Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garden Tea Party Birthday

Kacey was planning her 10th Birthday party the other day (she still has until July to wait!) and it got us talking about her 5th birthday party and how special it was!  It honestly seems like last year, which makes me a little sick to my stomach when I admit it was 5 years ago! 

She had a Garden Tea Party and I worked so hard to pull it off for her using her vision!  This was pre-Pinterest, so I had nowhere to turn for ideas!  Looking back, I am pretty proud of it, and I wouldn't change a thing! 
Kacey had me fix her hair like "the prom" and she was so fancy! Every year I make her a cake, and totally surprise her!  That year she requested a wedding cake, and I just went with it. I remember washing the fake flowers and soaking them because I was so nervous about putting them on the cake. ha! 

I took Kacey to every thrift store and bought random "real" tea cups and used tea pots as flower vases.  I didn't use table cloths, I just took her to the fabric store and purchased all of her favorite fabrics and used that on the table and made some pillows for the patio with the same fabric.

Love this picture! She was SO serious and tried SO hard to be a little adult! She felt so special that I made them blueberry tea that they were able to drink from fancy glasses!  I miss that sweet little excitement over the littlest thing!  
 I loved these little poofs hanging from the tent! I just think they make any space look magical and festive....and ESPECIALLY at a garden tea party!

These little girls were all so cute! I was super excited about planning the food for the party. We had..
-Butterfly shaped PB&J made with rainbow swirl bread (you can special order at Publix)
-Cucumber Sandwiches (for the mamas)
-Fruit Salad
-Yogurt Dip
-Butterfly crackers with cheese
-Blueberry Tea
-Pink Lemonade

I have done many parties for my kids, but this one holds a special place in my heart!  I don't think Kacey had ever felt so special and so grown! (I mean, she even has lipstick on her teeth....that SCREAMS grown!)

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