Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring For Less

I received an email from Jcrew Factory last week....and was excited when I saw that they had Sailboat and Anchor shirts in their new Spring Line.  I love that I am moving in the right direction if I am thinking of the same spring/summer designs as JCrew! I also love that mine is priced a lot less, and even after seeing theirs....I still love mine! Wouldn't that be awful if I wanted their shirts over mine?

You don't always need to spend a bunch of money to get the best!  I LOVE mixing together pieces from several stores and several price ranges! (not to say I don't wish I was wearing ALL Jcrew or high end stuff....just saying you don't have to AT ALL!) 

I went on the hunt to find clothes that I LOVED and were priced UNDER $30! I don't claim to be trendy, or a fashionista AT ALL.....I just know what I enjoy wearing and was super excited with what I found! 

I want every single thing that I found!  I have a  slight obsession with anything jean, anything that has stripes, and any/all sandals!  

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