Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Easy Christmas Picture Ornaments - Christmas In July

I am obsessed with making crafts!  I have a closet/room FULL of amazing craft projects......that are not completed!  I also have a computer FULL of pictures.....that are never printed.  Basically....I have the BEST of intentions of making projects with and for my kids and family and just seem to always fall short on completing them.  (so hard to admit...but oh so true!)

This week has been really fun to take about 30 minutes out of each morning to tackle some of these projects.  I have only had to spend $5 on supplies so far, because I literally have every craft available in my "craft closet".

I went and purchased these little paper mache round ornaments at Michaels yesterday for under $1.50 each and I plan on going back today to buy the rest so that I can attach these to grandparent Christmas gifts this year!

Mod Podge (who knew there are now a million choices of this...I just used the original gloss)
Round Paper Mache ornaments (available in a few different shapes)
Craft Paper of your choice
Print pictures out on regular printer paper (I made mine 4.5 inches and it seemed to work well)
Foam paint brush

Step 1: Place the ornament over your picture and line it up.  I traced it lightly with a pencil and then cut INSIDE the pencil line (I didn't want the paper to hang over the edge of ornament).   Repeat on the craft paper of your choice.

Step 2:  Collin really wanted to make he just spread Mod Podge on the black ornament, and pressed the picture onto it.  Then covered the picture with mod podge to give it a glossy finish. (this BLEW HIS MIND that he would paint OVER the picture)  Repeat on the back with the craft paper....DONE!

THAT IS IT!!!! Two easy steps to completing a super fun and festive ornament!  I totally forgot to add the year (picture was actually taken a few years ago....I am still playing catch up) but I will go back and add in a Sharpie gold marker on the front.

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