Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Smoothies For Everyone!

I have been a smoothie lover since high school!  I make them on a daily basis and have never once gotten to the point where I have been sick of them.   I am NOT a veggie lover, and have the eating habits of a toddler....so I have to trick myself into eating kale and spinach in my smoothies.  It works for me!

A few years ago my mother and father in law gave me a Vitamix for Christmas and I freaked when I saw how much it cost, and decided that I didn't NEED it.  I had her return it.....and now I want to kick myself.  I had NO idea the amazing goods this baby could make!

After years of convincing myself that I didn't need it....I have caved in and purchased one!  Not just any old Vitamix....a Turquoise Vitamix!  I have spent hours watching the videos on all the amazing things that I can make and I can't even wait for this beauty to arrive!  (of course it is wait listed in turquoise but after waiting for two years.....I am not settling now so I will wait)

I purchased mine here and it was my first QVC purchase ever! After spending a week with my mother in law, aunt and grandmother in law and hearing about all the great deals.......I am kind of hooked!  I have ordered from HSN AND QVC.....I think I will need to spam all of their offers so that I don't go crazy!  

This is the best deal I have seen on the Vitamix ($200 savings)  and although I don't have mine yet....I LOVED how this one had a timer.  I am the queen of starting the blender....running away to calm my dog down who has a need to bark the ENTIRE time I am making smoothies.....and the fact that this one will shut off when it is ready is a huge BONUS! 

I went with the 4 Easy Payments so that I didn't have a heart attack with purchasing such a big ticket item. (and so that my husband didn't freak out as much)

I have a list of recipes I am going to make once it arrives...but let me know if you have some good ones as well or your pinterest page of recipes!  For the rest of the summer I am only serving things that are made in this turquoise beauty...Nothing else! 

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