Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Bumming Is The Life For Me

I have been MIA for a week because I have been playing the role of a beach bum....and pretty much LOVING it!   I think I was meant for that role! 

We met my in laws and my husband's grandparents and aunt/uncle down at our all time favorite beach, Anna Maria!  We have been going to this beach with them long before we lived on the west coast of Florida...and it still remains our favorite place!  We often say that it is silly for us to fly to fancy beaches, when our favorite beach is just over an hour away from our home! 

Going on vacation the week before with my parents means......late nights and sleeping in as long as possible in the morning and slowly getting into the day. 

Fast forward to this week.....and the days start MUCH earlier!  I woke up the first morning and I seriously thought I had slept till 12 because I could hear them coming back home from morning walk/run/bike rides.  Turns out it was only 8:30 and they had all already had breakfast, fed my kids, gone out to exercise and were all set to start their day! HA!  I fully understand why my husband and kids are morning people now!  

It was surprisingly fun to get the day started so early on vacation, get a run in....and head to the beach!  I might try that again sometime......maybe closer to 10:00

Here are some pics of the week.  (I never get many beach pictures because I am nervous about the sand with my camera.)
Dinner at our favorite place on the pier.  Kind of freaks me out that people are cutting up fish they JUST caught while we wait for our table.  The kids didn't seem to mind at all...but I needed to take a step back as they fed the "leftovers" to the birds.

I think this might be my favorite shirt right now. The yellow/vintage/beachy vibe is super fun....but the truth is I really love it because I am slightly obsessed with mermaids.  I still get stoked every single time Kacey asks me if I want to "play mermaid" at the pool.  I have nailed the mermaid swim!

Skim boarding kept this guy SUPER busy this week!  Over and Over and Over again he would run along side the board and jump on.  He makes it look SOO easy....and as I found out....IT IS NOT EASY!  I also found out that this might be a sport for kids only!

My little beach bum! 

Kacey loved skim boarding....when the conditions were perfect!  I don't blame her!

Thankful these two have each other to play with!  I love swimming and playing around as much as the next guy....but this mama needs a break every now and again and I am happy they are best buds! 

Sun Shirt, Hat, Kacey's Swim Suit
After a few days in the sun we all went and got rash guards with SPF to hide from the sun!  I LOVE mine (here) and I swear that once you get it wet and get out....you actually feel cooler! I may wear it everywhere until winter! This one is going to be my next purchase! 
I think it would be super fun to be a pelican for the day! They dive bomb the water and make it look like a blast!  (only for ONE day though after that I am sure it would be annoying)

This guy works SO hard! He would go to work every day.....come to the beach to hang out and have dinner.....drive home to get some work done and watch the dogs.....and do it all over again.  

We really had a great week with this crew! (minus Chad's grandmother who took the pic)  We look forward to "Beach Week" with them every year!  The countdown is already on for the next one!!!!!!

We had to come home twice during the week for this big guy to tryout for the travel baseball team!  He works so hard and there were so many kids trying out that we were really nervous because he LOVES it so much and would be really bummed if he wasn't on the team.  Well....HE MADE THE TEAM!  So we have BOTH kids on travel soccer and one on travel baseball.  YIKES!!!!!! I better just relax and kick my feet up all summer because come mid August we will be up at the fields every single day/night.  

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