Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Office/Homework Room Makeover

I have  had my office and sewing machine room upstairs in our guest room, and it has always served me well.  The truth is.....I don't like spending my days upstairs. I would MUCH rather be downstairs and feel like I am more involved in what is going on. (now that my kids are older....before I used to "hide out" upstairs to get things done)

We have one room in our home that has not been painted, and I am FINALLY ready to tackle this project.  We have always used it as our catch all room...and I am turning it into a full on Homework, SaSea Office, Craft Storage, and art project room!

I have not decided on a color for the walls yet, but I am assuming something very neutral since I do not have an adventurous paint bone in my body!

I already have the lockers and use them to store all of my inventory, and I am getting an extra one for my kids to add their crafts and supplies. They LOVE the fact that they come with an individual key for each door. I also have the desks (they are actually sold as dining room tables but they are the PERFECT size for a craft table).  One is for me for packaging, my computer, and all of my supplies.....and the other is for them to spread out their homework and crafts without having  to pick up whenever I need to work. 

I am hoping to start and finish this room within the next two weeks! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!! 


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