Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey Batter Batter....Baseball Mom

Never in a million years did I think that I would be into baseball!  I used to go to my husbands games when we were in high school and basically just talked to my friends and asked "when is this going to be over" a million times!  I didn't understand the game, I didn't WANT to understand the game, and I could not even believe that there was no time limit until the game was just over!

I was always a soccer mom!  My daughter is on a travel soccer team, and my son plays for the Developmental league and once he was old enough...would just go right on into travel soccer!  I understand soccer, I played soccer, and I LOVE worked for me!

This past winter my son was asked to try out for the travel baseball team, and he was really excited about it!  We let him try out, honestly not thinking that he would make the team because at least 7 kids were going to be cut. We figured this will be a good lesson for him, and he will learn that if he wants to be on the travel team that he will need to practice a lot more.  WELL.... like many of our "parenting tricks"..... we were wrong and he MADE THE TEAM! HA!

Now a few months into his travel season.....I understand baseball (well, not FULLY, but I don't make a complete fool out of myself anymore), I look forward to sitting and watching my son and his team, and I have mastered the art of packing a cooler full of healthy snacks because who the heck knows when the game/day will be over and snack bar food is just gross!

Baseball mom was not a title that I was picked for me by my favorite little guy....and I take this job serious!  I have spent hours learning how to throw a "pop fly ball" in our yard, scrubbing his pants after every game while cursing whoever decided to make baseball pants white and baseball fields clay, and I LOVE my new role! 

I decided that I NEEDED to add some baseball mom shirts to my shop a few months back, and the response has been AMAZING!  We sold a ton of them at our field's Opening Night and I donated all profits to the team to offset the cost of tournaments.  I LOVE seeing mom's show up to support their baseball players in our shirts! 

I also LOVE getting tagged in baseball mom game day pictures on Instagram! Check out my favorite from Kayla! If this isn't a  proud "baseball mom uniform" than I don't know what is! She DEFINITELY understands what being a baseball mom is all about, and I love her style! 

I do plan on having soccer shirts coming soon....just in time for the World Cup, and all of you soccer moms (including myself) prepare to get our "uniforms" ready! But for is what I believe to be the uniform in which all baseball moms need! 

Not included in picture, loads of caffeine, sunscreen, and a battery charger for your phone because chances will be at the field ALL DAY LONG! 



  1. Can't wait for the soccer shirts!! My husband played soccer through college and still plays on different leagues now. He's also grooming our daughter to be one too! I'm due in June with our 2nd and I think he's excited because it means that while we are in the hospital, there will most likely be a soccer game on to help pass the time (that makes me excited too)! :)

    1. I totally thought I would ONLY be a soccer mom! I even coached them for years! I will be posting preorders in the next few be on the lookout!

  2. I love your baseball mom picks!! And I'm SO happy about the soccer shirts because I had a few friends ask;)

    Boy, oh {mamas} boys

    1. yes!!!! I hope they love them! And thanks for looking so stylish in your shirt! Love this pic!

  3. Congratulations to your son for making it to the team! You must be very proud of him. Especially when you saw him wear his uniform and watched his game for the first time; that’s one memory you’ll treasure the most. And for a first-time baseball mom, I think you’re doing great!

    Jennine, Uniforms Express

  4. First of all, congratulations to your son! My, you seem to have a very talented set of kids right there. Haha! Well, we never really know that we’re going to be a supporter of a certain sport until our kids are the ones who are actually playing, right? Of course, we’ll always be supportive of our kids. Haha! That baseball mom ensemble looks awesome, BTW! :D

    Lori Pivonski @ Baseball Batting Cages


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