Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY Festive Gift Tags - Christmas In July

This is not just a Christmas craft...this is seriously a craft that I have NEEDED to do FOREVER!  Every birthday party that we go to, I am the one that says "I am so sorry, ours is the one that doesn't have a card!" RUDE!!!!!  I just never have my act together and usually end up throwing tissue paper in the gift bag on the way to the party.....without a card.  OR I spend entirely too much money on last minute cards that I don't even LOVE!  

This is a fun project that I am going to do again with my kids and let them create their own tags for the gifts that they give. 

What you need:
Card stock in whatever colors you would like
Wasabi tape
Large Needle 
Bakers Twine

Step 1: Put wasabi tape straight along the edge of the paper

Step 2: Cut the paper with a paper cutter (unless you are super skilled with scissors...which I am NOT)

Step 3: Thread the twine with your super huge needle and put it right on through the paper anywhere you would like.  I actually made a few without the twine because sometimes I enjoy just taping the card onto the middle of the package

Step 4:  Load these babies up in a plastic bag and imagine how excited you will be when you pull down the Christmas decorations this year! 

On a side note: I used to have neighborhood parents actually drop off gifts for me to wrap and I would charge per box!  Literally.....they would make some serious cash!!!!!! My best friend's parents would even double tape boxes and I would have to promise not to open them when I was wrapping.  Such a fun little job!

I am not exactly sure why I never thought of this before.....but the ikea craft paper is AMAZING wrapping paper!  I felt like I worked at the mall wrapping station as I pulled it off and cut it!!!!!

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