Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Pom Pom Tropical Shorts

I have been feeling under the weather and trying to find indoor activities to do with the kids.  This pretty much includes letting them ride their scooters inside the house, rearranging their rooms, and lots of crafts.

This morning I finally made the shorts that I had planned on making before our beach vacation! I LOVE how they turned out, and I want to add pom pom trim on everything!!!!!!

This was super easy, took 15 min, and I am pretty sure that I will wash and wear these over and over again all year long.

Shorts (I got mine here)
pom pom trim (I bought mine in the ribbon isle at Joanns)
Thread to match
*I am sure you could glue it with fabric glue if you don't sew, but I am not sure how it will wash

  • I did not measure and cut the trim first because it might have a little stretch.  I just sewed it using a zig zag stitch from the inside and cut off the extra once I made it around the leg.  

  • Repeat on the other "leg" of the shorts
  • Done!!!!!!! Pretty much the easiest project I have done in a while!

I LOVE how they turned out and if this cold lasts any longer I am sure that I will have pom pom trim on every shirt, skirt, dress, and pillow that I own!  

I had to share this as well. Kacey bought a men's tshirt while we were in Boothbay Harbor with her own money and I just figured she was thinking she could use it as a PJ shirt.....well she totally had other plans!  Today she cut this baby to shreds and made a super cute shirt, head band for her, and a headband for me!  Pretty proud of my little stylish girl!


  1. Love the shorts! What a cute idea.

    1. Thanks! I think I will need an intervention after this week! Pom poms on everything!

  2. soo cute!what's the size of the pom poms?


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