Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pineapple Birthday Cake And Tween Style

I mentioned that I always make birthday cakes for the kids by myself.  I try to make them with whatever they are interested in at the time.  I NEVER make them from scratch, I NEVER plan them more than like two days in advance, and I ALWAYS keep the cake a surprise until I light the candles and bring it out to them.  

This year I was kind of at a loss as to what I was going to make for Kacey.  She is really into soccer, the beach, and I just couldn't come up with anything original that I wanted to make.  Literally two days before her big day, I realized that she is super into pineapples......eating them.....wearing them on her clothes....and decorating with them.  SCORE!  (and I have fallen in love with this shirt too)

hat, shirt, bathing suit, bag (my favorite!!!!!)

I had GREAT visions of how this cake would turn out......

What you need:
Fruit by the foot (out of an entire box...I was able to use 4 rolls in the correct colors. I would suggest buying two boxes)
Cool Whip Frosting (spreads sooo easy)
Ice Cream Sandwiches (you could totally use a cake also)

I cut (using my all time favorite kitchen scissors) the fruit by the foot into flower petal style shapes.  THIS IS STICKY so keep the paper backing on it until after you cut!

Looks like a hot mess when you are done cutting.

Kacey informed us that she wasn't really into cake right now....not cool Kacey! I tried my best to layer and cut down the ice cream sandwiches into a pineapple shape. I had to work FAST and take a lot of breaks to put it back in the freezer to harden again.

I frosted the "cake" and basically shoved the sandwiches down as much as possible into a rounded shape.  A cake would have been MUCH easier! 

I placed each little "petal" on the cake and tried my best to make it look like a pineapple.  I am still convinced that if I would have just frosted it with yellow frosting and them used a knife to carve out the shapes...I would have been better off.  

The best part is that.....SHE LOVED IT!  

If I ever made this again....I would make sure that I purchased a pineapple with a much better stem.....BUT I have to admit that as much as it does NOT look like what I had planned.....It sure did make my girl smile and laugh that I would make her a pineapple ice cream cake!  
I call that a success!

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