Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being 10 Is Exhausting!

Yesterday was amazing!!!!!!! I love celebrating people on their birthday, especially when it happens to be my kid's birthday!!!!!

We started Kacey's big day at breakfast with my parents before they head out on their LONG annual RV trip.  She was SO excited that they stayed long enough to have breakfast with her before they drove off.  

Our dog, Kali, must have felt really left out when we didn't sign her name to the birthday card!  She seriously went in the yard, and brought in a dead frog (I am going to choose to believe that it died of old age and she didn't actually kill it) and she brought it into Kacey's room and laid it on her bed and just sat there so proud!  Kacey was such a good sport about it, and I tried to pick it up without letting it touch anything and immediately washed all the bedding.  

Kacey wanted to go to Busch Garden's to celebrate her big day (after brunch and getting her nails done).  She was in charge of whatever rides we went on....and she was BEYOND excited!  I am NOT generally a fan of water rides at theme parks because the water is just NASTY. I went on EVERY SINGLE water ride........and walked around the park SOAKING WET.......but the smile on Kacey's face was totally worth it.  

We never really play games at the parks, but for the special day....we went crazy and went for it.  Kacey was SOOOO close to the top! I was shocked!

Right after I was done telling the kids that they can totally do this game....but it it is just for fun because I am sure that nobody can actually make it to the top......... 
I look over and Collin is ringing the bell! 

We are now the proud owners of a ridiculously large Stingray!  HA! 
Collin offered this monster up to his big sister and was SO relieved when she said that he could keep it.  He walked around SO proud of himself with this thing! 

Kacey ended her special day at a great show and fireworks!  Spending the day celebrating our baby girl being 10 was amazing!  Chad and I realized that we have been parents for 10 years as well..... which is crazy and amazing all at the same time! 

Since we weren't home the entire day....we are going to do her special dinner of choice and cake tomorrow night! I can't wait to share what I came up with for her cake!!!!!!!!

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