Saturday, June 21, 2014

Family Vacations are the BEST...especially in Maine

We just had an amazing week in Maine!  The kind of week where you wake up early.....relax, spend time with family, go on an adventure, relax, swim, relax, smores, and just plain relax! It didn't fly by....but it didn't drag was PERFECT!

We rented a lake house on Crescent Lake in Raymond Maine, and I absolutely LOVE it there!  We always find a house to rent close to Naples, because we love the little shops, the lobster, and the entire area!  All of my cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grampy live within an hour and there is PLENTY to do, and I have never left there without feeling revived and relaxed! (except when my kids were toddlers....that was a LOT more work!)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the week! 

Kacey was in LOVE with her new little cousin, Sam!  Such a cutie!!!!

I could not even get enough of the little guy!  I am still in shock that my baby cousin is married and a dad! Makes me feel old!

My Aunt and Uncle are growing strawberries and they let the kids pick them and take them home.  They were honestly better than Florida Strawberries!

They take strawberry picking VERY serious!

My sister and her family were only able to come up for two days....but is always my favorite to see my kids play with my niece!  They are really just great kids and are the 3 best friends that anyone could have! 

These kids saved every can and bottle and picked up 4 bags at my Aunt's house!  They thought they were going to be RICH after turning them in at the redemption center....and walked away with $15.  Still big time money and bought them ice cream for a few days!

We found the coolest place this year!  They went "sledding" and when Collin grows one inch we will be able to go back and do the zip line and ropes course! 

They wanted to see a this one at mini golf had to be enough for them!

Flowers are prettier in Maine! 

This little guy is all about swimming and boating.  He isn't much into fishing...and neither are it works! 

Kacey and Chad were wobbling me all around and planned on leaving me in at the island so that I had to swim back.....suckers.....I am faster than both of them.  They didn't stand a chance!

Pretty sure he turned into a New Englander while we were there on this visit!  He wore his On Lake Time shirt daily and bought a new Red Sox hat with his money! 

Kacey was constantly in the water searching for clams, fish, and anything she could find.  She has no fear and will touch anything!  She even was totally calm when she looked down and had a leach on her leg! (thank goodness I was up in the camp....I would have FREAKED!)


It kind of makes my heart skip a beat at how cute they look in their shirts

Boothbay Harbor!  I wish I had a basement...or a bar so that I could put an old wooden boat in as a bar!  I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!

It still hurts a little to see how fast they are growing....yet every stage is even cooler than the last!

Boothbay is a MUST stop if you are in Maine!  The little shops and restaurants are amazing!  

We split the lake house with my parents, and it was SO great!  Love that my kids get to hang out with these two so much!!!!!

A nice relaxing week was EXACTLY what we needed!  This guy has been my +1 on our Maine trips even before we were dating!  Pretty sure he loves it as much as I do!

This week my inlays are down at a beach near our house, so we will be having a beach week! I LOVE summer and all of this family time! 

***Check out more pics of our vacation here  and our lakeside outfits here***


  1. Your family is adorable. Looks like the perfect vacation! You are blessed. xo

    1. Thanks Sheri!!!!!! You need to take your crew up there! It is the BEST!!!!!! XO


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