Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Surfing Mermaids

We spend a LOT of time at the pool or at the beach during the summer!  Marco Polo and Sharks Vs Minos get kind of boring after playing them on a daily basis... so we come up with new ways to keep us active at the beach and pool.

This summer the kids have tried out a few new sports and have pretty much fallen in love!  I have to admit that it makes this beach mama BEYOND happy to see them try new things that I always wished that I had done!

When my sister was visiting this summer we took the kids to Surf Camp, and they absolutely LOVED IT!  I wanted to get on a board really bad, but I feel that I should probably start on a private beach.....where there aren't hundreds of spectators cheering you on.

Collin seems to be a natural at every single sport he tries! (it is kind of sickening really) He got right up.....and just made it all look SO easy! I honestly think it is because he has had long blond hair his entire life...and looked the part of a it just came natural to him.

Next up....Kacey and my niece, Elle.  I know these pictures look like the water was flat...and maybe it was....but they strangely were catching waves all day long! 

Elle was a NATURAL!  She is a gymnast and practices 15-20 hours a week...and balancing is her thing.  Let's just say that balancing is NOT Kacey's thing!  Poor thing is so tight she can't even touch her toes! 

Time after time Collin and Elle road the waves in...posed for pictures, and made it look soooo easy!

My sister and I were cheerleaders.  We are amazing athletic supporters!

And the VERY last wave......ON THE VERY LAST RIDE.....KACEY FINALLY GOT UP....AND ROAD A WAVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!  This girl wants me to buy a surfboard so that the two of us can go out and practice without Collin or Chad.  She wants us to master the art of surfing secretly and then show up total surfer girls and WOW them! I kind of love the idea!

We have decided that some people are just awesome IN the water....and some people are awesome ON the water.  No big deal which is your thing!  So in honor of all of our IN the water girls.....we are offering a 15% off your ENTIRE purchase till Friday with the code "mermaid".  Don't miss out on our summer gear before the fall/winter goodies come in!!!

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