Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th Of July SALE!!!

I am super excited about this 3 day weekend!  We have a bunch of fun well as projects on our to-do list to tackle!

I wanted to offer a 15% discount off of your entire purchase with the code "HAPPY4TH" at checkout.  (ends july 4th at midnight) to show my appreciation for all of your support for my little shop!  I LOVE what I do...and I LOVE that you all love it as well!!!!

And just because I love looking at old pics of how we celebrated past holidays.....
here are some of my favorites! 

We used to make this exact same cake every year....I better go to the store now because I totally forgot about it!!!!! I remember making this cake by myself when I was pregnant with Kacey and then I have handed the job over to them every other year! 

Smiles without teeth are the BEST! 

Man...I better go get some face paint too...

 This was a fun year!  We went with some of our favorites to our county fair...Sparklebration. I have never experienced people watching like I did this day!  Let's just say that I will never forget the amount of grown men wearing overalls, a cow contest of some sort, and I experienced my very first "beauty" pageant that day!  

Don't miss out on the sale and enjoy your super fun sparkler-filled weekend!!!!!!!!

*if you are still deciding on outfits for your plans tomorrow...check out our fave 4th of July outfits here.*

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