed I don't remember what I picked)  

This book made me so happy because I had fallen in love with the characters in "there's cake in my future" and I was happy to get to read about them again! I also want to pack up and travel because of this book! 

I just bought this book before I left for Nashville, and I really am enjoying it! The first few pages had me covering up my nook and looking over my shoulder on the plane to make sure nobody was reading it over my shoulder.  So far the characters are super cute...and I look forward to reading it every night! 

I used to have a hard time finding books that I lOVED when I would just go to the book store and walk around.  Lately I go to Target and just take pictures of the books that put in their "new release" or "new author" section.   As soon as I get home I search for them in my nook, and read what people had to say about them in the reviews.  Seems to be working well for me!!!!!

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