Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday Traditions For My All Time Favorite 10 Year Old

I can honestly say that I am in SHOCK that my little Kacey is 10 today!  The kind of shock where you knew it was going to are excited with the girl that she has couldn't be more proud....BUT....your heart hurts a little bit at how fast it has all gone by!

I try to make birthdays BIG around here!  I feel like it is the one day where you truly should be celebrated ALL day long!  I have always tried to keep some traditions alive as she has grown, and now that I have these sweet pictures...I am so happy that I have!

I love taking her picture on her actual birthday and checking out how much she has grown.  I can hear her little voice in every single stage of these pictures! SOO SWEET!

Last year was the first year I truly looked at her and thought, "WOW....she is SOO grown!"  This picture is still one of my all time favorites!

This is her picture today, on her 10th Birthday!  This is one sweet, stylish, active, and amazing girl and I have to say that I feel SO lucky that I get to be her mom and share every stage with her!  She makes me a better person and it is a total blast to get to live life thru her eyes!  

Another tradition we like to keep consistent is her birthday cake!  I have made her cake every year, and I honestly enjoy it!  I make it the night before her birthday......and don't show her until it is time to blow out her candles!  She totally looks forward to this part!!!!!! (and I do too!)  I think my cakes have improved over the years! 

The Nemo Cake - 1st birthday

JoJo The Circus Clown- 2nd birthday and totally sick pregnant with collin....lets just say we are lucky that she had a cake at all that year!

Cinderella Cake- 3rd birthday. I was so proud of this cake that I didn't even want anyone to cut it! ha!

Cinderella Carriage Cake- 4th birthday. she was in LOVE with this cake!!!!! 

Ariel Cake- 5th birthday- This was the first year she actually requested a certain style cake.  She wanted "an Ariel wedding cake" and I was so nervous!  This might be my favorite cake of all!

Flower Cake- 6th Birthday- she had an outdoor tea party and I felt this went with it perfectly. (plus, I was super confident in my "wedding cake" ability 

Crystal Cake- 7th Birthday- She had a fashion show birthday party and wanted it to look BRIGHT.  

8th Birthday- We were in Maine and she just wanted to have Smores....lots of I didn't make a cake. So Sad!

Last year she wanted a "grown up cake" so this is what I came up with!  Just her favorite colors in a nice pretty cake.  (inside the cake there were 3 layers of her favorite colors)  

I have to say that I am NOT  a baker....and I have always used box cakes!  I mainly care about the look of the cake! ha! It might have something to do with the fact that I am allergic to it and the fact that it kills me not to taste the frosting or cake while I decorate....but either way....Kacey is happy!

I can't even wait to share the cake I am making for her this year.  We are heading to Busch Gardens for rides and fireworks she decided that we would do her cake tomorrow night.  Smart Smart her birthday lasts an extra day!  

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