Monday, July 21, 2014

Turning 10 In Style

This weekend we celebrated Kacey's 10th Birthday Party!  It was a LOT of fun to plan because she basically wanted to plan the whole thing...SCORE!  

She basically picked her favorite colors and we just went with it.  I am fully aware that the girls didn't notice any of the flowers, or matching goodies.....but Kacey and I had a blast shopping for them, and setting them that makes it ALL worth it. 

Flowers, pineapple, and super cute popcorn bags from Trader Joes and the plates, gum balls, napkins and cups were from Target.

I downloaded the Rhonna Designs App for Kacey, and she literally spent hours in her room designing this. She never had to ask how to use the app or anything.....just got right to town.  She has had a total blast making awards for everyone, designing her thank you cards, and just adding a touch of fun to every picture with this app.  
I have to say that my all time favorite part of this is the "Ps. It's a sleepover and the theme is Game Night".  I had no idea there was a theme or games were involved until she showed me invite. 

We printed out props and she made the pretzels (which were ALL eaten by Kali, our dog. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!), and the cutest star cookies ever from Trader Joes.  

I snuck a bag of this kettle corn.....AMAZING!

We have a loft upstairs, and it is honestly the whole reason we purchased this house.  Chad and I both grew up in Virginia and the thought of not having a basement for sleepovers when the kids got older made us so sad! Our #1 requirement was to have a loft so that we could let them run free and act a fool with their friends.  

Kacey organized all of the games prior to everyone coming.  

I found these super cute glitter stickers to go over the poloroid pics at Michaels and light up bracelets from Target $1 bin.  (we don't do favors in the form of candy....I like to give a little something that they can use, and remember the party with)

Once Kacey's friends arrived....we took them up to the pool for a few hours.  This is our secret sleepover trick......WEAR THEM OUT EARLY!!!!!!  Kacey is such a water girl that it always seems to fit right in with whatever she has planned for the night.  These girls had a great time!

After the pool they came home and got dressed in their "white shirt and jean shirts so they could be matching" and all requested the same hair style.  I LOVE when they ask me to fix their hair because I swear that girls just talk and talk and talk without filter the second that you pull out the hairbrush!   I learned about their crushes, their favorite things about summer, and on and on.  BEING 10 IS THE COOLEST!

We obviously NEEDED a picture with them holding up 10 fingers!  This is getting framed for her room! I love these girls! 

Kacey always chooses smores over a cake for her birthday parties and I think it is so cool!  (except for the fact that we live in Florida and making a fire pit when it is in the 90's outside is just WRONG!)

OBVIOUSLY we needed to use a marshmallow to blow out the candle! She looks so grown here that it kind of makes my heart hurt! 

These girls are the coolest!  Nobody complained they were too hot, too many bugs, or anything.....they got right down to business and enjoyed every minute of it!

The rumor is that they stayed up until 4:00am.....played a few games.....watched a few movies (to include Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)....and loaded up on sugar!

The next morning this was the scene of our backyard.  I am dying over Collin's face!  This little boy has NO idea how lucky he is that Kacey lets him play with them and join in on everything!  He even was told by his big sister that he could invite two of his buds over for smores the night before.  I am not sure that ANY of these boys realize how lucky they are to be invited to an all girls sleepover!

The sprinkles are picked up.....the pillows are all back where they belong....and Kacey is still tired! This picture that is now sitting on her dresser holds the memories of a super fun night with her favorite buddies and 10 YEARS of an awesome life for my amazing girl! 

Her actual birthday is this Wednesday....and we have a lot of fun planned again!  Remember when birthdays used to last a week....or three?  I miss those days!


  1. You are just THE coolest mom and I love reading about your family. Great job!

  2. What a great party! Girl has some style!
    It's funny because when my husband gets out of the Military and we start house hunting our requirement is to have a loft.

    1. Lofts are the second best thing to a basement!!!! I want our house to be filled with their friends...and I am pretty sure that wouldn't happen without the loft. (mainly because we wouldn't invite them over :)


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