Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY SUPER Easy Christmas Garland

Welcome to our Christmas In July week!!!!!!!

I am the QUEEN of making a HUGE list filled with a million Christmas ideas/crafts/cookies/adventures that I want to do with my family the entire month of December and I seem to fall short every single year!  I always say that I am going to have EVERY gift wrapped perfectly, every decoration will be up, and I will be the hostess that I want to be.......yet I find myself on Christmas eve shoving gifts in gift bags, buying cookies to go to a party, and never getting around to having the party that I wanted to have.  Let's face it....December is entirely too short to get done all of the little things that I plan!

This year I am going to tackle the fun little projects that I always dream about IN JULY!  I am going to find the recipes that I want to make.....and actually put them in one place so that I don't have to search and give up in December. (preferably the no bake kind of recipes) I am going to do it all....THIS WEEK!

The first craft that I wanted to tackle was this super cute, super easy, and super festive garland.  I saw this in a boutique a few years ago and in true Katie fashion....said "oh, I am going to make that myself instead of buy it! So easy!"  It never happened!!!!!

All you need
-A few scraps of festive fabric (for any holiday or color scheme)
-Some yarn, twine, or even a strip of fabric to tie them onto
-I used tape to hold the twine in place while I tied 

Step 1: I made a one inch cut in the fabric every two inches and then just ripped the rest of the way. (totally didn't measure, this is a messy garland so you don't need to make anything exact)

Step 2: I ripped the fabric the entire width of the fabric and then just cut into even pieces (roughly 6 inches long each) 

Step 3: Tape the twine to desk (otherwise it is much harder to keep in order) and just make one knot with each piece of fabric using whatever pattern you would like. I make them loose enough to adjust them around.

Step 4:  Once you have filled up the desired length just spread the pieces of fabric out. You can make them as close or as loose as you would like.

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!!!!! I am making birthday and Halloween garland today too!  This literally took me 10 minutes and I am so mad at myself for not making it sooner! 

Don't forget.....we have our Santa shirts for preorder in our shop this week!!!!! AND PILLOWS!  These babies sold out so fast last year and I literally get one email a week asking when they will be back in stock!  Load up now!!!!!!  

shirts, pants (super clearance)

I believe there is nothing better than having a festive wardrobe, EXCEPT when your festive wardrobe matches with your kids, husband, sister, best friend, entire family! 


  1. So so cute. I love this garland. I am so one of those people that says I will do a million things at Christmas time and don't get to it. Great idea to start now. I just ordered the santa shirt and cant wait to get it!!!

    1. wahoo! You will love the santa shirts! The hardest part about making all of this fun stuff now is putting it in a box and waiting until November to actually use them all! I know I am going to hug myself when I pull it all down though! :)

  2. I love this idea. I am already making a mental list of garlands to make. And I need to get a pillow this year. I missed out last year and was so bummed.

    1. Eek! yes! hurry....those babies sell out so fast!
      I went to the fabric store the other day and they already have out halloween and a few Christmas fabrics...so run! :)

  3. Yay! The inspiration I needed to get my Christmas bucket list together before the 2nd week in December rolls around ;))) Will you only have the Santa Tees for preorder this week or will you put them up again closer to Christmas?

  4. Thanks for the idea! I have now made two garlands and a rag wreath!


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