Thursday, March 27, 2014

Girl's Got Style!

My 9 (almost 10) year old daughter is trying to figure out what exactly "her style" is.  I love seeing how she takes her time picking out what she wants to buy, and doesn't want to buy what all of her friend's have.  It makes me so proud!

For Christmas she received several gift cards because she honestly doesn't know what she is into lately.  She received a Target gift card and we have literally gone and spent hours looking around for her to decide what she would like to spend it on. HOURS! I love a good marathon target trip.....but it sure has been getting old.

She FINALLY spent a portion of her card on these SUPER cute boots and she couldn't be more excited! I love seeing how proud she is of them!

I can guarantee you that if I had just taken her to Target and let her choose stuff with my money....she would have filled up several carts! There is something special about letting them choose what they want with "their money"!

I am pretty sure they fit me too, I can't wait till she grows out of them and I get to add them to my boot collection! Cheers to having small feet....and a daughter with large feet!!!!!

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